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Beachfront B-Roll

Beachfront B-Roll
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100 Functional Steampunk Gadgets - From Steampunk Gaming Platforms to Steampunk Toilets By: Simal Yilmaz - Published: Jan 19, 2013 Steampunk gadgets are stunning twists to many functional items being produced today. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that is inspired by the fantasy setting of industrialized British Victorian era within a dark post-apocalyptic future. The variety of products turned into steampunk creations vary form small items such as jewelry and USB keys to major purchases such as Victorian cars and event toilets, tailored for the true troopers. The marvelous fantasy combination of the olden times mixed with a post-apocalyptic perspective on future is artistic and strikingly intriguing, combining every aspect of architecture, art, fashion and culture. Splasheo Below are a set of animated outros clips you can add to the end of your videos to make them instantly more effective. For example, they'll help you get more views, more subscribers and also more likes and comments... to name but a few benefits. To view them, simply click on their play buttons (click the full screen icon on the video if you want to see a bigger version). And to download them, simply click on the download button. Outros (Call To Action Clips) The Subscriber Multiplier Booster Add the "Subscriber Multiplier" outro to your videos if you want to automatically prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel and get updated whenever you upload fresh new content. Our tests show a 220% increase in subscribers compared to the previous average! Would you like to have a custom outro with your own text, logo, images and music? The Buzz Creator Booster Add the "Buzz Creator" outro to your videos if you want to automatically get more comments and likes on your videos. The Socializer Booster

Dollar Photo Club - high quality royalty free stock photos and vectors - Dollar Photo Club openfootage FLASHr: iOS LED Flash Notifications Case for iPhone 4/4s by Terence Green + Trey DeArk (Phaze5) "Whenever you receive a call, text or other notification, the case lights up and flashes with the extravagance akin to a New Year’s eve firework display." Today's iPhone "Phaze5's repurposing of the phone's LED is almost MacGyver-like... if Richard Dean Anderson's character had access to injection molding and aluminum stamping." Core77 "You never have to miss an update again." Mashable "The concept is simple, and the designers of the case pulled it off very well." 9to5Mac "You'll always know when the multi-media communication device blowin' up like a pregnant chick working at Dairy Queen is yours." "Flashr takes advantage of the accessibility options in iOS....And it's not just a little round circle..." " part is that it doesn't require battery power to work." "Something this cool needs to be funded." "This looks like an interesting case for iPhone owners who want bright visual notifications." "FLASHr brings the vibe back to your iPhone." You're here! How does the case light up?

My Fanciful Muse: August 2010 I had so much fun creating my first piece of Steampunk art, that I started looking around to see what else I could alter. My hubby tossed me an old 2 GB flash drive he no longer used and told me to go to town on it - so I did. My altered art Steampunk USB Flash Drive Pendant. (Wearable art and a functioning flash drive - I just love a multi-tasker.) I wanted to be able to wear the flash drive as a pendant but needed it to be usable too, so I created it so it attaches via a magnetic connector to the necklace I will wear it on. So, How did I do it? This is what I had to start with. The First Challenge I had to figure out how to get little bugger apart without destroying it. (A tiny flat head screwdriver was gently used to pry it open.) Next I cut out the company logo to create a "window" for my Steampunk display of cogs and wheels and watch parts. I used several types of paint to alter the look of the pieces. I rubber stamped a funky pattern onto the silver metal to give it an engraved look.

Download Free Stock Video, Sound Effects, Photos, Textures - Beachfront B-Roll: General Stock Video Click the Image to see a Youtube Preview Can't find the right clip. Use the search engine below to Google more clips: Add Ons - Normal Map Use for projects with the plugin Element 3d Do not need additional plugins Very easy to use Normal map is created from alpha-channel Detailed tutorial included NEW! Creating fake normal maps based on b/w images Sound used in the preview here : Rapata-Chapata Example:

Postcron - Easy Facebook publishing scheduler Stock Footage, Video Clips, & Royalty-Free Stock Video Footage by Dreamstime Welcome to Dreamstime`s stock footage and video section. Here you`ll find a wide variety of professional SD & HD royalty free video footage to suit all your video production needs. Our talented videographers upload amazing stock footage daily covering a diverse range of subject matter from live action nature footage to abstract production elements

Search Results for "israel" -- 1 - 20 of 11485 from the Library of Congress ↓ Refine your search Israel. Relief shown by shading. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Schomer Israel sheet music | 10 p. ; 35 cm. | "Guardian of Israel" "Traditional Melodie" "Testimonial" for Kurantmann on inside front cover Source: Heskes, Irene, Yiddish American Popular Songs, 1895-1950 (General). VIDEO: Z-Depth compositing with Particular - Part 1 by ChrisZwar Trapcode’s Particular is probably the most popular 3rd party plugin for After Effects, and amongst its many powerful features is the ability to read a z-depth map. What it doesn’t have, however, is an obvious way to render out its own z-depth map - but by manually adjusting some of the settings we can generate one in Particular and Form, which opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. By rendering a z-depth map out of Particular or Form, we can get the particles rendered by one layer to be correctly obscured by another layer of Particular. With careful project organization, we can quickly build up complex scenes in which many completely different layers of Particular all interact with each other in 3D space. This 2-part video presentation demonstrats this process, and builds up a very complex scene using only seven basic layers. In a general sense, this is a form of z-depth compositing and it opens up incredible possibilities within After Effects. Continue to part 2...

CSS variables Weeee, CSS variables just landed in WebKit, this is pretty exciting! Unfortunately I couldn't see them in action in WebKit nightly (must be something I'm missing), but they're here and here to stay. I know there are "purists" that say that stuff like variables has no place in the language and we don't really understand CSS, it's different, etc, etc. But once W3C has a modest proposal and one major engine is implementing variables, then this is where we're headed. Syntax So the basic idea, according to W3C is this. This is a declaration of the variable my-color. Then you use it like: And the .thing gets the color #fad. In WebKit Webkit currently uses a -webkit vendor prefix which makes the whole thing more verbose: There are many examples for your browsing pleasure in the form of test files in WebKit's repo Future It's here. Exciting times!