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Analytics - All Your Inbound Marketing Data in One Place

Analytics - All Your Inbound Marketing Data in One Place

26 Very Pinteresting Stats [INFOGRAPHIC] 1K Flares Twitter 220 Facebook 443 Google+ 37 LinkedIn 46 inShare46 Pin It Share 197 197 Buffer 71 1K Flares × You probably knew that the vast majority of Pinterest users are women. You may have even known that about 60% of users are US-based. But did you know that Pinterest shoppers spend an average of $140-180 per online order? Or that 35% of unique Pinterest visitors are mobile-only users? This telling infographic from DashBurst brings us 26 aptly-named “Pinteresting stats” that are very interesting indeed. Pinterest has never overhauled its code base.Nordstrom is the brand with the most Pinterest followers, whereas Joy Cho (creator of Oh Joy! About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.

Mark Atkinson Twitter audience analysis - know your followers - Tribalytics Showcase of Awesome e-Commerce Platforms for Your Website Jun 07 2012 With the advent of online shopping and marketing, e-commerce websites have become the norm for businesses, both big and small. The number of online shopping stores as well as vendors and firms selling their products or services on the internet is increasing everyday, and this has added to the importance of capable e-commerce platforms. And when it comes to e-commerce platforms, the options are numerous. On With the Show-case Magento Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce CMSs that boasts of having over 100,000 users. Highwire Highwire is a unique solution in the sense that apart from setting up your own store, you can also use it to sell on eBay or Facebook. Shopify Shopify is an easy to use hosted e-commerce solution that lets you create your online store within minutes. CubeCart CubeCart is a flexible e-commerce platform that offers a hassle-free way to set up your own e-commerce website. Zen Cart osCommerce osCommerce is another open source e-commerce solution. Volusion

Statistiques sur les catastrophes naturelles Choosing An SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform: 20 Features To Look For - YouMoz What SEO features should you look for when choosing an ecommerce solution for your online store? The majority of the most popular ecommerce platforms claim to be SEO-friendly. However, there is no objective definition for the terms “SEO friendly;” some platforms that claim to be SEO-friendly actually lack important SEO features. Whether you are choosing a shopping cart, hosted ecommerce, or more customized ecommerce solution, you need to compare the SEO features that the platform offers against this list of 20 SEO features. SEO Features That Every Ecommerce Site Needs: Listed below are essential features that every ecommerce solution needs. SEO-Friendly URLs Look for an ecommerce platform that supports static, keyword-rich URLs. /product.php? Granular Page Title Control The page title is probably the single most important SEO element on a page. 301 Redirects Choose a platform that allows you to set up 301 redirects. Canonicalization /category/greenwidgets.php /category/greenwidgets.php? Blog

Accidents de la route : Statistiques et chiffres Selon le bilan définitif de l'Onisr (Observatoire national interministériel de sécurité routière), 3 384 personnes ont perdu la vie en 2014 sur les routes de France métropolitaine, soit 116 de plus que l’année précédente (+3,5%). Des résultats décevants en 2014, après une année 2013 qui, avec 3 268 tués, avait enregistré une baisse particulièrement marquée (-11%) de la mortalité routière et qui faisait elle-même suite à une longue décennie de baisse. En 2014, tous les indicateurs augmentent : le nombre de blessés (+3,5%), de blessés hospitalisés* (+2,6%, soit +669 personnes) et le nombre d’accidents corporels (+2,4%). Cette dégradation touche toutes les catégories d’usagers, sauf les motocyclistes (-1%) et les usagers de poids lourds (-1,8%). En dépit des mauvais résultats de 2014, une baisse globale est enregistrée depuis 2010 chez les cyclomotoristes (-32%), les automobilistes (-22%), et les motards (-11%). La France se situe dans la moyenne européenne haute.

Top Five Open Source E-commerce Solutions Like many industries, the world of E-commerce is constantly evolving. New technologies and software ships every day. This paradigm has enabled scrappy upstarts to get to market faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to just 5-6 years ago. Much of what is available off the shelf in the e-commerce web application space is cluttered and / or over priced. Magento Launched in the spring of 2008 by Varien, the now-renamed Magento Inc. is the work of some of the most highly skilled programmers in the open source e-commerce community. Drupal Commerce Drupal is an open source content management framework, written in PHP under the GNU public license. Woo Commerce The venerable wizards of WordPress have created the perfect open source e-commerce bit of legerdemain that will help you sell anything almost magically. VirtueMart Virtue Mart is an open source e-commerce component that works with the Joomla Content Management System. OpenCart Conclusion