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Learn AngularJS With These 5 Practical Examples

Learn AngularJS With These 5 Practical Examples
Martin Angelov By now you’ve probably heard of AngularJS – the exciting open source framework, developed by Google, that changes the way you think about web apps. There has been much written about it, but I have yet to find something that is written for developers who prefer quick and practical examples. This changes today. Below you will find the basic building blocks of Angular apps – Models, Views, Controllers, Services and Filters – explained in 5 practical examples that you can edit directly in your browser. If you prefer to open them up in your favorite code editor, grab the zip above. What is AngularJS? On a high level, AngularJS is a framework that binds your HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models). To use AngularJS, you have to include it in your page before the closing <body> tag. AngularJS gives you a large number of directives that let you associate HTML elements to models. Enough with the theory! <! Run 2. <! 3. 4. Use the angular.module("name",[]) function call in your JS. Related:  Angular.js前端設計

Form validation with AngularJS Client-side form validations are one of the coolest features inside of AngularJS. AngularJS form validation enables you to write a modern HTML5 form that is interactive and responsive from the start. There are many form validation directives available in AngularJS. We’ll talk about a few of the most popular ones here and then we’ll get into how to build your own validations. AngularJS makes it pretty easy for us to handle client-side form validations without adding a lot of extra effort. To use form validations, we first must ensure that the form has a name associated with it, like in the above example. All input fields can validate against some basic validations, like minimum length, maximum length, etc. It is usually a great idea to use the novalidate flag on the form element. Let’s look at all the validation options we have that we can place on an input field: Required To validate that a form input has been filled out, simply add the html5 tag: required to the input field: Minimum length

AngularJS Tutorial: Learn to Build Real-Time Web Apps - Thinkster There are a myriad of videos & blog posts available on the web that explain the different concepts that comprise AngularJS. However, there are few tutorials that actually show you how to manipulate these concepts for the purpose of building slick single-page apps. In this tutorial, we will show you how to build an entire production ready application with AngularJS. Our intention is to provide the AngularJS community with instructions on how to use AngularJS correctly and effectively, but also in its most modern form. The application you are building will go beyond basic use of AngularJS, and we will attempt to explore as much of the framework as possible. The tutorial is a living thing as we are constantly extending the tutorial and making changes and corrections. What You Will Build and Learn We have chosen an application that nearly everyone can relate to: a social link sharing site called "ang-news" that shares similar functionality with Reddit, Digg, and Hacker News. Prerequisites ?

» 前端工程師的一些好工具 | iCoding Home » 特色, 開發工具, 頭條, Web 技術 前端工程師的一些好工具 16 十二月 2012 5 Comments 對於工程師來說,生產力是很重要的! Form Builder 對於任何的網站來說,表單都是很基本的部份,但是有的時候複雜的表單也讓人很頭痛,Form Builder 讓你可以快速的創造出漂亮的表單! Colllor 對於顏色很苦惱嗎? CleanCSS CleanCSS 讓你可以產生出更小、更乾淨、更易讀的 CSS,只要選擇你想要的設定,貼上你的 CSS 就好! Dabblet 想要測看看 HTML 跟 CSS 的 Code 在網站這個什麼解析度都要支援的年代,看看你的頁面在不同解析度下面的樣子是你做網站的時候應該一定都要測試到的! Moqups Moqups 讓你可以快速的創造出一個網站的 mockup Minus 對於網站來說,圖片可以說是最基本的的元素之一。 Font Face Generator 想要在你的網站上面用自定的字型嗎? 除了這些工具之外你們有沒有其他喜歡的前端工具呢? 參考: Awesome web tools to simplify front-end development AngularJS. Framework JavaScript para Webapps « Los Tiempos Cambian En nitsnets | studios vamos a desarrollar un nuevo gran proyecto para una importante multinacional. Un B2B (business to business) de la que pronto podremos contar más. El reto: desarrollar toda la intranet sin lenguaje servidor ya que la capa de lógica de negocios está totalmente implementada por webservices y por tanto la creación de una Webapp o Web Application con tecnología estándar HTML/CSS3/Javascript para la correcta visualización en multiplataforma y multidispositivo. Después de tiempo investigando y planteando incluso una solución realizada a medida con nuestro jefe de proyectos Alex Such dimos con la solución: AngularJS un framework javascript MVC que se adapta a la perfección y encaja a todo lo que habíamos ideado. Durante este artículo os mostraremos un ejemplo de cómo empezar y una buena forma de organizarnos con AngularJS ¿Qué es AngularJS? AngularJS es un impresionante framework javascript opensource desarrollado por Google. Proyecto: listado de libros y acceso a su ficha en

AngularJS Tutorial – Learn AngularJS in 30 minutes | RevillWeb I started using AngularJS over 3 years ago when it was new and relatively unknown. Since then AngularJS has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and for good reason. The AngularJS team have done superb work and are very dedicated to ensuring AngularJS is the best it can be. This AngularJS tutorial will be using version 1.3.4 and will cover just the basics and follow the best practices recommended by Google and by me through my own experience. To get started create a folder called angularjs-tutorial and create the following files copying the directory structure below. - angularjs-tutorial | - main.ctrl.js | - app.js | - index.html Open index.html and add the following simple HTML to create a basic web page that includes AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap from a CDN. <! This HTML document also includes app.js and main.ctrl.js which you have just created. Within our app.js file we need to instantiate an AngularJS module which we will use for our app. angular.module('app', []); Info

Download jQuery UI Bootstrap Welcome! This is a live preview of jQuery UI Bootstrap - a project we started to bring the beauty of Twitter Bootstrap to jQuery UI widgets. With this theme, not only do you get the ability to use Bootstrap-themed widgets, but you can now also use (most) of Twitter Bootstrap side-by-wide with it without components breaking visually. Download stable (v0.5) Download Latest (dev) This theme's support for more third-party widgets may improve over-time, based on requests and the popularity of the widgets. In their original forms, jQuery UI and Bootstrap can't coexist resulting in conflicts with both CSS classes and styles as well as JavaScript when you do try to use them. jQuery UI Bootstrap provides the JavaScript and CSS required to quickly start a project using both jQuery UI and Twitter Bootstrap. Our solution offers a custom version of Bootstrap compatible with jQuery UI as well as a Bootstrap-themed jQuery UI theme you can use to prototype your projects. Components jQuery UI components

Authentication in Single Page Applications with Angular.js - A Modest Proposal 9/2/2014 update:The GitHub repo now uses UI-router instead of the standard ngRoute routing module. This blog post will still illustrate the original technique utilizing ngRoute, while information regarding the UI-router approach can be found in the GitHub repo as well as this blogpost. The example app in the repo has been deployed to Heroku, so now you can test it out live for yourself right here. A separate blogpost discussing the complementing server-side code can be found here. I have been working a lot with Angular.js lately, and love how easy it makes it to create web applications with rich client-side functionality. It's an extremely useful asset in keeping your own client-side code lean, making it easy to separate business logic and declarative markup for anything view specific. How do I deal with authentication and authorization in single page applications? The server needs to communicate what permissions/role the client has on inital page load. Setting up client-side routing

AngularJS Tutorial AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is intended to make it easier to implement RIA web applications. When I first started learning AngularJS there were not that many detailed AngularJS tutorials available. That is why I decided to write my own AngularJS tutorial. AngularJS is created by Google, which is probably one of the bigger causes of its success. You can find the AngularJS project here: AngularJS is based on the MVC pattern (Model View Control). If you don't know the difference between declarative and imperative programming, don't worry. AngularJS Hello World Here is a simple "hello world" example made with AngularJS which shows the model, view and controller parts of an AngularJS app: <! In this example the "view" is this part: <div ng-controller="HelloController" ><h2>Hello {{helloTo.title}} ! Notice the ng-controller attribute. The "controller" is this part: The $scope parameter passed to the controller function is the "model". Fourth, we need a view. <! <!