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Codecademy Labs Programming, Motherfucker - Do you speak it? Introduction to Android Development Mobiletuts+ will be covering all major mobile platforms - iPhone, Windows, Android and Blackberry. Today we'll be taking a look at Android development: explaining why people have choosen to work with Android and providing an overview of the Eclipse IDE and its Java, DDMS and debugging perspectives. Finally, you'll learn how to get started making your first Android app! Android 101 Tutorials: What is Android? Android is an open source mobile operating system that combines and builds upon parts of many different open source projects. Why Android? There are many advantages to developing for the Android platform: Zero startup costs to begin development. Prerequisites before continuing with this article include: You must download and install the Eclipse IDE. The Eclipse IDE Eclipse is a complex, multi-language, and extensible Integrated Development Environment (IDE). After opening Eclipse for the first time, select a workspace to save your project within. The Java Perspective The DDMS Perspective

Teach yourself to program We are entering the summer, the perfect time to improve yourself, you could go running or swimming, you could learn a new foreign language or perhaps you could learn to program. Self-learning is not as hard as it sounds, and it’s much easier than self-learning Spanish or French. There are really wonderful sources to start learning these new languages, understanding the concept behind programming and giving it a try with some interesting problems. Basic Programming Via XKCD To learn a new programming language, it’s much easier if you already know the concepts because you can start learning the new structures in no time. Programming Concepts : This is a brief tutorial for new programmers from the City University of New York. Learning a Language Whether you already know some programming languages or you are moving forward, you should choose a language to work with. Learning HTML Via Cyanide and Happiness HTML is quite a simple language that doesn't use variables or operations. Learning Python