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Buddha Teachings Discourses of Buddha, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Shankara, Lao Tzu Gurdjieff

Buddha Teachings Discourses of Buddha, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Shankara, Lao Tzu Gurdjieff
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Fiction on Indian spirituality popular in Germany New Delhi, February 28: A fictional story that explores themes like life after death, healing, commitment and faith in the master among others is picking up popularity in Germany, says its Indian author Ruzbeh N Bharucha. "It is amazing because a backpacker who happened to be travelling to India picked up a copy of my book and loved it so much that she gave it to her publisher back home in Germany. They thought it would sell a few copies but the number turned out to be 20,000 and more," says Barucha. The author''s book "The Fakir" published in 2007 tells the story of a hippie who wants to commit suicide and happens to meet a holy man who guides him through life and existence. Barucha, who recently launched a sequel "Fakir- the journey continues" - says spirituality is a way of life. "Nowadays we complicate it with strange dogmas. Perhaps that is why he says his books are doing well both in the country as well as outside it.

The Alchemist's Handbook CHAPTER V p.47 How are herbs related to the stars? Can such a thing be true? In plant and mineral life, organic and inorganic minerals exist as separate groups. Perhaps science someday will take the time to investigate in these uncharted areas and experiment on a far broader base than has been the case so far. The following is a condensed tabulation of herbs listed according to the planetary influence which affects each of them, as claimed by ancient tradition. In concluding this condensed table of herbs and corresponding Planetary influences, it will be interesting to add a few further observations. Is there anyone capable of answering why the chickweed flowers are open and upright from nine in the morning until noon? There is no point in going any further into this matter here as sufficient material can be found in the following pages to help in the assimilation of the spiritual essence for further transmutation. The Sun rules the heart. CHAPTER VI p.57 p.64 Top

WikiMoot La Thérapie Fabian: Pour la guérison du contrôle mental satanique MK-Ultra et Monarch - MK-Polis Voici un article publié par un auteur anonyme ayant été lui-même victime d'abus rituels sataniques dans son enfance et en lien avec un certain milieu d'illuminés... Il décrit ici en détail un protocole thérapeutique qui a été mis au point par des initiés pour la déprogrammation des victimes de contrôle mental. Ici, aucune hypnose, aucune focalisation sur les mémoires négatives occultées et refoulées. L'approche est indirecte et prudente... Cette thérapie que l'auteur a renommé "Thérapie Fabian" semble être une clé de compréhension et d'aide aux victimes... Il est important de préciser que cet article n'a absolument aucun contenu commercial, il ne propose aucune formation payante et il ne donne aucune liste de thérapeutes. Il s'agit plus ici d'une bouteille jetée à la mer, contenant éventuellement de précieuses informations pour les thérapeutes, mais également pour tout un chacun. Auteur anonyme - Source: - Traduction française par MK-Polis Télécharger le PDF Sommaire

Speakers from Brazil/Germany | First British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality Physician specializing in Digestive System Surgery. Medical degree from the Federal University of São Paulo – Unifesp. Full Professor of Physiology in courses in Biology, Physiotherapy and Pharmaceutics at the University of Santa Cecilia at Santos (Universidade Santa Cecília de Santos – UNISANTA), State of São Paulo. Associate Professor of Health and Spirituality in the course for Gerontology at UNISANTA and member of the Brazilian Spritist Medical Association (Associação Médico-Espírita AME) Santos, São Paulo. Author of several books. Clinical Psychologist specialized in Regression Therapy and in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with a PhD degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from the Psychology Institute, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Gynecologist (MD) with specialization in cancer prevention. Medical degree from the University of São Paulo; Master’s degree in Neurosciences from the University of São Paulo.

Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) (French with parallel English translation) Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) Printed edition is now available. This digital edition and translation by Joseph H. Peterson, Copyright © 1999. All rights reserved. Large portions of the text were translated by A.E. NOTE: Complete text and drawings are included on our CD. The following notice is found in the copy in the British Library: This book was stolen in July 1972 and subsequently recovered by the police. Shelfmark: 8632.aa.5. Professional <a href=" Chat</a> from Envolve Blavatsky Study Center:  Website on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy including Blavatsky Archives.


Message from masters is a site which discusses about the famous people who taught philosphy like buddha,jk,osho by anupampedarla Mar 6

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