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The incredible world of Diminished Reality

The incredible world of Diminished Reality

saqoosha/FLARToolKit/en Spark project Wiki ナビゲーション (Japanese page) What is FLARToolKit ¶ AS3 ported version of ARToolKit. Awesome Tron Augmented Reality Demo Home » Campaigns, News, TI, web Expresso Design a digital creation agency based in Italy have put together the ultimate experience to enable everyone with a web camera to experience a high speed light cycle battle. The campaign is of course based around the Disney blockbuster Tron Legacy. The demo features a rather snazzy augmented reality aspect that lets you experience scenes from the movie. Creation Tools: Series Wrap-Up By Chris Cameron on December 20th 2010 Over the last several weeks here on the Layar blog, we profiled three services for generating Layar content, which we call Layar Creation Tools (or LCTs). While other services exist or are in development, we chose to focus on these three – Skaloop , Hoppala Augmentation and BuildAR – because of their availability and accessibility to users of all skill levels.

37 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Applications Augmented reality is one of the most exciting technologies around. AR apps for iOS have come a long way over the years. Whether you are looking for interactive games, educational apps, or rich travel guides, there is an app out there for you. Here are 40 augmented reality iOS apps well worth checking out: SpyGlass: turns your iPhone into a spyglass. Find Great Local Deals with Anca 3D’s Groupon Layer By Adriane on March 10th 2011 While coupon-clipping is a practice generally reserved for those who still pay for a print newspaper subscription, collective-buying companies like Groupon and Living Social are growing rapidly. Both companies also now have mobile apps that allow you to view and purchase daily deals on-the-go and redeem them digitally (saving time and trees, yay!). Layar developer and Anca 3D co-founder Juan de la Torre (a recent Canadian transplant from Colombia) used Groupon’s open API to create a layer that displays nearby Groupon deals.

Best iPhone Apps: Top Augmented Reality apps of 2010 by apurva Check out, because your kids deserve the very best educational apps! apurva says: Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. Augmented reality was a hot topic in 2010. Though its an emerging field, and the future will surely bring in various advancements in this area, Some apps are already doing some very nifty and useful things using AR. Following are the best apps using AR apurva's picks

Business Ecosystems » augmented reality The increasing popularity of Augmented Reality apps for smart phone (which means, iPhone and Android: apps for Windows Mobile are still to come) is under the radar of our blog since a (quite) long time and, indeed, we have found that most of the apps available for download are focused on a small number of application fields. According to a classification developed by Gary Hayes, augmented reality applications can be catalogued in 16 different business (we’d rather write service) models. The chart below is useful to understand which apps are more popular and profitable (or, whith a higher commercial value). We believe that our of these 16 service models, we can pick up four or five main models which could be applied or involved in an AR service concept which a strong relationship with telecommunication and social network capabilities:

Layar Player lets others embed augmented reality in iPhone apps Augmented reality companyLayar said today that it has launched a new augmented reality player that can be embedded for free in iPhone applications. The new Layar Player from the Amsterdam-based company came out of beta testing today and is available for agencies, brands and developers to embed into their own iPhone apps. Those apps can be used by the 1.4 million active users on the Layar platform. That’s in addition to iPhone users who have downloaded the apps that access the Layar Player.

In The Future, We Won’t Even Know How To Open A Cereal Box Without A Mobile Phone The Mobile World Congress kicks off next week in Barcelona and sure to be a relevant part of that week-long conversation will be Augmented Reality. With several companies bringing new AR services to the market, Metaio sent out a press release this morning with yet another demo illustrating the value of the concept. Hot on the heels of their recent campaign with USA Today, this little demo video surfaces to show how “markerless computer vision” can assist with everyday activities. I have to tell you, I battle with our office printer weekly, and I am waiting for an AR demo to surface that puts a big bull’s-eye on it so I can go all “Office Space” on that thing. Wikitude Wikitude is a mobile augmented reality software which is developed by the Austrian company Wikitude GmbH (formerly Mobilizy GmbH) and was first published in October 2008 as freeware. It displays information about the users' surroundings in a mobile camera view, including image recognition and 3d modeling. Wikitude was the first publicly available application that used a location-based approach to augmented reality.[1][2]