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Simple Steps to Hack a Smartphone

Simple Steps to Hack a Smartphone
What kind of information do you have on your business card? Company name? Check. Your name and title? CSO recently sat down with Trust Digital, a firm that specializes in mobile security, for a demonstration on how to hack a smartphone with no more information than a phone number. "All I need is a business card," said Meir Machlin, director of product architecture with Trust Digital, who performed the demonstration (You can check out the two demonstrations in the video). How to Hack a Smartphone, Part 1 Machlin walked us through two hacks using basic tools available to anyone. The first attack we watched is known as a 'Midnight Raid,' because it is often pulled off during the night when the phone's user is asleep and the device is still turned on as it is charged, or simply left on the nightstand. Machlin sent a simple SMS which invoked Internet Explorer on the attack device. How to Hack a Smartphone, Part 2 In the second demonstration, Machlin ran through a control message attack.

He can hack into your smartphone with 1 SMS SINGAPORE - Rik Ferguson looks like someone not to be messed with. The humorous IT security expert, who sports numerous tattoos and has a penchant for heavy metal music, can hack into your mobile phone with a single SMS. He can then remotely listen to your calls, read text messages and even access the password to your online bank account. "It's creepy, isn't it?" Technology experts are warning that mobile devices have become the next lock to pick for cyber criminals. One in three mobile users globally has been exposed to some form of mobile cyber crime, according to a 2012 report by anti-virus firm Norton by Symantec. In Singapore, one in five adults has been a victim of either social or mobile cyber crime, such as scams. As mobile devices become smarter, they have become more susceptible to hacking. "Criminals follow consumer behaviour. Then there are data stealers who snitch on information such as addresses, said Mr Joseph Gan, chief technology officer of local mobile security firm V-Key.

70 Things Every Computer Geek Should Know. The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. As time has gone on, the word has yet again morphed to indicate a new type of individual: someone who is obsessive over one (or more) particular subjects, whether it be science, photography, electronics, computers, media, or any other field. How to become a real computer Geek? Little known to most, there are many benefits to being a computer geek. You may get the answer here: The Meaning of Technical Acronyms USB – Universal Serial BusGPU – Graphics Processing UnitCPU – Central Processing UnitATA- AT Attachment (AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI)SATA – Serial ATAHTML – Hyper-text Markup LanguageHTTP – Hypertext Transfer ProtocolFTP – File Transfer ProtocolP2P - peer to peer 1. One of the best list of default passwords. 1A. 2. 3. 4.

Exploit Exercises Des exercices pour vous former au pentest Des exercices pour vous former au pentest Similaire à l'initiative exploit-exercises, qui permet de se former à la sécurité informatique, voici venu PentesterLab. Ce site, comme son grand frère, propose des images Vmware (ISO) à télécharger gratuitement ainsi que des tutoriels, pour vous former seul au pentesting. Pour le moment, il n'y a qu'une dizaine de cours, mais c'est déjà assez pointu. CVE-2012-6081: MoinMoin code executionWeb for PentesterAxis2 Web Service and Tomcat ManagerCVE-2008-1930: WordPress 2.5 Cookie Integrity Protection VulnerabilityCVE-2012-1823: PHP CGIFrom SQL injection to shellFrom SQL injection to shell: PostgreSQL editionPHP Include And Post ExploitationCVE-2012-2661: ActiveRecord SQL InjectionIntroduction to Linux Host ReviewRack Cookies and Commands Injection Amusez-vous bien ! Source Vous avez aimé cet article ?

Responsive design: comment faire? Une infographie très complète par Splio sur le responsive design et la façon de l’implémenter. Malgré la complexité du sujet le propos est clair concernant la mise en place des media queries selon la taille d’écran. Quelques éléments d’information avant de découvrir l’infographie. Pourquoi faire du responsive design? Avec le développement des smartphone et des consultations depuis un mobile le responsive design n’est plus une option. C’est la seule technique qui permet de développer un seul site adapté à tous les environnements: mobile, tablette, fixe. Comment faire du responsive design? 10 conseils issus de l’infographie: Je vous laisse découvrir l’infographie… Pour les plus courageux qui seront allez jusqu’au bout de l’infographie, qu’en pensez-vous? En effet, l’adaptabilité au mobile est l’un des critères essentielles mis en avant dans notre nouveau livre blanc « Les 11 commandements d’un site Internet qui convertit vos visiteurs en clients« . Posté par Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel

Formal Models and Techniques for Analyzing Security Protocols Publication Parution du livre "Formal Models and Techniques for Analyzing Security Protocols / Cryptology and Information Security Series (Vol.5)", co-écrit par Steve Kremer (équipe-projet Secsi) et Véronique Cortier (équipe-projet Cassis). Les protocoles de sécurité sont des programmes distribués, omniprésents dans notre quotidien : banque en ligne, commerce électronique, ou encore téléphonie mobile.

20 Arduino projects of 2012 | Nudatech While looking for ideas for new some new project I noticed there aren’t many lists of Arduino projects online so I decided to make one and in the last few days I’ve been carefully digging Reddit (r/Arduino) and the Arduino forum until I ended up with a list of 20 Arduino projects. All the projects in this list follow two simple criteria: They’ve been published/released in 2012.They provide quite detailed info (the more the better). The second criteria forced me to discard some amazing projects, but I didn’t want this post to be a simple showcase of cool Arduino projects, I wanted it to be an useful reference for Arduino users. 20. arduino-l3dgecomm This project aims to integrate a 3D world with real sensors and motors, more a proof of concept than a proper project, but still an interesting idea. 19. A custom PCB designed in the shape of a Christmas tree, an Atmel ATTiny45 microcontroller, 5 IO pins, and 20 LEDs make a perfect Christmas ornament. 18. 17. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7.

How To Become A Hacker Copyright © 2001 Eric S. Raymond As editor of the Jargon File and author of a few other well-known documents of similar nature, I often get email requests from enthusiastic network newbies asking (in effect) "how can I learn to be a wizardly hacker?". Back in 1996 I noticed that there didn't seem to be any other FAQs or web documents that addressed this vital question, so I started this one. A lot of hackers now consider it definitive, and I suppose that means it is. Still, I don't claim to be the exclusive authority on this topic; if you don't like what you read here, write your own. If you are reading a snapshot of this document offline, the current version lives at Note: there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this document. Numerous translations of this document are available: ArabicBelorussianBulgarianChinese, Czech. The five-dots-in-nine-squares diagram that decorates this document is called a glider. 1. 2. 3. 5. 2.

Kernel Panic - Spring Overview: For the latest news and/or assistance, try the KP forum or go to #kp when you log onto the lobby. Kernel Panic is a game about computers. Systems, Hackers and Networks wage war in a matrix of DOOM! The only constraints are time and space; unlike other real time strategy games, no resource economy exists in KP. All units are free in this game, every factory built will be spamming units at all times. KP makes for a frantically fast-paced, action-oriented game, with a very unique graphical style. Download links: Current Version of Kernel Panic is 4.6 Newcomers: If you run Windows (2000,XP,Vista,7): Here you can get a complete installer: Use it to install both Spring and Kernel Panic in one go. Media: Youtube Videos: Still shots: License: Extracted from the Kernel_Panic_readme.txt file: AIs and Game Modes: You can read a description of what they do here: Units and Buildings: System units: