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Create Your Free Website 1. Choose a website template 2. 10 questions every educator should always be thinking about... 1). What percent of your students are going beyond just compliance and are actually cognitively engaged in deep self-driven and relevant learning? 2). How often are students in your class offered the opportunity to move around and get 'the blood' flowing with some type of physical activity? 3). How often are kids in your class able to work in teams and work collaboratively on some type of group learning activity?

Comic Creators Online Fun and creative use of comics in the classroom Read, Write, Think Great for elementary-age kids. No login required. Beware: 10 Time Management Rules That You Are Breaking Breaking the rules isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it may seem necessary to do your own thing. However, if you break these 10 time management rules, you are only going to waste time in the long run. K-12 Paired Texts & Question Sets Skip to main content <div id="nojs-warning">WARNING: Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display</div> Sign InRegister The Solution to Reading Comprehension Créez des schémas en ligne et collaborez en temps réel Yen Lim, Head of Product PredictHQ Auckland, New Zealand “What I absolutely love about Cacoo is the fact that it’s so simple and easy to use. Being a Product Manager, especially for a new business like PredictHQ where we’ve designed everything from scratch, I need to be able to take a multitude of concept ideas and create wireframes and mockups as well as share my creations with others to get feedback or collaborate on.

Leadership thoughts jameshutt 6 Apr The importance of middle leaders in school! During the past year I have been undertaking the Middle Leaders Development Programme run by the National Colleges. Now, I knew that my position as Curriculum Leader was an important one, but this year I have come to realise that it is pivotal inside a large organisation. When you take on the role you become acutely aware very quickly that everyone wants their pound of flesh! 6 things to remember when you are a middle leader! 8 Classic Storytelling Techniques for Engaging Presentations Via This post appeared on on November 28 2014 and was written by Ffion Lindsay. This is an excerpt from the full article, and is reprinted here with permission.

Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ How to Create a Screencast Like a Pro with These 6 Online Tools However, if you want simpler applications that can do the same thing without the heavy toll on your computer’s memory or your wallet, try these easy-to-use web-based solutions. Since all of the following offer the recordings for download, you can edit the screencasts to your liking in your preferred video editor, or start over with ease. None of these require sign-up to record but for some services, an account is required to upload the material. If you’re a serial screencaster (like the infinite number of techy users on YouTube), having an account would also enable you to retrieve your previous screen recordings. Also, you’ll need to have Java running and click on Accept when prompted to allow the recording applet from each of the following sites to start screencasting. Now onto the tips on how to create a screencast using these applications!

The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have The above image is 8.5×11″ so you can print it out. PDF is available here. There’s been a lot of talk about 21st century learners, 21st century teachers, and connected classrooms. There’s a daily influx of new technology into your inbox and your classroom feels woefully behind the times even if you’re flipping your 1:1 iPad classroom that’s already online and part of a MOOC. What are modern teachers to do with all this jargon and techno-babble being thrown at them all day long? Simple.

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