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The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking
What is Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is so misunderstood that there is a desperate need for this chapter. Few concepts have been as polarizing and revolutionary, simultaneously. Is it marketing in disguise? Is it a buzz phrase used to increase salaries? Is it the future of internet products? Two chasms have already been crossed.

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The Order of AARRR Back in December 2009 when Patrick Vlaskovits and I first contemplated our Customer Development book, I was noodling around with a graphic to illustrate the integrate Dave McClure's Pirate Metrics with Customer Development activities. I posted the graphic in a blog post which garnered lots of attention, including an important comment from Dave himself: btw, note that AARRR isn’t exactly sequential… in fact, i’d emphasize Activation & Retention *first*, then go after Acquisition & Referral, then optimize for Revenue Recently, I have caught a couple of my Customer Development clients optimizing the metrics in the "wrong" order, so Dave's comment bears repeating and perhaps some expounding upon.

How to: Create a Content Strategy (only 652 steps!) By Ian Lurie This is a really, really, really long piece. There's no TL;DR version. That's because a content audit has a lot of steps. I've tried to break them down and explain each one, so that a writer who knows their way around a computer or a marketing geek who knows how to write can take this and do a complete audit. Wildfire Social Media Monitor people follow this x Please enter Google+ Pages, Facebook Pages, or Twitter Users. Measure Your Performance Use the Wildfire Social Media Monitor to glean insights about the growth of your social media fanbase on the leading social networks. With daily tracking, you have visibility into growth trends small and large. Track Your Competitors

How to get the attention of your favorite expert (new detailed post) I know this woman who runs an online business. I like her a lot — she has a great product, she’s been covered in some great press, and when I’ve met her, she’s really fun to hang out with. But her business is struggling. She doesn’t charge enough and she doesn’t know how to grow her business. On two occasions, I’ve heard her mention cashflow problems.

This Is How You Design Your Mobile App for Maximum Growth Kamo Asatryan may very well be one of the best kept secrets in the startup ecosystem. He’s one of a small handful of people who have observed hundreds of mobile apps, thought deeply and scientifically about their mechanics, and determined what they could change to grow faster. To demonstrate his particular brand of magic: Asatryan’s team recently worked with an app that required users to swipe through four screens explaining the product in-depth before they could sign up. Then the permissions screen literally begged them to let the app access their location data. 60% said no and went on to a dead-end experience.

Why Tom Cruise Should Be Your Content Strategist When he’s not streaking through the Danger Zone on an Impossible Mission, the world’s biggest movie star (yes, still arguably) veers Far and Away from his core competency, occasionally taking a mega-risk with his Eyes Wide Shut. Corniness of that opening sentence aside, Tom Cruise makes for a compelling model of how to run a brand: while his trademark relates to an über-successful motion picture career – and yours (likely) doesn’t – there are many things a business can learn about reputation management and content strategy from him. And just what is the “content strategy” of Tom Cruise’s career?

Apple's New iPhone 5C and 5S: the Results of Creativity or Innovation? - Alan Iny and Luc de Brabandere by Alan Iny and Luc de Brabandere | 8:00 AM September 10, 2013 Every idea, no matter how ingenious or successful, will eventually need to be replaced with a new one. But business leaders, as human beings above all, tend to cling to their existing ideas, beliefs, and other mental models — or what we call boxes — longer than they should. Paul Graham, Do Things that Don't Scale July 2013 One of the most common types of advice we give at Y Combinator is to do things that don't scale. A lot of would-be founders believe that startups either take off or don't.

16 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros Are you looking for the latest social media marketing tactics? Do you want to know what the social media marketing pros are doing today? Keeping up with the latest social media changes is not always easy, and our social media marketing tactics may need to be refreshed. We asked 16 social media pros to share the best marketing tactics worth doing today. Here’s what they have to say. #1: Host Social Media Events Whats In Your Bag: Colleen 1. Sunglasses 2. Keys. 3. 41 Classic Copywriting Headline Templates Maybe not a ‘classic’ copywriting headline, but eye-catching all the same. :-) Classic copywriting headlines, the kind of headlines written by Eugene Schwartz, Victor Schwab et al are essential studying materials when you want to hone your own headline writing skills. However, sometimes looking at those powerful but pithy statements can be intimidating. If you’re struggling to write your own headlines, looking at great copy can make you wonder where to start. It’s a bit like looking at the Mona Lisa and then going back to your own blank canvas with a box of crayons to create a masterpiece. So these should help.

Sam Altman, Startup Advice In honor of the new YC batch starting tomorrow, here is some of the best startup advice I’ve heard or given (mostly heard): 1. Make something people want. 2.