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Living Off Tips | ROC Thursday 12 Feb 2015 EVENT: New York - Celebrate One Fair Wage With ROC on 2/13! This Friday, celebrate the momentum of our national policy campaign, One Fair Wage, over a delicious breakfast with ROC staff, Saru Jayaraman, co-founder and co-director of ROC United, Catherine Barnett, ROC-NY’s new Executive Director, and special guest, Eve Ensler, renowned feminist, Tony award winning playwright, and founder of One Billion Rising and V-Day! Every year, […] Read More Monday 9 Feb 2015 ACTION ALERT: Tell New York State You Support A Raise For Tipped Workers! We need your help. Monday 13 Oct 2014 10/14: #NOTONTHEMENU National Day of Action Find and join a rally near you! Wednesday 8 Oct 2014 10/14: NOT ON THE MENU - NYC Rally Against Sexual Harassment! Women’s rights leaders, community activists, and restaurant workers are headed to City Hall Plaza this Tuesday at 11am to rally against sexual harassment in the restaurant industry! Monday 15 Sep 2014

Thirty Second Sell – What’s Your Website’s Elevator Pitch? | Build Internet! You have thirty seconds to tell me why your website matters, and what it can offer me. Go! Did you panic? What’s an elevator pitch? It’s a simple 30 second explanation of who you are and why you matter. This is just as important for your website/blog. Visitors are Customers It doesn’t matter if you run a web application or blog, visitors are the currency of any successful website. Build Internet is a web niche blog focused on web design, development, and business. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s a good start. You’d be surprised how many web directories or other sites require a short description. Sell Results, Not Possibilities This is the major difference between pitches for investors, and pitches for web traffic. Visitors don’t care if you have the potential to write compelling content. The elevator pitch is a much more personalized form of marketing. Lessons from 140 Characters Twitter is a great exercise tool for building convincing elevator-esque pitches. The Cliffhanger is Good

Discovering The Unexpected Marriage Of Commerce And Advocacy As so often happens when we set out to do big things, when I set out to create what would ultimately become the Freelancers Union, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. I was studying at the Kennedy School of Government, and I knew that I wanted to organize independent workers, but I was working through different models as I went along. As you can imagine, not having an ironclad plan meant that it was hard to secure funding. It also meant that foundations interested in getting involved wanted to have a say in how I moved forward. It soon became clear that my vision didn’t quite fit in with what the advocacy community considered to be acceptable. I wanted to build this new organization the way that unions are built—that is, with a built-in revenue stream that supports their goals and helps to power their growth. So we put the question to freelancers: What is your number-one concern? I learned some foundational lessons along the way. Get The Best Stories In Leadership Every Day.

Getting Clients to Embrace Fresh Ideas | Build Internet! The internet is full of brand new proof of concepts and ideas just waiting to be implemented on exciting new projects. Actually getting the approval to use these features is another story entirely. Some of the most interesting ideas turn out to be hard sells when putting them into to practice. So what’s a web designer to do when clients insist on stale ideas? Know Your (Actual) Audience Your client can mean the world to you, but the world is not your client. It’s not easy to tell a client that their idea isn’t going to work out, but unfortunately it’s sometimes a necessary part of the job. Three Facts of Client Work As a web designer, it’s important to make note of a three main points. The person funding the project may not always know what’s bestYou’ve been hired as the professionalThe Internet is a big place So what now? Don’t Get Discouraged Be careful about simply accepting a client’s disapproval without further questions. Does the client not like a design because of personal taste?

Mixed Views of Impact of Long-Term Decline in Union Membership Public Says Workers in Many Sectors Should Be Able to Unionize Survey Report Over the past three decades, the share of wage and salary workers in the United States who belong to labor unions has fallen by about half. However, the effects of the decline in union membership on working people is seen in more negative terms: 52% say the reduction in union representation has been mostly bad for working people, compared with fewer (40%) who say it has been mostly good. The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted March 25-29 among 1,500 adults, finds little recent change in overall favorability of labor unions: 48% hold a favorable view of unions, while somewhat fewer (39%) say they have an unfavorable view. Public views of business corporations have followed a similar trajectory. While the public expresses mixed views of unions overall, majorities of Americans say many different types of employees in specific sectors should be able to unionize.

Scott Brown on the Art of the Elevator Pitch | Magazine Photograph: Leo Espinosa Got a sec? Then I’ve got one blockbuster of a column for you: It’s about how the “ elevator pitch ” evolved from sweaty-palmed business ritual—a form of white-collar panhandling perpetrated by pushy salespeople and desperate screenwriters—into the quintessence of the Big Idea. At the marketplace, the multiplex, the dinner table: Everybody talks in elevator pitches, tweets in elevator pitches, thinks in elevator pitches. And that’s fortunate, because wielded properly, the mighty Elevator Pitch could actually save us from the forces of fear, obfuscation, and delusion that savage our culture. You’re still reading, so I’ll consider you hooked. The phrase didn’t truly conquer the vernacular, though, until Web 1.0 . Today, the elevator pitch has outgrown its original industrial-age metaphor and expanded into mass culture. Maybe it’s time we learn what movie producers and angel investors have known for years: Glib is good. Email .

Guardian US staff vote to unionise | Media Staff working at Guardian US will unionise under the News Media Guild after a vote was passed unanimously in favour of collective representation on Wednesday. The vote was recognised by Guardian News & Media LLC, according to a spokeswoman for Guardian US. “We are happy to voluntarily recognise the News Media Guild and look forward to working constructively, in best Guardian tradition, with the Guardian US editorial staff who have voted in favor of collective representation.” A spokeswoman for the Guardian US chapter of the News Media Guild added that it was “a great day” for staff. A statement released by the chapter said: “We are proud to announce that the editorial staff of Guardian US have voted unanimously in favour of collective representation under the auspices of the News Media Guild, following a ballot which was conducted independently by the American Arbitration Association.

Labor Board Ruling Eases Way for Fast-Food Unions’ Efforts Photo WASHINGTON — The National Labor Relations Board, in a long-awaited ruling, made it easier on Thursday for unions to negotiate on behalf of workers at fast-food chains and other companies relying on contractors and franchisees. The ruling, adopted in a 3-to-2 vote along partisan lines, was immediately attacked by business groups, who called on the Republican-controlled Congress to overturn it. Employers like McDonald’s and Yum Brands are also likely to challenge the decision if unions manage to organize a group of employees at one or more of their franchises, if not well before that. The labor board, which is charged with protecting workers’ rights to organize, changed the definition of a crucial employer-employee relationship that had held in some form since the Reagan era of the 1980s. Now, a company that hires a contractor to staff its facilities may be considered a so-called joint employer of the workers at that facility, even if it does not actively supervise them. Wilma B.

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