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10 iPad Apps To Record How Students Learn

10 iPad Apps To Record How Students Learn
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Images in Your QR Codes! 28 Aug You’ve probably heard by now all of the ways I love to use QR codes in my classroom (scavenger hunts, with a projection screen, in the garden, to name a few!) Visualead is fantastic site that let’s users combine QR codes with images. You can upload any picture that you want and place your QR code right on top of it. Users can create QR codes for free using Visualead or upgrade to have even more options. Read this post in Spanish! Tags: Internet, iPad education, Lesson Plans, organization, projector, QR codes, resources 10 Ways To Use Offline iPads In Education Just about every article on using iPads in education involves one key feature: connectivity. Whether it’s wi-fi or cellular service, being connected to the web is by far the most important feature for iPads in the classroom. Otherwise, it’s just what the tech-bloggers call a ‘brick’ and is essentially worthless. Right? Not really. As you probably guessed from the title of this post and the visual I spent way too much time making below, there are plenty of ways to use iPads that have little to no connectivity. See Also: 17 Real-World Ways iPads Are Being Used In Schools Note: since you need to be connected to the web in order to set up your iPad, I’m going to assume you were connected at one point and that you have the ability to download an app that can be used later. How do you prefer to use your iPad when there’s no connection to the web? Click the image below for full-size or click here to download it as a PDF Use Google Earth in offline mode to go on virtual field trips.

The 9 Best Web Tools Teachers Will Use This Year Clear communication with students and their parents is one of the primary goals of every teacher. Start this year with just that by using a variety of tools to share your plans and expectations for the coming academic year. In past years I have used a number of these assets but I have not as clearly organized them as I have this year. For this year’s bunch I have gathered the most important items into one single web page of my classroom website, New Students 2013-2014. I’m hoping that by conveniently placing this information in one place my students and parents are more likely to use the provided references. The following is a list of free online tools that I have incorporated (or plan to) for this year’s class. I have embed a welcome board via Padlet for students to post their introductions. It’s easy to create animated shorts using Xtranormal . It takes just minutes to create a poll and embed it on your website. I’ll bet a lot of your already know about this great service.

7 Reasons Why Blended Learning Makes Sense SMARTER SCHOOLS | by Michael Spencer Education no longer comes in rows and textbooks, but from a combination of sources. Let’s start with a definition. What makes blended learning especially appealing is that it provides students with courses that wouldn’t otherwise be available; teachers get near-instant student assessments and the opportunity to provide their students with individualized instruction. Now, with some general idea of what blended learning means—essentially a blend of the best of in-classroom and online, technology-enhanced learning—let’s look at several different specific areas of rapid change in education and see what they add to the mix. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If we’re excited and responsible in how we use technology for learning—then, like never before—the future of education is ours to create. Michael Spencer is senior vice president of American Education Corporation. Like this: Like Loading...

100 Ways To Use iPads In Your Classroom There’s likely a new iPad getting unveiled in the very near future. Like, in the next couple of weeks kinda near future. What better time to take a step back and figure out how to actually use these devices in your classroom? There’s more to the iPad than just apps . Some of my favorites from the presentation (use the bottom left arrows to advance and go back) are below. Practicing letter formations (Slide #6) Project using GoodReader (Slide #10) Control your classroom computer (Slide #13) Turn it into a mini IWB (Slide #18) Evernote!

A Practical Guide For Teachers Who Just Got iPads So you finally got a class set of iPads and you are not sure what to do next and where to start? Here is a very simple list of tried and true tips to help. Don’t Start Collecting Apps! This is every teachers first inclination. Here is my onescreen of Apps – these include a few of my own personal productivity favorites. Remember the iPad is Not a Computer The purpose of an ipad is to be a creation device, it is NOT a small laptop. Learn About The SAMR Model As you begin to make new lessons that you will deliver with the help of your exciting new device – think to yourself – where does this lesson fall on the SAMR model? Put Some Limitations On Personalization Have some ideas in mind about the personalization of the devices before you start the school year. How many pictures will you allow on the camera roll? Suzy Brooks has a great example of an “iPadding License on her blog . Workflow Here are the most popular: Offer Guidance With Passwords Don’t Forget Creation Literacies Back to School Night

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Top 27 Free Tools to collaborate, hold discussions, and Backchannel with Students 1- ChannelME ChannelME is a great web tool. It allows its users to browse a particular website simultaneously. They are able to look at the same content of a web page with friends in real time and even chat with each other . 2- Search Team It allows its users to search in small teams and collaborate to find the best search results. 3- Mind42 Mind42 is a great collaborative mind mapping tool . 4-Entri Entri is a free collaborative tool for writing and sharing documents . 5- Bounce It is “ a little application that lets people quickly add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people” . 6-Wiggio Wiggio makes group work much more easier as its easy and straightforward design provides everything you need to work productively in your groups. 7-My Simple Surface My Simple Surface is a very simple online whiteboard. 8- Hackpad This is a tool to develop collaborative note-taking and writing outlines. 9- Synchtube Synchtube is a great free service for watching videos. 16- Dweeber

Reading Comprehension - Free Worksheets Home- English- Math - Reading - Research - Keys - Newsworthy - Links - Contact Reading Comprehension, Volume 5: Number 32, Word Meanings From Context Number 31, The Painting Number 30, Word Meanings From Context Number 29, Charity, Poem Number 28, Word Meanings From Context Number 27, Mysteries Number 26, As I Awake, Poem Number 25, Democracy and Freedom Number 24, Modest Requirements Number 23, Martin's St. Number 22, Word Meanings From Context Number 21, Word Meanings From Context Number 20, Word Meanings From Context Number 19, You, Poem Number 18, Word Meanings in Context - Antonyms Number 17, Winter Heat Number 16, Word Meanings From Context - Synonyms Number 15, Word Meanings From Context Number 14, The Presidential Campaign Number 13, Memories, Poem Number 12, Word Meanings From Context Number 11, Campaign Finance Reform Number 10, Simple Math Number 9, Fashion Blues Number 8, Word Meanings From Context Number 7, Thank You Sincerely, Poem Number 6, Treasure, Part IV Number 5, Treasure, Part III

The Habits and Philosophy of an Effective iPad Teacher I recently had the pleasure of connecting up with Richard Wells from Auckland, New Zealand through Twitter. He runs a similar iPad site: I was very impressed with many of recent his info-graphics, and pitched him the idea to collaborate together on this poster. Expanding on a few of my points: Goals: Do not use an iPad in your lesson just for the sake of it. Creative: It is my ongoing goal to strongly propose that the iPad as a creation device as opposed to a consumption one. Beyond iPad: Despite both Richard and I being huge proponents for the iPad in education, it is not the only capable tool. if you already are passionate about other tablets, or know people who are, by all means go with it. I look forward to collaborating with Richard again in the future, and also have lined up some future collaborations with other prominent iPad bloggers. To download a high-resolution PDF of the image, click here. Like this post? Anything else to add? Like this: Like Loading...

Mindmeister y los mapas conceptuales Mindmeister y los mapas conceptuales 17 de enero de 2014 en Recomendaciones. Los mapas conceptuales son una técnica elaborada por Joseph D. Novak que, preocupado por el aprendizaje humano, se centró en facilitar al estudiante estrategias para aprender a aprender. Se trata de una técnica que cada día se utiliza más en los diferentes niveles educativos, desde Preescolar hasta la Universidad, utilizados tanto como técnica de estudio como instrumento para el aprendizaje. Estas herramientas tienen una doble utilidad (entre otras muchas): permiten al docente ir construyendo con sus alumnos y explorar en sus conocimientos previos, mientras que sirven al alumno para organizar, interrelacionar y fijar el contenido estudiado. ¿Cómo funciona Mindmeister? Mindmeister es una sencilla aplicación web para construir y utilizar mapas conceptuales. Accede a la página web de Mindmeister.Haz clic en el botón de ‘Probar una demo’, para lo que no hará falta darte de alta. ¿Y tú?

50 Education Technology Tools You Can Start Using Today 6 Time-Saving Writing Apps For Students 8.22K Views 0 Likes For anyone who has ever had to write a paper, you know that getting the ideas down when they come to you is important. 5 Useful iPhone Apps For Student Bloggers Fluency Practice Passages Why Use Fluency Practice Passages Fluency is a key foundational skill that helps students read complex text with greater understanding. When students read with accuracy and expression at an appropriate reading rate, their fluency supports their comprehension. Repeated reading practice with short passages improves word recognition and automaticity. How to Use Fluency Practice Passages Passages are provided from Levels F to Z. Timed Reading Procedures You will need: Two copies of the assessment passage—one for the student and one for the instructor Stopwatch or clock Pencil Clipboard (so students will not see what you are writing) Administer a one-minute reading, starting the stopwatch when the student begins the first word of the passage (student will not read titles). During the reading, resist the urge to correct mistakes. Follow along on your copy word by word with your pencil. Timed Reading Scoring Example:

6 Ready To Go iPad Centers A few of the following iPad Centers/Stations I have posted before, however I thought it might be useful to post them again, at the beginning of the year so you know they are here if you want to try something new during your literacy or math block. All of the centers can be done using one or two iPads at the center and are actual centers that my students used last year. I hope you find them useful or they spark new ideas to try with your students. Writing Center: App Needed - Write About This Fluency Center App Needed - Audioboo, iPhone version Research Center App Needed - Pocket Zoo Math Center App Needed - Draw & Tell This one might be a bit confusing at first. App Needed - Explain Everything