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Network Computing

Network Computing

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How To Find Product Key Of Any Software » Product Key Finder Tips How to find the product key of any software that you want..?? A product key is a unique identification number or code, used in software like operating systems and games, to prevent counterfeiting and piracy. This is a specific software program.

How Operating Systems Work" When you turn on your computer, it's nice to think that you're in control. There's the trusty computer mouse, which you can move anywhere on the screen, summoning up your music library or Internet browser at the slightest whim. Although it's easy to feel like a director in front of your desktop or laptop, there's a lot going on inside, and the real man behind the curtain handling the necessary tasks is the operating system. ­Most desktop or laptop PCs come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows. Macintosh computers come pre-loaded with Mac OS X. Many corporate servers use the Linux or UNIX operating systems.

Daryl's TCP/IP Primer Addressing and Subnetting on the Near Side of the 'Net This document is designed to give the reader a reasonable working knowledge of TCP/IP subnetting, addressing, and routing. It is not intended to be complete, or to cover all issues. untitled If you're talking about the short list of the most well-known appellate judges in the federal court system today, Judges Alex Kozinski and Richard Posner are likely on that list, potentially near the top. We've discussed both plenty of times in the past, sometimes agreeing strongly with rulings from both -- and sometimes finding their rulings maddeningly troublesome. However, lately we've been especially troubled by Kozinski's ruling in the Cindy Lee Garcia case, in which he appeared to make up his own rules about what copyright law says, and how an actress in someone else's film can magically claim a copyright over her performance. A new ruling by Posner in a case that is... well... positively bananas, provides a nice quick lesson in just how wrong Kozinski was. The case of Catherine Conrad, the "Banana Lady" involves Conrad suing a bunch of credit unions over a variety of wacky theories after she performed at some event they held.

StoreGrid Professional Edition Pricing StoreGrid Backup & Replication Servers StoreGrid Backup Client on a Desktop OS* StoreGrid Backup Client on a Server OS** StoreGrid Plug-in for Exchange Server Backup running in SBS OS 100 Websites To See Before You Die (Part 1) Here at Maximum PC, we've always done our fair share of website recommendation articles--including a couple of doozies from the past few years. And of course we're not the only ones who do this sort of article either; it's a proven popular format. But this year, we thought we'd mix things up a little bit. Rather than just focusing on what's services are popular, or which web apps will make you the most productive, we wanted to take a look at what's fun on the Internet. In that spirit, our February cover feature is going to be 100 Websites You Need to Visit Before You Die.

Pinguy OS Ubuntu is a great OS and undoubtedly the most popular and easiest Linux based Distro to use but even with its default setup and chosen programs it's still lacking functionality and ease of use for most new users. So what I decided to do was build a Distro that looks good, could do everything most user would ever want to do and that was very simple to use. I started out by listening to what my friends and family wanted to use their PC for and found the most user friendly programs for the task they wanted to do. After a while I got a good idea what most people use their PC for and what programs where the easiest to use. Like using Shotwell for easily uploading images to Facebook, gtkpod for putting music, photos and video on a ipod/iphone and mvPod for converting the video to a iPod friendly format. As I already said apart from it being easy to use I also wanted it to be a very good looking operating system.

DNS Oversimplified: How to check your DNS ... or, even a rocket scientist can understand DNS The goal of this page is to help you make sure that your DNS is set up properly, and help you many common errors that may exist. It will also help you if you are setting up DNS for the first time -- there is a lot of valuable information in here, and after you are done, you can walk through this step-by-step to make sure you did everything properly. Just go through the following steps in order: That should cover most common errors. For a more comprehensive way to check your DNS, you may want to check out and

Cirtas, Nasuni Point Storage Cloudward, Cultivate Channel We’ve written a lot lately about the intermingling of disaster recovery and the cloud, but some vendors aim to link the cloud to primary storage. For instance, Cirtas Systems this week launched a cloud storage appliance, which the company will market purely through the channel. Dan Decasper, Cirtas’ chief executive officer, said his company’s Bluejet Cloud Storage Controller plays a role analogous to a storage controller in an onsite enterprise storage array. But instead of storing information on racks of direct-attached disk drives, the Bluejet appliances tie into a cloud storage provider on the backend, he said. Here's how. Downloadable Computer Repair CDs One of our Technibble forum members, PcTek9, and a handful of other Technibble members have compiled a large list of CDs for various computer repair tasks. In this list, the following types of CD are available for download: Antivirus Boot CDs, Recovery Disks, Hardware Diagnostic Boot CDs, Network Testing/Monitoring, Data Recovery Boot CDs and Special Purpose CDs. Some of these are free to download, some are not. Be sure to read the EULA for the CD’s you download and the applications you use to make sure you are allowed to use them in the manner you plan to use them in. Many of the CDs contain a variety of different programs and some of the applications are free to use as you please, but some of them disallow commercial use.

30 Useful (and Unknown) Web Apps You Need to Bookmark - Page 2 FillAnyPDF FillAnyPDF is a fairly simple web app which allows you to upload a PDF file, then easily write on it wherever you want. This allows you to easily fill out any form, even if they’re not in an editable PDF form.

IPSec Overview Part Four: Internet Key Exchange (IKE) > IKE Overview Internet Key Exchange (IKE) negotiates the IPSec security associations (SAs). This process requires that the IPSec systems first authenticate themselves to each other and establish ISAKMP (IKE) shared keys. A security association (SA) is a relationship between two or more entities that describes how the entities will use security services to communicate securely. In phase 1 of this process, IKE creates an authenticated, secure channel between the two IKE peers, called the IKE security association. The Diffie-Hellman key agreement is always performed in this phase. Weidenhammer offers Recovery Management Solutions in Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, Philadelphia and Eastern PA Weidenhammer’s Recovery Management Solutions Weidenhammer offers Recovery Management Solutions within the Reading, Allentown, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Bethlehem and Eastern PA areas. Designed for mid-market clients, Weidenhammer works with the client and develops a systems recovery solution that allows your business to resume the essential, mission-critical application activities, within a very short time, following an unforeseen outage. Weidenhammer Recovery Solution Highlights includes: Temporary usage of a Weidenhammer-designated system (hardware) to get your business back Access to one of our two, local, state-of-the-art computer sites to house the systems Readily available pre-planning components when the need to recover your systems arrives A plan that is scalable to meet your business needs for recovery Affordable recovery that minimizes your business impact Assistance from certified system engineers to plan for and recover your systems

57 Tips Every Admin Should Know The longer a person serves as a network admin, the more tips and tricks they are likely to pick up along the way. Some could be shortcuts, others might seem like magic, but all are intended to save you time and help you solve problems. Assume that all of these Windows commands should be run from an administrative command prompt if you are using Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 2008. The most essential tool for sysadmins: Automate multiple OS patching Scan for vulnerabilities Audit hardware and software Run compliance reports Discover, manage and secure your network Monitor & control web activity Manage bandwidth & internet usage Secure downloads & web browsing Control of applications & stronger policy No credit card required, Trial also includes GFI technical support

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