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Classroom Warm-Up Routine: Math Class Warm-Up

Classroom Warm-Up Routine: Math Class Warm-Up
Register Now and join a community of a million educators. Take 30 seconds to register (it's free!) and: Access our downloadable Back To School Starter PacksComment on videosGet help - and help others - in our Q&A section Register Now Already registered? Learn about Teaching Channel Plus for Schools & Districts Sign In or Sign Up My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes Grades 6-8 / Math / Warm-Up CCSS: Math.MP.6 Common Core State Standards Embed Video Great Lesson Ideas: My Favorite No with Leah Alcala [01:00:10;24] Leah: Hi. Error loading player: No playable sources found <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div> Related Videos Approaches to Poetry: Pre-Reading Strategies Grades 6-12 / ELA / Tone & Theme ELA.RL.8.410424 > Lesson Objective Use mistakes to quickly clarify concepts Length 6 minutes Questions to Consider How does this strategy allow for immediate re-teaching? Teacher & School Info Leah Alcala Math / Teacher Follow School Details Martin Luther King Middle SchoolBerkeley, CA Feedback Related:  love this

How to Give Effective Feedback, Both Positive and Negative Why is that? One reason is that as people gain expertise, feedback serves a different purpose. When people are just beginning a venture, they may not have much confidence, and they need encouragement. But experts’ commitment “is more secure than novices and their focus is on their progress,” the paper’s authors said. That, of course, is much easier said than done, which is why most of us have such trouble giving or getting critiques. We don’t want to be the bad guy. Early in her career, when she worked at Walmart, she had to tell an employee that she wasn’t doing a good job. Mr. “We say, ‘That was a great piece of work, there was just a small problem,’ ” Mr. The better way, Ms. Research bears that out. While many of us tend to hear what we want to hear, Professor Fishbach says she thinks the problem lies more with those providing the feedback. Some companies have developed their own terminology for feedback. Here’s an example he offers in his book. Continue reading the main story

Some Videos to Inspire at Back to School I wrote my post asking administrators to inspire us back to school simply because of my own hopes and dreams. I wrote it in the hopes that it would make someone think while they prepared their own meetings and activities, and it seems to have done just that. One question I have then gotten is which videos to show at back to school? And while I had a few in mind, I asked on Twitter and got many great responses. So in no particular order, here are some of my favorites. Brave by Sara Bareilles – I will be showing this video to my students as well, but the message in it applies to everybody; I would love to see how big your brave is! The Fairy Scientist – to remind us how kids wonder and we should cultivate that. Suli Breaks – Why I Hate School but Love Education. Suli Breaks – I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate. Rita Pierson – Every Kid Needs a Champion. Diana Laufenberg – How to Learn? Introduction to Genius Hour. Kid President – A Pep Talk. Like this: Like Loading...

Classe capovolta: ecco quali sono i pilastri - Tuttoscuola di Maurizio Maglioni* In questo quarto anno di vita del movimento della Classe Capovolta, vogliamo assumerci la responsabilità di lanciare una nostra proposta educativa alternativa al tradizionale modello di scuola del secolo scorso. Questo modello trasmissivo – ripetitivo si dimostra ogni giorno sempre più inadeguato alla formazione umana delle giovani generazioni del XXI secolo. La scuola italiana, in particolare è fanalino di coda in Europa per abbandoni scolastici, resta impassibile in testa alla classifica dei paesi con la più alta percentuale di NEET e con la più bassa percentuale di laureati d’Europa.(1) In questi primi anni di esperienza della nostra associazione di insegnanti capovolti, ci siamo accorti che la soluzione al problema esiste ed è facilmente praticabile: basta abbandonare gli stereotipi educativi coercitivi con i quali siamo stati formati noi adulti ed applicare semplicemente quello che le scienze pedagogiche ripetono da decenni, completamente inascoltate.

Teacher: A student told me I ‘couldn’t understand because I was a white lady.’ Here’s what I did then. Emily E. Smith is a fifth-grade social justice and English language arts teacher at Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, Tex. She was just awarded the 2015 Donald H. Graves Excellence in the Teaching of Writing award given at the National Teachers of English Language Arts Convention in Minneapolis. Smith created and founded The Hive Society, a classroom that inspires children to creatively explore literature through critical thinking and socially relevant texts. In her speech accepting the award, Smith talked about a seminal moment in her career when she realized she needed to change her approach to teaching students of color, one of whom told her that she couldn’t understand his problems because she is white. Texas fifth-grade teacher Emily E. I’m white.

Christine Moynihan: The Look, Sound, and Feel of Effective Math Instruction Capovolgere la classe multiculturale 6 Febbraio 2017 Argomento: Dalle scuole, autore: Sergio Vastarella, Sergio Vastarella (1977) è insegnante di scuola primaria e ricercatore nel campo della didattica. Ha dedicato il proprio interesse all’uso delle nuove tecnologie nei processi d’insegnamento/apprendimento e all’insegnamento attraverso modelli didattici innovativi. Dopo avere lavorato come insegnante in tre diverse scuole dell’infanzia della provincia di Trento, ha vinto il concorso ordinario per insegnante di scuola primaria ed è stato assunto come docente di ruolo. Da settembre del 2001 è stato assegnato in maniera definitiva all’Istituto Comprensivo di Cembra, in cui lavora e ha ricoperto molti ruoli (coordinatore di plesso della scuola primaria a Vicario del Dirigente d’Istituto, responsabile per l’autovalutazione d’Istituto e l’educazione ambientale). Durante il servizio a scuola Vastarella ha studiato in maniera sempre più approfondita l’uso degli strumenti digitali nella didattica d’aula.

Theo Jansen visits the University of Iowa | Research and Economic Development | The University of Iowa “I like to balance between reality and imagination,” Theo Jansen said Tuesday morning during the breakfast reception of his visit to the University of Iowa. “We have to dream our lives and not just exist.” Jansen came as part of the Creative Matters lecture series sponsored by the Office of Research and Economic Development, seeking to demonstrate that creativity is not only at the core of research and discovery, but is also central to our human experience. His own life’s work is a pinnacle of this philosophy. Called a kinetic sculptor, an engineer, a landscape artist, Jansen has spent 25 years creating his Strandbeest—animals made of plastic tubes and sails, which walk on their own across the beaches of his home in the Netherlands. The Strandbeest came into conception in 1990 when Jansen wrote a newspaper column about skeletons that could build dunes on the beaches to protect the Netherlands from predicted rising sea levels. Jansen talks about the evolution of the Strandbeest.

Better by Mistake: The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong | by Alina Tugend Summer School 2017 12 luglio Arrivo e sistemazione in Hotel dal primo pomeriggio Cena ore 20.00 Dopo cena in SALA BLU benvenuto e iscrizione ai laboratori per tutti i partecipanti 13 luglio Mattina Appuntamento ore 9,30 davanti alla reception dell'hotel Passeggiata (facoltativa): La vie du vio Facile percorso ombreggiato adatto a tranquille passeggiate, che collega Les Arnauds con la località Campo Smith o, con un itinerario leggermente più in quota, al forte del Bramafam Pomeriggio Laboratori 15:00 - 18:00 SALA BLU: Coding e pensiero computazionale a scuola, senza se e senza ma Laboratorio rivolto prevalentemente ai docenti di scuola primaria e secondaria I grado A cura di Angelo Sala SALA LOUNGE BAR: Raccontami una storia - l’efficacia della narrazione nella didattica Laboratorio rivolto a docenti di tutti gli ordini e gradi di scuola A cura di Anna Ferrigno e Maria Rosaria Grasso 14 luglio Passeggiata (facoltativa): Rifugio dei Re Magi pomeriggio Laboratori15:00 - 18:00

Schools Need Introverted Teachers, But Avoiding Burnout a Challenge It’s generally believed that the teaching profession is better suited to extroverts. While hugely rewarding, it is exceptionally demanding, noisy, chaotic and educators are always under the microscope. But there are many introverted teachers across the country, who, as a recent article in The Atlantic concluded, are more vulnerable to burnout than their extroverted colleagues. Jessica Honard agrees. In your first year in the classroom, were you prepared for the pressures of teaching? Jessica Honard: No. What were the conditions at your school that made it particularly hard for you? JH: I loved teaching. Jessica Honard What kind of support system was in place at your school or were you more or less on your own? JH: The administration did what they could to support the teachers. You just mentioned the constant meetings and demands on your time outside of the actual classroom, which is a challenge you address in the book. As an introvert, however, I was taught to teach as an extrovert.

Put on Your Thinking Caps | Math by Design Online Grey Noise Generator | This is great! ♥ With headphones, it's like a warm hug for your ears. ♥ As a tinnitus sufferer I have found sleep difficult and have spent many long tedious nights lying awake without relief. Then I happened upon your site one night when, in desperation, I was trying to find a masking sound that would help me get some rest. To be able to customise a sound that actually works for me has been bliss. ♥ I love putting this on underneath my mp3's - makes the nuances of certain songs sound crystal clear. ♥ I've been having trouble focusing on math work, but playing this noise is the background has helped me a lot! ♥ This noise helps me in all my activities, whether I'm trying to sleep or have a case of writers block, I can always find the noise I need! ♥ As somebody who has suffered from severe ADD throughout my entire childhood as well as my adult life, this custom sound blocks out all other noises, including my two 6 year old daughters when I am trying to get work done. ♥ This is great! ♥ Beautiful