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Federal Climate Data Online (CDO) 435 recent views National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Climate Data online or CDO provides access to climate data products through a simple, searchable online web mapping service. Users can find a variety of NCDC...

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QuickFacts Skip to main navigation U.S. Department of Commerce | Blogs | Index A-Z | Glossary | FAQs United States Census Bureau Skip Main Navigation Skip To Navigation Content <div id="njs">This navigation uses Javascript. How Graph-Based Smart Data Lakes Will Democratize Value Extraction from Big Data The prevalence of big data and the value it generates has greatly, and perhaps indelibly, altered contemporary business practices in two pivotal ways. Firstly, the value of just-in-time analytics is contributing to a reality in which it is no longer feasible to wait for scarcely found data scientists to compile and prepare data for end-user usage. Widespread end-user adoption hinges on a simplification and democratization of big data that transcends, expedites, and even automates aspects of data science. Secondly, big data has resulted in a situation in which enterprises must account for copious amounts of external data that are largely unstructured. The true value in accessing and analyzing these data lie in their integration with traditionally structured internal data for comprehensive views.

Mid-America Regional Council - Regional Planning for Greater Kansas City What is the SkyCast? The SkyCast is the ozone forecast for the Kansas City region. Like a weather forecast, it tells you what conditions are most likely to be for the next day. Index 1,600,000,000 Keys with Automata and Rust - Andrew Gallant's Blog It turns out that finite state machines are useful for things other than expressing computation. Finite state machines can also be used to compactly represent ordered sets or maps of strings that can be searched very quickly. In this article, I will teach you about finite state machines as a data structure for representing ordered sets and maps. This includes introducing an implementation written in Rust called the fst crate. It comes with complete API documentation.

World Wind JAVA SDK Welcome: Here you will find the World Wind SDK for Java. With this, developers can embed World Wind technology in their own applications. Many resources are available at to help you understand and use World Wind. Midwest Environmental Advocates Air is one of our most forgotten resources. While we can see the effects of deforestation or polluted rivers, we cannot tell when our air is being degraded until it becomes a potential health risk. Most of us can smell polluted air in high levels, but some chemicals have no odor or are undetectable once they have dissipated into the air. We may not realize it, but the air we breathe everyday can be impaired. Sources of air pollution are numerous - car traffic, coal-fired power plants, incinerators, large factory farms, outdoor wood boilers, industry.

Arabesque Distributed Graph Mining Platform Arabesque provides an elegant solution to the difficult problem of graph mining that lets a user easily express graph algorithms and efficiently distribute the computation. By Georgos Siganos, QCRI . Cliques of size >= 4 for a small graph Arabesque: Think like an Embedding paradigm Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more. Why are diesel emissions such a concern? Emissions from diesel engines contribute to a variety of air quality problems and may affect the health of those living, working and going to school in areas where diesel emissions are present. Air Quality issues How This Startup Solves Our Too-Much-Data Problem Smart thermostats like Google's Nest report the temperature and can be controlled online. Fitness bands like the Fitbit Surge beam your steps, heart rate, and other fitness data to a smartphone and on to the cloud. Machines ranging from car engines to power plant turbines have sensors that measure things like vibration and temperature to ascertain if they are operating properly and predict if one's headed for a breakdown. It's easy to imagine a world in which every gadget is connected to the Internet of Things.

About: KC SmartPort About KC SmartPort KC SmartPort is a non-profit economic development organization that works to attract freight-based companies, such as manufacturing, distribution, and warehouses, to the 18 county, bi-state Kansas City region. Origins of KC SmartPort The Kansas City area has a historic link to the development and evolution of the transportation and distribution sectors, resulting from its early days as a trading post and site of the first permanent rail crossing over the Missouri River. Today, international trade is an opportunity important in the Midwest region. This Is How You Build Products for the New Generation of 'Data Natives' Imagine a major intersection where all the innovation taking place in data analytics and all the advances in hardware meet. It would look a lot like Monica Rogati’s job at Jawbone. As VP of Data, she built a world-class team of scientists and engineers who pushed on the boundaries of wearables, data and the Internet of Things. Today, she spends her time advising multiple companies that want to make the most of their data. If anyone’s native to the field, it’s her.

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