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Sometimes the best plan is to not have one…

Sometimes the best plan is to not have one…

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It’s Never the Perfect Time to Travel With 2012 just beginning, many will be thinking of vacations and trips around the world. They’ll be pondering exotic locations and amazing adventures. And then abandoning those dreams as rapidly as they were thought up. Project Profile: Innovative Thermal Energy Storage for Baseload Solar Power Generation The University of South Florida, under the Baseload CSP FOA, is researching and developing a thermal energy storage system based on encapsulated phase change materials (PCM) that can meet the utility-scale baseload CSP plant requirements at significantly lower system costs. Approach Existing thermal energy storage (TES) concepts cost about $27 per kilowatt hour thermal (kWht). The University of South Florida proposes a TES system concept that can reduce the cost to as low as $3.54/kWht to make it competitive with fossil fuels and allow for a capacity factor increase to 75% or greater.

Brione House / Wespi de Meuron Architects: Markus Wespi Jérôme de Meuron architects Location: Brione sopra Minusio, TI, Switzerland Construction Supervision: Guscetti Arch. Dipl., 6648 Minusio Engineer: Anastasi SA, 6604 Locarno Building Physics: IFEC Consulenze SA, 6802 Rivera Contractor: Merlini + Ferrari SA, 6648 Minusio Carpenter: Erich Keller AG, 8583 Sulgen Project year: 2004-2005 Photographs: Hannes Henz The new building is located in a privileged but sprawled urban area above Locarno, with an overwhelming view on the city, the surrounding mountains and the lake. The project is a discrete reaction to a daily subject: to build into a crowded and chaotic urbanized area. Therefore all attributes of a classical house were totally omitted.

Bus Home or Mobile Converted Double-Decker Community? There was a time when designers were also philosophers, artists and visionaries beyond just being professional architects. Aristide Antonas is a Greek professor of architecture whose imagination pushes the envelope on adaptive reuse, recycled materials and portable dwelling beyond merely mobile homes. This two-story used bus is imagined as a potential hotel or a portable commuting community space for professionals on-the-go. It features seven beds, a living room area and a restroom and would fit int typical mobile home parks, though finding dealers with parts for sale might be a bit trickier. It is an intentionally non-radical work of construction, requiring no contractor or elaborate plans to be built – just a group of people who wish to turn an ordinary vehicle into a multi-person housing unit on wheels. The value is in the labor, not the design – and forget about estates or land prices.

At The Risk Of Offending All My Family And Friends… Can’t see the video? Click here. I realized something strange about myself a few months ago. At first I thought it was a bad thing, like I was missing a crucial part of my brain or something, but I’ve come to accept that it’s just who I am, and believe that it actually helps me be a happier person.

Interviewed: The World's First Tiny House Hoteliers The tiny house movement is booming. There are off-grid tiny houses, Airbnb tiny houses, tiny house villages and now a tiny house hotel. The first of its kind (we believe), Caravan Tiny House Hotel, in Portland, Oregon, comprises six tiny houses in the Alberta Arts District. While many tiny house projects intentionally stay under the radar, Caravan is commercially zoned, legally-permitted and connected to the city systems. The houses, which are custom built by local builders, have flush toilets, hot running water and electricity. Tiny hotel guests can rent one tiny house or rent the whole hotel which sleeps 20. Z-Glass Plans Cost to Build Estimated Material Costs: $26,000 (370 sq ft) Want to know how much it will cost to have a contractor build it for you? Visit and follow these instructions.

HOWTO live in a schoolbus Over at Instructables, user Zim started a series on how to live in a schoolbus. The first installment is about how to get the bus, make it road legal, and gut it for interior construction. Zim also links to Skoolie, an interesting online community devoted to school bus conversion. From Instructables: A few years back, I got tired of living the American Dream and struggling to keep up with a horrendous mortgage and rising credit card debt. I know there's really only two ways to balance a budget, spend less or earn more, and I didn't see a huge wage increase in the future. Bamboo Buildings Bamboo Buildings Grow it, build with it. Phyllostachys aurea, Tetragonoclamus angulatus, Phyllostachys nigra f. punctuata,Phyllostaches bamb. violascens, Phyllostachys nigra f. 'Boryana',Phyllostachys viridis'Sulphurea', Phyllostachys bambusoides.

Skilpod House Design by B+ Architecten A glance at the design of the first Skilpod low energy house planned for beginning of 2014. The family home consists out of 3 Skilpods connected to each other, creating a very comfortable living space. The house will be build on a slope in Ham (Belgium) overseeing the surroundig area. The base of the building will be constructed in the slope. The base itself wille be made from concrete and houses the sleeping/bathroom area.