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The Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps

The Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps
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RedNotebook Should You Buy Now or Wait? These 4 Free Apps Help You Choose 1. Smoopa Smoopa allows you to make on-the-spot decisions about whether or not you should make a purchase. When you're in a store, you can pick up an item you'd like to buy, scan the barcode, and tell the app how much the store is asking for that item. The app will then tell you if the price is a good deal, or whether there's a better price option locally or online. If you aren't in a hurry to buy the product, you can click "Track" at the bottom of your screen, and the app will alert you when the item hits the price that you set. In cases when you scan an item at a local store, the app will ask you to enter the price and the name of the store, and you may be surprised to find that your store's name doesn't show up in the list of options that you can click. When I scanned the Spider-Man Blu-ray, I entered the price of the store and the app told me that it would be four cents cheaper online (see photo to the left). Smoopa is available for both Apple and Android.

Page numbering in Google Docs New update enables the often requested ability to start numbering from the second page and add a title page within a doc. Categories: Beginner Newly rolled out functionality enables the often requested ability to start numbering from the second page and add a title page within a doc. Users can now have different headers and footers on the first pages of documents enabling Page numbering on the second pageFollowing academic formatting guidelines (e.g. When inserting a header or footer (via the Insert menu) in a document users are presented with a new checkbox Different first page header/footer. Alongside this the new Insert menu > Page Number option enables numbering to start from the second page and optionally at the bottom or the top of the page.

geekOland, dépannage informatique à domicile et en atelier à Heillecourt. Déplacement aux environs de Nancy. EntourageBox - Invite Friends to Upload to your Cloud Storage [HOW TO] Bulk Export Your Twitter Followers Into Lists | Chris Makara - Interactive Marketing Twitter lists are nothing new, but yet they are often over looked by many Twitter users. However, management of your Twitter lists can be very cumbersome…especially if you have a HUGE amount of followers to sift through. And you don’t want too waste too much time on social media. Don’t sweat it, I will show you how you can easily take control of your lists and what is possible with segmented Twitter lists in a few simple steps. Export Your Twitter Data To easily manage this process, I will be using Microsoft Excel to to manipulate the data, but first we need to get the data into Excel. While Followerwonk is a paid solution, if you have a MOZ account, it is included as part of your membership. When you export your data, be sure to export it in CSV/XLS format and not a PDF. Fire Up Excel Now that you have your data, let’s get it into Excel so we can learn more about our followers (or users we are following – depending on what you exported). Segmenting Your Twitter Followers

Google for Education: Drive: Advanced Google Drive enables you to turn any document, spreadsheet, presentation or form into a template. Here are some examples: In the classroom, teachers can format a Google Doc for an assignment, submit it as a template in Drive, and then share it easily with students using a link A school secretary can create digital letterhead using a Google Doc and publish it in the school’s Drive Template Gallery The school nurse can create a Google Form for collecting immunization information and convert it to a template to be used year after year The Public Templates Gallery includes templates that Google Apps users have submitted for public use. These templates include lesson plans, certificates, worksheets, inventory forms, and more. They are available to all users of Google Drive. To create a file using a template: Find a template in the Template Gallery You can also browse the Template Gallery using keywords or the Sort by feature. Submit your own templates Choose your Google Doc from Drive.

ligne - Gif-Gifs Gif ligne Burd's Proxy Searcher Homepage Want To Protect Yourself Against NSA? Start At Home: Social Media Self-Defense Recent events have raised conversation about the necessity for operational security in relation to social media. Discussions about how to maintain an online presence while protecting one’s private life and personal identity are cropping up in communities who had previously never felt the need to exercise operational security, and who had never considered the possibility of falling prey to compromised security and data breaches. In the age of social media, there are a myriad ways our online presence may be used against us by a multitude of adversaries. From stalkers to prosecutors, any public information that can be attached to our identities may be used to their advantage and our detriment. It is important that we are mindful of the resources we make available to potential attackers. 1. Pro-tip: you can use a service like to generate a temporary email for creating a new Gmail account. 2. Do not re-use handles across platforms you’d like to keep separate. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Safety Center – Google If you’re the tablet owner, touch Settings → Users → Add user or profile. Touch Restricted profile → New profile, then name the profile. Use the ON/OFF switches and settings to manage access to features, settings, and apps. Press the Power button to return to the lock screen, then touch the new profile icon. Once it's all set up, the Home screen is empty.