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Twitter : 10 étapes cruciales pour les débutants Vous y voilà. Vous venez enfin de franchir le pas et vous vous êtes inscrit (de force ?) au service dont tout le monde parle : Twitter. Vous envoyez votre premier tweet et vous réalisez que vous n’avez aucun abonné ! Première chose qui vous vient en tête : « qu’est-ce que j’fous là ? » Pas de panique, je l’ai déjà dit et expliqué, Twitter n’a pas de règle mais il faut tout de même un minimum pour avancer et trouver son chemin. 1. La première chose à faire est de vous glisser dans la barre en haut à droite dans les « Préférences ». 2. Maintenant que votre profil est rempli, il va falloir commencer à suivre des personnes. 3 Entrez dans une conversation Maintenant que vous suivez des personnes, vous allez voir défiler des tweets sur votre timeline (ou fil). 4. Le Spam est la cause de nombreux désabonnements sur Twitter. 5. Ce point va certainement en chagriner plus d’un. 6. Trouvez les sujets qui intéresseront vos abonnés. 7. Sur Twitter, on demande souvent de l’aide. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Find Twitter Influencers to Maximize Efforts and Gain Followers inShare24 June 13, 2011 - Posted by Shama Kabani Setting Up a Company Twitter Profile The day you decide to get your company/brand/self on twitter is the same day you should commit to reaching out to ten people/companies/organizations multiple times in the coming weeks. Twitter itself is overwhelming to someone new on the site. Getting Acquainted with Twitter as a Business Tool: Steps 1-3 The first step being, read as many articles as you can about appropriate and valuable content to post on your twitter account and the Twitter managment how-tos you can (and strategize a plan that integrates your other marketing efforts). The Fourth Step: Find some influencers and get to work! When I say influencers I am referring to Twitter users who rise above the following standards: Valuable Content (Engaging, Relevant, Useful/Unique)Appropriate Frequency (daily & good number of posts/day)High Quality Interaction (no spammers or RT-addicts) Your first task: Write out a List Help from Twitter: Listorious

symboles dans messages Facebook et Twitter Export Twitter Followers and Friends using a Google Spreadsheet « MASHe Note: Twitter recently wrote to me reminding me that methods of obtaining and exporting Twitter content obtained via the Twitter API is prohibited by section I.4.A of our API Terms of Service ( ), specifically:You will not attempt or encourage others to sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute, or syndicate access to the Twitter API or Twitter Content to any third party without prior written approval from Twitter. If you provide an API that returns Twitter data, you may only return IDs (including tweet IDs and user IDs). You may export or extract non-programmatic, GUI-driven Twitter Content as a PDF or spreadsheet by using "save as" or similar functionality. Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted. Following clarification from Twitter I making this template available again but please note. *** Google Spreadsheet to Export Twitter Friends and Followers *** Where’s this all going?

C’est quoi les HashTags sur Twitter ? Les HashTags sont un moyen pour ajouter des informations additionnelles au tweets pour les catégoriser selon un contexte. une information permetant de les lier à un groupe de tweets décrivant un évenement ou un lieu. Le hashtag Twitter est créé en rajoutant un symbole diése # devant le mot clé. Le site permet de suivre ces hashtags en temps réel .Pour voir vos hashtags référencés suivre le twitter du site @hashtags Le moteur interne de Twitter (Search Twitter) interprete aussi la notation hashtag et rend clickable automatiquement les mots clés sous forme de hashtag, avec un lien direct vers le groupe de hashtags identiques issu de la communauté Twitter. Sur mobile Iphone l’application TwitterFon interprete aussi les hashtags Les hashtags permettent donc d’organiser la masse d’informations sur Twitter en rajoutant des métadatas. Prenons l’exemple suivant sur Twitter: ainsi les personnes cherchant des infos via le hashtag #paris tomberont sur ce tweet. Regles des Hashtags

How To Use Twitter for SEO May 29, 2011 How To Use Twitter for SEO By Kristina Weis in Featured Links Tweeted on Twitter Matter for SEO It’s official. To put this new factor in perspective, Google uses hundreds of signals to determine how it should rank a website. Getting people to link to your site is really all about having great content that people want to share, whether on their blogs or websites, or on Twitter. Many companies have been employing social media as a part of their marketing strategy, and for good reason. Note for those who are not familiar with Twitter: “tweets” are the 140-character (or less) messages that people post on Twitter. How Can I Use Twitter To Help My SEO? The ways of search engines are mysterious, and people are always trying to figure out which specific tactics will help more than others. Based on case studies, the more quantity and quality of tweets that link to your website, the more of a lift you can expect to see in your search engine rankings for the linked-to page or pages. 1. 2.

Les limites imposées par Twitter On ne peut pas faire n’importe quoi sur Twitter sous peine de se voir bloquer ou supprimer son compte. Les conditions d’utilisation personne ne les lit jamais, voici les quelques règles à respecter pour ne pas se faire bannir du site de micro blogging. Twitter impose quelques restrictions pour se prémunir des utilisations abusives souvent provoquées par des bots et autres applications tierces avec lesquelles on peut automatiser complètement le fonctionnement d’un compte Twitter. C’est assez pratiqué par des entreprises marketing ou des personnes considérant que Twitter est une foire commerciale… et les Twittos des clients potentiels à qui on peut envoyer des DM pour leur vendre des produits miracles…

As Twitter protects its ecosystem, here’s how to create an RSS feed of a Twitter List | The Sociable - Flock With the purchase of TweetDeck this week for a reported $50m by Twitter the company has removed one the largest third party clients from the open market. And, more importantly, it has also removed the application from the hands of Ubermedia, who also had their eye on the TweetDeck client, possibly with the aim of using it as a platform to launch its own microblogging service.

The Mysterious Words You Can’t Tweet The legend goes something like this: as a child, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s father would relentlessly hound him to “Get better”, so Jack eventually banned the phrase from being tweeted. Go ahead and try it, the tweet won’t go through. But the legend? It’s a hoax. See, way back when, Twitter wasn’t a popular smart phone app, it was a way to publish up to 140 characters to the Internet via text message. So now when you tweet “get better”, “get [any single word]“, and several other phrases Twitter interprets them as SMS commands. If you want more to try, there’s “Fav [username]” to favorite someone’s last tweet, and “Suggest” to receive recommendations of who to follow. There’s also no evidence Dorsey’s father ever told him to “get better” or aggressively pushed him to succeed.

How to Quickly Check Tweets Related to Any Web Page | Search Eng The idea of giving the opportunity to leave off-site comments to any page has been hot for a long time: that’s how many social bookmarking / sharing sites work (like StumbleUpon where people “review” and tag pages within the system), that’s what Google Sidewiki concept is based on and that’s how Tweeting any page works… Why it has been popular is quite clear: people are saved from the trouble to log in or filling the comment form and are given the opportunity to use their favorite web environment and instantly share their comments with their online friends. The question is how we, bloggers and Internet marketers, can keep track of those comments and utilize that off-site conversations around our web pages. This post looks at one part of the question: possible ways to keep track of Twitter conversations related to any web page: Kutano Install the addon (and restart your browser). Best features: BackTweets

Petit guide pour live-tweeter un évènement Jeudi 2 février prochain aura lieu la conférence de lancement du projet Inmédiats en simultané à Bordeaux (avec Cap Sciences et Science Animation), Caen (avec Relais d’sciences et Espace des sciences), Paris (Universcience) et Grenoble (La Casemate). Fraichement arrivée à La Casemate, j’assurerai le live-tweet (LT) de la partie grenobloise de cette conférence avec l’équipe du CCSTI (compte @LaCasemate). Et voilà La Casemate, mon nouveau lieu de travail, à Grenoble Jusqu’ici, je faisais plutôt partie des invités des conférences. Le mieux est qu’il soit créé par les organisateurs et annoncé plusieurs jours à l’avance ainsi que le jour J, sur les programmes de l’évènement, les écrans et de vive voix. Pour jeudi prochain, il s’agit tout simplement de #inmediats, du nom du programme (en cliquant dessus, vous pouvez dès à présent voir les tweets qui mentionnent ce mot-clé). Petit aperçu du consortium Inmédiats Effectivement, ça peut faire peur au premier abord… Le compte Twitter de La Casemate

Put Twitter's Most Underrated Feature to Good Use - Twitter Favourites - Flock Twitter ‘Favorites’ are probably the most underrated and most often forgotten feature that the social network has to offer. Like many of its features, however, it really leaves it up to you how you want to put them to good use. Most people seem to have opted for the ‘bookmarking’ route – keeping track of interesting links you want to read later in the day. Whichever way you choose to use Twitter’s favorites, we’ve put together a list of tips and tools to get the most out of Twitter favorites. Bookmarking tweets is all good and well, but when you have a service which neatly indexes them and makes it easy to read all of the links and articles from one convenient location. Or if you’re using Twitter favorites as a way of keeping track of positive testimonials about your brand, we have a tip on how to put that content to good use. To find out more about how you can get the mot out of Twitter’s favorites, read on. Bookmarks Curated Content Testimonials

Rate Limits in Twitter Cards Introduction With Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experiences to Tweets, helping to drive traffic to your website. Simply add a few lines of markup to your webpage, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to their followers. The Tweet embedded below shows a Player Card along with 140 characters: Drive engagement from your Tweets The different Card types each have a beautiful consumption experience built for Twitter’s web and mobile clients: Summary Card: Title, description, and thumbnail.Summary Card with Large Image: Similar to the Summary Card, but with a prominently-featured image.App Card: A Card with a direct download to a mobile app.Player Card: A Card that can provide video/audio/media. To learn more about how the Card meta tags and web crawler work, check out the Getting Started Guide. Drive app downloads from your Tweets Get started in 4 simple steps Ready to get started with Cards?