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Hot-Dog Legs

Hot-Dog Legs
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Why internet addiction is a controversial diagnosis - Technology & Science Isaac Vaisberg describes himself as a recovering internet addict. The U.S. law student says World of Warcraft, a popular multiplayer online roleplaying game, transformed him from a scholarship recipient to a recluse who spent hours in front of the computer. "I stopped even going out to get food at one point," he said. "It would be painstaking for me to tear myself away from the computer just to go downstairs and pick up my delivery order." The upcoming issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5), a widely used mental health manual, will identify similar behaviours as an area that warrants further investigation. That recognition is the latest victory for the growing number of mental health professionals who are calling for internet use disorder to be classified as an official mental health disorder. However, not everyone thinks internet use disorder belongs in the mental health manual. "My parents are happy, my family is happy.

Je suis une vraie fille Quand après m'avoir larguée comme une merde, il tente de prendre de mes nouvelles. When, after dumping me like shit, he wants to catch up for some news. (Source: whatshouldbetchescallme) Quand on me dit: “ C’est que tu dois les effrayer” When someone says: “Maybe you frighten them, no?” (Source: hollywoodassistants) Quand le mec est super à donf When the guy is really pushy (Source: whatshouldwecallme, via jesuisunevraiefille) Quand on m'a présenté tout le monde à la soirée et que tous les mecs sont en couple. When I’ve been intruduced to everybody at the party and all the guys have come with their girlfriend. (Source: whatshouldwecallme)

This cat is the chosen one T'es genre au top comme mec toi non ? Não Sabe Usar o Tinder Melhor forma de começar um casamento! fronha do Tigrão, hahahahahha zoofilistas não são aceitos lindo? Are We Addicted to the Internet? (infographic) Great new infographic from, Are We Addicted to the Internet? While the American Medical Association has yet to officially classify internet addiction as a recognized mental health disorder, the statistics show that this issue is indeed serious – with potentially dangerous side affects. Betweeen 5 % and 10% of web surfers surfers suffer from some form of web dependency.The graphic below illustrates the state of internet addiction, as well as the rapid increase of Internet use in recent year. Found on Social Media Graphics.

Journal des étudiants en médecine. Classical Sculptures Dressed As Hipsters We first wrote about Caillard and Persani’s hipster sculptures over a year ago, and since the new works by this duo are just as hilarious, we couldn’t let them go unnoticed! Whatever they say about not judging a book by its cover, we still do it. French photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani illustrate that with their Street Stone photography series, were they dress ancient Louvre’s sculptures into something more trendy and up-to-date. Besides marrying two completely different worlds, the artists also demonstrate a great cultural change that the society has undergone throughout centuries, since the original sculptures were created. To create these photo manipulations, Caillard first photographed the sculptures and then had his friends strike similar poses, wearing such hipster accessories like the Ray Ban shades, flannel and denim shirts and shorts. He would then dress the sculptures using Photoshop as well as Persani’s retouching skills.

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