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We Are Basketball

We Are Basketball

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History of Basketball - James Naismith Basketball - James Naismith (1861-1939) Photo: Y.M.C.A. training school [Springfield College], Springfield, Mass. - home of basketball. By Mary Bellis James Naismith was the Canadian physical education instructor who invented basketball in 1891. PANTALLAS LEDS GIGANTES PARA DEPORTE Y PUBLICIDAD BARCO LEDS SAC is a leader Firma in the LED industry, in Lima, Peru, South America. We are proud of being the cutting-edge Firma with huge LED display, and LED video Wall, and LED Big Screen with World’s Largest High Definition LED video Display, Full Colour Display Screen, SMD LED Display both Indoor and Outdoor and mobile LED Display Screen Display, GPS, electronics and scoreboards Bring us your logo, trademark, or your message and we help u,and you will reach the success desired. Tel: (005101) 5663340 / 990005511

Corporate Profile About U. S. Steel - NBA’s Misunderstood Rules Defensive Three Seconds: A defensive player is not allowed inside the key area for more than three seconds unless he is guarding the player with the ball or is actively guarding any opponent. To be considered actively guarding, a defender must be within an arms length of an opponent. If an offensive player moves through the key, the defender must be within an arms length, and also move along with the offensive player. He can not just stand there and put his arms out to get a new three second count. Goaltending: When a player shoots the ball, a defender may not touch the ball after it reaches its highest point.

See a Map of the World Revealing Each Country's Most Visited Website It's a Google Earth after all. At least according to a new map detailing each country's most visited websites. An impressive 62 countries count on Google, with Facebook coming in first for 50 other countries. Together, these two websites constitute true global Internet Empires--but we already kind of knew that. The map reveals much more about our global browsing habits (like, apparently, Yahoo is big in Japan). Created by Information Geographies, the Oxford Internet Institute's site for visualizing data about the web, the Age of Internet Empires map shows a challenge to Google/Facebook dominance by Baidu, the search engine in China. Page 2 : Jordan rules compared to Kobe By Skip BaylessPage 2 Kobe Bryant is a little more gifted athletically than Michael Jordan was. Kobe is a much better pure shooter. Kobe has risen into Michael's rare air when it comes to making great late shots. Kobe is a little taller, and just as quick and strong. Kobe plays with as much nightly energy and passion as Michael did, even on defense.

Basketball : Live Basketball Scores by Your browser is out of date or some of its features are disabled, it may not display this website or some of its parts correctly. To make sure that all features of this website work, please update your browser to the latest version and check that Javascript and Cookies are enabled. Alternatively you can navigate to a legacy version of the website, which is compatible with older browsers: An error occurred while updating data.

10 Simple Daily Drills Every Basketball Player Should Do RELATED: The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers of 2013 (So Far) RELATED: What the 25 Best Players in the NBA Wear and Why No. 1 - Ricochet Best For: All Players Avoid If: You are in a wide open space (ball can bounce far away) Analytics Reveal 13 New Basketball Positions For as long as basketball has been played, it’s been played with five positions. Today they are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. A California data geek sees 13 more hidden among them, with the power to help even the Charlotte Bobcats improve their lineup and win more games. Muthu Alagappan is a Stanford University senior, a basketball fan and an intern at Ayasdi, a data visualization company.

OpenStreetMap Where am I? Welcome to OpenStreetMap! OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Hosting is supported by UCL, Bytemark Hosting and Imperial College London, and other partners. How to Perform 3 Unstoppable Post Moves The game of basketball is won in the paint. Often the team that scores more points in the lane wins the game. An unstoppable post player is an asset to any team. A misconception among fans is that a post player must be big and tall. Most amazing basketball shot ever? Watch this utterly ridiculous behind-the-backboard buzzer beater Whenever we mention basketball to people, many have the same reaction. "What?! You don't like that, do you?! It's so boring - two teams just going back and forth, scoring at both ends for ages... what a load of nonsense." "Rubbish," we reply.