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Springwise - Idea Database

La Petite Etoile C’est DEMAIN : Webinar gratuit à 15h par & Neocamino pour vous aider à déterminer combien vous devez investir dans vos opérations de communication, sur quels outils et canaux, etc. et comment intégrer cela dans votre business plan ! Plus d’information ici : C’est avec beaucoup de joie que nous avons pu partager notre vision du business plan dans le magazine Challenges sur la création d’entreprise. Voici un lien vers l’article pour le consulter : ici Eco-innovation: The Next Business Megatrend Corporate sustainability is gathering momentum in North America. Companies like Walmart and GE are indisputably proving the business case for efficiency with an environmental slant, and unprecedented numbers of corporations are jumping on the eco-efficiency bandwagon. Although it is still early days, indicators are that this trend could become a megatrend, influencing not only our economy, but our perspective on how companies should behave.

I Will Never Hire a “Social Media Expert,” and Neither Should You  I WILL NEVER HIRE A "SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT," AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU2 years ago I was going to call this article “All “Social Media Experts” need to go die in a fire,” but I figured I should be nicer than that. But my title stands. If you call yourself a “Social Media Expert,” don’t even bother sending me your resume. No business in the world should want a “Social Media Expert” on their team. They shouldn’t want a guru, rock-star, or savant, either.

HelloBiz De nombreuses personnes possèdent autant de chargeurs que d’appareils, ce qui peut devenir très encombrant. Pour résoudre ce problème, Thing Charger est une station de chargement familiale qui peut recharger tous types d’appareils, quelque soit la marque. Suite à une levée de fonds réalisée sur Indiegogo de plus de 600 000 dollars, au lieu des 25 000 dollars recherchés, Thing Charger va pouvoir être commercialisé très prochainement. Vidéo de présentation de Thing Charger : ) Thing Charger devrait simplifier la vie de nombreux consommateurs grâce à ce chargeur universel pour tous les appareils. Qu’en pensez-vous ?

L'ACFCI enquête sur le développement durable au sein des PME/PMI A l'occasion des 8e rencontres nationales environnement et développement durable des CCI, l'ACFCI a présenté les résultats d'une enquête consacrée aux motivations, attentes et avis des PME/PMI déjà engagées dans une démarche développement durable. Le développement durable (DD) ou la responsabilité sociétale de l'entreprise (RSE) interpelle les sociétés. Si les très grandes entreprises commencent à bien l'intégré, les PME/PMI restent dubitatives sur l'intérêt de ce type de démarche. L'Assemblée des Chambres Françaises de Commerce et d'Industrie (ACFCI) a donc voulu savoir ce qu'en pensaient les chefs d'entreprises qui s'y sont engagés et le regard qu'ils portaient sur la démarche. Pour cela, elle a mené une enquête auprès d'une centaine de dirigeants ou de responsables QHSE de PME/PMI ayant engagé une démarche RSE/DD depuis plus de six mois.

Lessons in Link Building: Diversify Your Portfolio If you’ve arrived here via organic search looking for stock tips – you’re definitely in the wrong place. That’s some relevancy algorithm you’ve got there, Mr. Gekko. Regardless, there are several similarities between the grinds of link building and the monotony of day trading that quickly “jump” to mind.

How to Charge for Social Media Services Know your value! I've been through it myself. For New Social Media Managers starting out in the industry it can be difficult to work out how to price your services. Baseball and the Social Experience: Why You’re Willing to Pay $7 for a Beer and What Businesses Can Learn Today is opening day of baseball season, and everyone (including Susan) is just a little fired up. I happen to have a lot of Red Sox fans in my Facebook feed, and before I even had my coffee this morning, there was already a little friendly East Coast rivalry occurring (well, actually, the Yankees assaults started days ago). [It's the duty of every American to hate the Yankees. --Susan] Baseball season got us thinking here in the writers’ department about the social aspects of baseball games.

7 Big Marketing Lessons Learned From Tim Ferriss This week I was fortunate to have author/blogger Tim Ferriss on RISE (in case you missed it, here is the interview with him). To say Tim is an interesting character would be a massive understatement. Just a few years ago (in 2006), nobody knew who Tim was (except probably his parents and a few others). How Much Does Social Media Cost Companies in 2012? UPDATE: If you would like to see the newest version of my Social Media Marketing Rate Sheet, please Click Here. Two years ago I wrote a post entitled So How Much Will a Social Media Strategy Cost, which was designed to give businesses and organizations an idea of how much they should expect to pay consultants and agencies for basic social media marketing services. As you might expect, that post was insanely popular, so I followed it up with How Much Does Social Media Cost Companies in 2011 last year, and now this year those prices are being updated again with this post. For all three, these prices are taken from published rates found online, as well as what other agencies and consultants have told me they charge for these services.

Using Great Storytelling To Grow Your Business Every two months, I pull together a community of innovators. We meet somewhere in New York City, usually a boardroom overlooking a park or cityscape. But last month we all found our way into an acting studio operated by The TAI Group to learn about storytelling. The members of this group certainly already know something about the topic. Crowdfunding Law Will Turn the Start-Up World Upside Down - Tim Rowe - Voices Remember that special moment when we all realized that the Web was going to remake yard sales and auctions, but we didn’t know yet who was going to win? (And then eBay left the rest in the dust?) Such a moment has come again, and with a choice prize: Investing in start-ups. The House has already passed crowdfunding legislation, by a whopping majority. The president supports it. Senators on both sides of the aisle (Merkley, Bennet, and Brown) have agreed on a version.

How to Build Profitable Hyperlocal Websites I’m often asked what kind of sites I’d be building if I wasn’t running Copyblogger Media. Actually, I’m in the process of producing a few new projects, and they are all of the hyperlocal variety. Hyperlocal websites provide content related to a very limited geographic area, such as a town, neighborhood, or even a single zip code within a city. Copyright Math: the best TED Talk you'll watch all year This may just be the best TED Talk video I've seen: founder and extremely funny person (and soon-to-be debut science fiction author) Rob Reid examines the math behind the claims made by the copyright lobby and explains the mindbending awesomeness of the sums used to justify SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and the like. Here's Ars Technica's Ken Fisher discussing Reid's philosophy: Reid’s goal was to capture and represent some of the rhetoric from that past decade and a half in a way that would fill the hall with laughter, even if some of it came at the expense of some clearly ridiculous industry arguments. “Everyone can laugh at silly infographics,” Reid opined while silently crushing the serious journalism dreams of hacks everywhere. “And who doesn't want to deface a Leave-it-to-Beaver-like Christmas scene with pirate-and-Santa graffiti?”