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3 Strategies for Finding Customers With Social Media

3 Strategies for Finding Customers With Social Media
Do you need a strategy to reach your ideal prospects with social media? Are you overwhelmed by all the social media options? If so, you’re not alone. Social media overwhelm is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. In this article, I’m going to show you three social media strategies so you can focus your efforts on the channels that best align with your business objective and target audience. The Simple Solution Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for it: only focus on where your customers are. Where are your customers on social media? Once you find out where your customers are on social media, it becomes easier to come up with a strategy that will help you find your future customers. Here are three strategies you should consider: Strategy #1: Ask Your Customers Asking is the low-hanging fruit that’s easy for small business owners to overlook. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, when your customers visit your location, ask whether they use social media. Google+ Community search.

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Favorite Content Marketing Tips In the run-up to Content Marketing World, Lee Odden and his team at TopRank Online Marketing created this terrific SlideShare presentation that includes 36 tips from rock star brands and marketers (tying in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland angle). It is chock full of useful observations and advice. It definitely qualifies as a Youtility – it’s marketing so good, you’d pay for it if Lee asked you to do so . Fortunately, it’s 100% free, and available below. Get the Biggest Bang for Your Social Media Buck Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. G+. How To Build a Content Strategy Using a Social Media Audit Do you want to create a strong social media content strategy? Are you looking for tools to help you analyze the content on your competitors’ social media profiles? To create a content strategy that engages and motivates your audience, you need to do a comprehensive social media audit. In this article I’ll share how to perform a social media audit to build a successful social media content strategy.

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6 Tips for Finding Prospects on LinkedIn Are you using LinkedIn to connect with new leads and clients? Do you want to learn about social selling tactics on LinkedIn? Social selling is the use of social media to discover and connect with new leads and new clients. In this article, you’ll discover a 6-step process to find new leads and attract new clients on LinkedIn. Start social selling on LinkedIn with these 6 simple steps. Social Media Tips for Small Business You’ve recently setup the obligatory Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ profile pages for your small business and you’re asking yourself, “Now what?” If you’re new to the game and wondering what to do next, below are 5 social media tips to send you and your small business off in the right direction to achieve social media success: 1) Develop a Strategy I’ve seen many companies make the mistake of approaching social media without a strategy. First, decide which social networks make most sense for your company. You may not have a product that will translate to Pinterest or Instagram.

29 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros Are you looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing? Do you want new tools to simplify your job? We asked a group of social media pros for the hottest social media tools they use today. Samadhi Tank - Before You Float - Floating FAQs Before You Float The Samadhi Orientation (Printable version) The following is what we tell people before they go into the tank the first time.