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DJI Innovations - HOME TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame I am putting together this thread to present some information about one of the coolest projects I have had the privilege of working on for the past 18 months. We call it the TBS DISCOVERY. It's a very easy to build quadcopter, made for the demanding but sometimes also adrenaline driven FPV pilot. Links on the TBS DISCOVERY As more and more people test this baby they are posting build threads and videos. Accueil Tout d'abord, les bases par la FFAM (Fédération Française d'AéroModélisme) Initiation à l'Aéromodélisme Généralités Initiation à l'Aéromodélime Aérodynamique Initiation Météo Initiation construction Initiation moteurs Initiation radio Initiation hélicoptères Bonne Année 2013! Bons vols et amusez-vous. Nouveautés: Différences entre les cartes multi-rotors L es Autogyres Plans d'avions Tout pour créer son avion Comment voir les périphériques branchés sur le Port COM LA SECURITE AVANT TOUT!!!!! INFORMATIONS TEMPETES SOLAIRES (Les alertes vous permettent ne ne pas prendre de risque en cas de vol avec GPS)

Hosting Sostenibile • webfarm alimentata direttamente da energia solare • shared hosting vps hosting eneterprise Life In Art | affordable art for your home Japanese interior design firm IDEE has begun a new project called Life In Art. Similar to affordable art retailer 20×200 (which now seems to be defunct), Life In Art presents a refined selection of artists selling affordable prints, albeit at a slightly higher price point compared to 20×200. But it’s certainly nice to see affordable art gaining some attention in Japan, where there is very little history and culture of displaying art in one’s home. Here are a few artists and their work that caught my eye. Yu Nagaba Illustrator and designer Yu Nagaba is known as the father of the kaeru-sensei character. mochi mochi The Mochizuki sisters, Sachiko and Junko, together are mochi mochi. Baku Maeda Aside from having one of the best mustaches in Japan, Baku Maeda is also an amazing illustrator and the man behind ribbonesia. Related posts Trending this week

Casse et réparation module GPS/compas Wookong-M Bonjour, Un bref message pour raconter mes aventures avec le module GPS/compas de mon WK-M. Suite à une casse d'hélice en vol, mon Gaui 500X s'est écrasé d'une hauteur d'environ 10m dans l'herbe. Le problème classique est que dans ce cas, et avant de tomber, le quadri se retourne comme une crêpe. Du coup, l'impact a eu lieu directement sur l'antenne GPS. Visuellement, le petit disque blanc contenant l'électronique avait l'air de n'avoir pas souffert. Après avoir ouvert le boitier de l'antenne GPS pour vérifier que tout allait bien, j'ai trouvé que l'antenne GPS avait été cassée lors de l'impact. Comme le module GPS/compas du WKM coûte un bras à remplacer (+ de 200€ ! Et ça marche ! La leçon: si vous crashez le module GPS/compas du WKM, avant d'en racheter un neuf, ouvrez le petit boitier blanc pour voir quels sont les dégâts.

The Revolution is coming - OpenPilot Forums - Page 28 'dankers', on 03 May 2012 - 04:43 AM, said: You very likely were. Not to add to any hype but the Revo is really starting to impress me a lot these days, position hold is very good, it is already doing navigation on Multis and on fixed wings. It did a 5km navigated flight in Portugal on a fixed wing plus it handled a fixed wing in flight emergency (ESCs failed) very well also. For Multi navigation, baby steps still and keeping it close by but it is looking very nice. Ardupilot. I'm putting one of my CC's in my Fixed wing drones once I get some more flight time with it, as well as all my FPV gear. I finally upgraded to UHF and a tilt/pan antenna tracker. The GPS hold looks fantastic btw. tighter than UAVX/Ardupilot/MK/DJI i'd say definitely.

SPAM Dancing Cat Shake it like a polaroid picture Cats are notoriously aloof, and would sooner howl at the moon than be made to look foolish. So why do we love them so much? However, when it comes to keeping it all inside, one cat didn’t get the memo. Just connect him to your music using the 3.5mm audio jack This plush puss will happily play music from your mobile phone, with a standard headphone jack. Boasting more moves than a drunk at a disco, this big fluffy kitty makes a brilliant (and hilarious) alternative to your boring standard speakers.

SIGMA 15in Carbon Fiber Propeller P1540CS (for DJI S800) SIGMA Carbon Fiber Propeller Prop CW/CCW Feature: high-effeciency wing, low noise, long flight time, compatible with DJI S800 Code: P1540CS Name: Multi-axis Aircraft Specially used 15inch Carbon Fiber Propellers (positive and negative) Specification: 15 x 4.0 Material: 3K carbon fiber material (Japan imported) Configuration: 1 pair (one positive and one negative) Central Base Thickness: 3.0mm Central Hole Diameter: 4.0mm (unchangeable) Fixed Screw Hole Dia.: 3.0mm Fixed Screw Centre Pitch: 12mm Wheelbase of Adaptation: 600mm-900mm Matching Motor: 350KV-850KV Color: Black Weight: 17g SIGMA multi-axis aircraft used carbon fiber propellers are designed and processed by a group of practised person. SIGMA P1540CS carbon fiber propeller adopts plane-lock installing method, capable of making propeller be level. Product | CloudOn CloudOn is free for the vast majority of your daily needs, with hundreds of features available to create, review, edit and share your files on any screen. For advanced functionality, CloudOn Pro offers access across all your devices to features, like: Track changes and Spelling & Grammar in Microsoft Word®.Insert tables and filter data in Microsoft Excel®.Insert SmartArt and Presentation mode in Microsoft PowerPoint®. For a list of all CloudOn Pro features, click here. What does CloudOn Pro cost? You can purchase CloudOn Pro for $7.99 $3.99*/month.