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TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame I am putting together this thread to present some information about one of the coolest projects I have had the privilege of working on for the past 18 months. We call it the TBS DISCOVERY. It's a very easy to build quadcopter, made for the demanding but sometimes also adrenaline driven FPV pilot. Links on the TBS DISCOVERY As more and more people test this baby they are posting build threads and videos. The Revolution is coming - OpenPilot Forums - Page 28 'dankers', on 03 May 2012 - 04:43 AM, said: You very likely were. Not to add to any hype but the Revo is really starting to impress me a lot these days, position hold is very good, it is already doing navigation on Multis and on fixed wings. It did a 5km navigated flight in Portugal on a fixed wing plus it handled a fixed wing in flight emergency (ESCs failed) very well also. For Multi navigation, baby steps still and keeping it close by but it is looking very nice. Ardupilot. I'm putting one of my CC's in my Fixed wing drones once I get some more flight time with it, as well as all my FPV gear. I finally upgraded to UHF and a tilt/pan antenna tracker. The GPS hold looks fantastic btw. tighter than UAVX/Ardupilot/MK/DJI i'd say definitely. Der Technik-Blog über RC Mikro-Helikopter | FPV4EVER Blog The next generation in Multi-Rotor flight. Quote: On a quad technology they are talking about, variable pitch = collective pitch.. Just like the tail on a normal RC heli, both blades will always have the same angle of attack, just like utilizing 'collective' pitch on the main blades of a heli.. On a normal heli with one large main rotor, cyclic is necessary in order for the heli to change attitude so it can transition to forward flight. Most quads have many of the sluggish tendencies of FP helis where you can't get good hard stops or change in direction because it takes time for the motors to slow down/speed up. I think a system of pitch sliders like commonly used with heli tails, could be used, and controlled via push rods. __________________ Current fleet is getting smaller.

RcNet Multirotor MultiWii DJI Ar.Drone Multi Rotor Fans Club • Page d’index Resources – YS-X6 « MultiRotor YS-X6 Installation Video Important: 1. Please note that when connecting the ESC’s all red wires must be removed as the system is powered by its own BEC. 2. We recommend that any Gimbal servos rather be powered from a separate UBEC (Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit). 3. We recommend that you only use the Android GCS to change and update settings. 4. ESC Setting – Important Please read this post ESC Settings Steadi470 Gimbal Calibration The best way to do the YS-X6 setup is as follows: 1. 5.1 Check Data connected 5.2 Channel Alignment 5.3 Ch5/Ch6 setup check 5.4 Set Aircraft Type, Cell Number and Magnetic Declination (if negative then enter positive value and if positive then enter negative value) 5.5 ESC stroke (Throttle) Calibration. 5.6 Check Install Direction of IMU/GPS 6. ESC/Throttle Calibration Using the Android Tablet: Remove props Only connect power to the FC/IMU and not to the ESC motors 1. Then its done. Compass Calibration 1. YS-X6 Wifi Configuration Video 433Mhz 3DR on Multirotor