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Y6 580MM - Drone prise de vue * - Caffeine Security Secured Notre Drone Y6 580mm est un hexacoptère monté en configuration Y6 (moteurs montés en recto/verso) pour être moins sensible au vent qu'un modèle hexacoptère de type H6. Modèle complètement prêt à voler, monté dans les ateliers Drone RC et testé en vol avec caméra pour vérifier la qualité d'image. Le modèle est livré avec un retour vidéo 5.8ghz + écran 7" dont la portée peut atteindre 500 mètres. Avec un poids total en ordre de vol inférieur à 2Kg, le Y6 580mm est particulièrement adapté à la prise de vue aérienne en milieu urbain car il répond ainsi au scénario S3 de la législation en vigueur. Equipé d'une Gopro Black il se montrera parfaitement agile et polyvalent pour évoluer dans des espaces restreints et même en intérieur. (*) Prix indicatif, à partir de..., montage inclus, hors matériel de prise de vue.

Life In Art | affordable art for your home Japanese interior design firm IDEE has begun a new project called Life In Art. Similar to affordable art retailer 20×200 (which now seems to be defunct), Life In Art presents a refined selection of artists selling affordable prints, albeit at a slightly higher price point compared to 20×200. But it’s certainly nice to see affordable art gaining some attention in Japan, where there is very little history and culture of displaying art in one’s home. Here are a few artists and their work that caught my eye. Yu Nagaba Illustrator and designer Yu Nagaba is known as the father of the kaeru-sensei character. mochi mochi The Mochizuki sisters, Sachiko and Junko, together are mochi mochi. Baku Maeda Aside from having one of the best mustaches in Japan, Baku Maeda is also an amazing illustrator and the man behind ribbonesia. Related posts Trending this week

SKYKNIGHT - Caffeine Security Secured Voir : Classer par : Châssis hexacopter X6 700mm en fibre de carbone pour la réalisation de drone. L'entre axe est d.. Châssis hexacopter X6 850mm en fibre de carbone pour la réalisation de drone. Châssis hexacopter X6 800mm repliable en fibre de carbone pour la réalisation de drone. Châssis octocoptere X8 1100mm en fibre de carbone pour la réalisation de drone. Châssis quadri X4 700mm en fibre de carbone pour la réalisation de drone. Support stabilisé sur 2 axes pour caméra Gopro.

Dancing Cat Shake it like a polaroid picture Cats are notoriously aloof, and would sooner howl at the moon than be made to look foolish. So why do we love them so much? And indeed, why is the internet so packed with cat videos? Well, probably because there is nothing quite as funny as watching a cool, collected cat make an accidental pillock of itself. However, when it comes to keeping it all inside, one cat didn’t get the memo. Just connect him to your music using the 3.5mm audio jack This plush puss will happily play music from your mobile phone, with a standard headphone jack. Boasting more moves than a drunk at a disco, this big fluffy kitty makes a brilliant (and hilarious) alternative to your boring standard speakers. • Page d’index - Caffeine Security Secured CollabraCam: Collaborative Social Video Production Kit Complet Quadrirotor DJI F450 avec module Wookong - Caffeine Security Secured Kit Complet Quadrirotor DJI F450 avec module Wookong Système Wookong avec nouvelle antenne GPS V2 intégrant la correction du bug DJI. Le quadrirotor DJI F450 est un drone de taille intermédiairecapable d'embarquer une caméra ou un petit appareil photo pour faire de la prise de vue aérienne, ou voler en immersion. Livré ici en kit complet avec le châssis, les moteurs, les contrôleurs et le module stabilisation GPS Wookong,il ne vous restera plus qu'à l'équiper de votre ensemble radio + récepteur et d'une batterie lipo 3S.

airVision New airVision NVR (Network Video Recorder) The new airVision NVR is a compact, plug and play appliance that makes deploying a video surveillance system quick and easy. The airVision NVR stores up to 1,200 hours of video at 480p resolution or 400 hours of video at 720p HD resolution on the built-in 500GB hard drive. When combined with airCams and the included airVision video management software, a complete, enterprise-class video surveillance system can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Mobile Support on iOS and Android devices Mobile users can view live video using the airVision web interface on their iOS or Android devices. Improved performance and scalability airVision now uses H.264 video to provide crisper video images and more efficient storage utilization. Faster deployment, more powerful manageability airVision deployment is faster than ever.

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF) - HeliPal - Caffeine Security Secured Use it for fun, use it for work - presenting the All New Storm Drone 4TM We did some upgrades over the successful Storm Drone FF, like upgrading the firmware, changed to Carbon Propellers and new motors. We love aerial filming, but of course Helipal is no professional filming agency, we just do it for fun. At first we want to develop a Quadcopter which is stable enough to fly around and do some relaxing flying, during our development we keep pushing the limit like eliminating the vibration and increasing stability, one day we found that we have "gone too far" and accidentally created something which is much better than original, with such performance it is capable for serious aerial filming! The Storm Drone 4 is able to carry a GOPRO® camera for 6-7 minutes of flight time, this is amazing considering how small the Storm Drone 4 is and still having good agility, this is totally beyond our expectation. When we saw the video taken by GOPRO®.... The amazing Storm Drone 4 (Stock setup)

What are Lichtenberg Figures, and how are they Made? When acrylic is irradiated by high-energy electrons, it glows a brilliant blue-white color. Radiation chemistry studies suggest that this is mainly due to luminescence that peaks at a wavelength of about 435 nm. However, acrylic also generates fainter glows from x-ray fluorescence , and Cherenkov radiation . The exact light-producing mechanisms for electron-irradiated PMMA are not fully understood. Newly-irradiated specimens develop an amber-colored layer in the region between the surface(s) that were irradiated by the electron beam and the discharge layer. Called solarization, it appears to be caused by interactions between high speed electrons and the acrylic's molecular structure. Most of our specimens turn a beautiful lime-green color immediately after irradiation. It has also been discovered that the solarization layer is fluorescent. Finally, you'll notice that all of our sculptures have a discharge-free boundary along the outside edges.

WL V929 Mini Beetle Quadcopter (Blue) - HeliPal - Caffeine Security Secured What's it called for a big ladybird? Bug? Beetle? Presenting the V929 Mini Beetle Quadcopter It looks like the famous QR ladybird, but it's bigger. We were shocked when we saw this cute bug, for the price it's almost too good to be true, and it flew extremely well! Because of the low price and superb stability, we gave this to a 9 year old kid and we showed him some basics and he got it hovering in 5 minutes, and best of all the Mini Beetle survived his torture!! The V929 Mini Beetle is so simple, it is basically four motors and a gyro board, nothing extra, that means less items to go wrong in a crash. Wait, what about V929 and V939? Actually WL Toys have two ladybirds, V929, it's bigger, and V939, it's smaller. WL Toys V929 Mini Beetle How could they make such a good product with such low a bunch of these and give them to your family and friends, this is a great gift! Great for beginners, great for experienced flyers Difficult to flip? What else could go wrong? Suitable for :

How to Make a Pinwheel: 14 steps (with pictures) Edit Edited by Sophie von Teschen, Flickety, Krystle, Nicole Willson and 26 others Pinwheels delight children as they spin around, their colors whirring together. Crafting a pinwheel is simple and even the smallest children can do most of the steps (though the pin part needs supervision and assistance). Experiment with different types of paper that you have lying around to see the different effects you can create. Edit Steps 1 Cut a piece of plain paper into a 7x7-inch / 17 .5x17.5-cm square . Edit Video Edit Tips Try different colored foils that you have saved from chocolates or other foods. Edit Warnings Hammering the pin into the stick should only be done by a competent person. Edit Things You'll Need Scissors Piece of heavy, quality paper cut into a 7x 7-in / 17.5 x17.5-cm square. 8x8" scrapbooking paper/cardstock works great,too. Edit Related wikiHows Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles | Kids' Crafts Recent edits by: Jeffrey, Teresa, Sarah_E