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Digital Preservation (Library of Congress)

Digital Preservation (Library of Congress)
This is the home of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, Digital Preservation Outreach and Education and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program. National Digital Stewardship Alliance An initiative of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, NDSA members work together to make a sustained contribution to digital stewardship. Read about the NDSA Personal Digital Archiving: Preserving Your Digital Memories Just as libraries are preserving the nation's digital memory, individuals need to take steps to preserve their own digital memories.

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Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web This book provides a plainspoken and thorough introduction to the web for historians—teachers and students, archivists and museum curators, professors as well as amateur enthusiasts—who wish to produce online historical work, or to build upon and improve the projects they have already started in this important new medium. It begins with an overview of the different genres of history websites, surveying a range of digital history work that has been created since the beginning of the web. The book then takes the reader step-by-step through planning a project, understanding the technologies involved and how to choose the appropriate ones, designing a site that is both easy-to-use and scholarly, digitizing materials in a way that makes them web-friendly while preserving their historical integrity, and how to reach and respond to an intended audience effectively. On this website, we present a free online version of the text. , Barnes and Noble, or U. of Penn. Press.

Digital Preservation Handbook Digital information is increasingly important to our culture, knowledge base and economy. The Handbook was first compiled by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones and is now maintained and updated by the DPC. The handbook provides an internationally authoritative and practical guide to the subject of managing digital resources over time and the issues in sustaining access to them. It will be of interest to all those involved in the creation and management of digital materials. Dernières actualités [Pin - Pérennisation des Informations Numériques] 10th International Digital Curation Conference “Ten years back, ten years forward: achievements, lessons and the future for digital curation” 9 - 12 February 2015

BAM/PFA - Collecting the Moment—The Berkeley Art Museum by Lucinda Barnes Reprinted by permission from Chronicle of the University of California: A Journal of University History Number 6, Spring 2004, pp. 129–42. Artists William Wiley and Robert Hudson created happenings; poets Gary Snyder, Richard Brautigan, and Robert Duncan recited from their works, and the avant-garde Anna Halprin Dancers performed in celebration of the inauguration of the Berkeley Art Museum(1) in November 1970. It was a multidisciplinary contemporary art extravaganza heralding a radical new building and an ambitious cultural enterprise, which within a matter of months would also include the Pacific Film Archive.(2) The museum opened its distinctive 100,000-square-foot space of cantilevered concrete galleries with “Excellence: Art from the University Community,” an exhibition of some six hundred works of art from the cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.

Organisational Activities - Retention and Review Selection for long-term retention will normally occur at acquisition but can be an iterative process occurring at later stages once an item is already in the collections.The term retention and review is used here for this iterative process.The decision process mirrors steps included in the decision tree in the previous section and the tree can be adapted for this purpose. Employing evaluation criteria and selection procedures for all potential digital acquisitions ensures that collections development is carefully prioritised and sustainable.The use of such criteria and procedures should minimise the frequency and need for retention and review decisions as acquisitions are carefully evaluated and justified prior to entering the collections. Archives use the series concept for a body of records that share similar characteristics.Typically, many series are on-going for decades. Content that has been superseded or is no longer sufficiently accurate to justify maintenance in active form.

BAM/PFA - Commitment By Constance Lewallen Reprinted by permission from Chronicle of the University of California: A Journal of University History Number 6, Spring 2004, pp. 169–72. From its earliest years the Berkeley Art Museum demonstrated a commitment to radical new art of the region. Assemblage was the dominant form of expression among Beat artists of the 1950s; Bay Area assemblage, dubbed Funk by Berkeley Art Museum director Peter Selz in his eponymous 1967 exhibition, was characterized by a combining of found objects and urban detritus in such a way as to suggest decay. With its sexual and political overtones, assemblage also served as an antidote to the consumerist and conformist fifties.

Home - Curation - Confluence UC3 is a creative partnership bringing together the expertise and resources of the University of California. Together we provide high quality and cost-effective solutions that enable campus constituencies — museums, libraries, archives, academic departments, research units, and individual researchers — to have direct control over the management, curation, and preservation of the information resources underpinning their scholarly activities. For more information about UC3 and our services, see our website. For specifications, documentation and technical information, see below, and please contact us with any questions: uc3 at ucop dot edu.

Cleveland Performance Art Festival Collection - Michael Schwartz Library, CSU The Cleveland Performance Art Festival Collection is a major collection of material pertaining to the Performance Art Festival, which was created by Thomas Mulready in 1987 as a project of Cleveland Public Theatre, then became a separate non-profit organization, running from 1988-1999. Each year, more than 100 artists from around the world came to Cleveland to participate in the Festival. This is probably the largest and most significant collection of material pertaining to performance art in the USA. Ivan Rados performing at the 1996 Performance Arts Festival

The National Library of New Zealand Back to On the Leading Edge January 5, 2011 - While the saying "New Zealand is far from everywhere" may be true, distance is not an issue regarding its digital cultural collections and how efficiently the National Library of New Zealand makes them available over the Internet. For a small country (population approximately 4,367,700 as of June 2010), it has made wise choices that have resulted in an exemplary cyberinfrastructure and national digital library. Over recent years , the NLNZ has moved towards aggregating its online collections (external link) and high-tech resources under an initiative called the National Digital Heritage Archive (external link). On the front end, the NDHA build their own Web tools and design clean interfaces to make users' experience easy and intuitive. And on the back end they have partnered with Ex Libris (external link) and Sun (now part of Oracle (external link)) to develop an OAIS compliant (external link) repository.

Rebar: Kaleidoscape May 12, 2013 - December 20, 2015 We invite you to experience Kaleidoscape, an interactive seating sculpture custom-designed for BAM/PFA by the San Francisco–based firm Rebar. Like the popular BAMscape by Thom Faulders, Kaleidoscape is both a work of art and a piece of furniture. Come rearrange the modular pieces to create a personalized environment for study, relaxation, or socializing. Or use the sections to create patterns, crystalline landscapes, or anything else you can imagine. Join our photostream