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A History of Modern Music: the timeline

A History of Modern Music: the timeline

Songs that justify why I bought $800 headphones Mayhem, Metal and Massacre Requested by kobalt · Compiled by FuckYeahMetal \m/ (>.<) \m/ ROCK ON 01. Avenged Sevenfold - “Beast and The Harlot” - (City Of Evil) 02. Avenged Sevenfold - “Welcome to the Family” - (Nightmare) 03. Hippy Shit Requested by sunshine · Compiled by StudyingCanWait 01. I think I’m turning into a redneck and I like it Requested by Fixing my car in skinny jeans and a v-neck · Compiled by Adaligogh 01. soundtrack for dreams Requested by alice railstone · Compiled by Liam 01. so what if someone leaves you every 22 minutes I’m still in love with you Detroit. Requested by Jimmy Wilson · Compiled by Jim Leyland's Mustache Detroit is the only real American city. 01. I Wanna Fuck Requested by Rachel Johnson · Compiled by thehighwaysend A mix like this could go two different ways, so I did both. The Lead Up: 01. Go Time: 01. Finding Beauty optimistically, through dark times. Requested by BP · Compiled by Urethra Franklin 01. When robots take over the world, it will be beautiful 01.

Free Sound Clips | I'm dedicating one month each to one year in music history, starting in 1967. What should i listen to? : Music Robert Moog's 78th Birthday In the mid-1960s, Dr. Robert Moog unleashed a new universe of sounds into musicdom with his invention of the electronic analog Moog Synthesizer. The timbre and tones of these keyboard instruments (true works of art in and of themselves) would come to define a generation of music, featuring heavily in songs by The Beatles, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, Kraftwerk and many others. When people hear the word “synthesizer” they often think “synthetic”—fake, manufactured, unnatural. With his passion for high-tech toolmaking in the service of creativity, Bob Moog is something of a patron saint of the nerdy arts and a hero to many of us here. Much like the musical machines Bob Moog created, this doodle was synthesized from a number of smaller components to form a unique instrument. Special thanks to engineers Reinaldo Aguiar and Rui Lopes and doodle team lead Ryan Germick for their work, as well as the Bob Moog Foundation and Moog Music for their blessing.

Musicovery Evolution of Song - 50 Years in 18 Minutes (recorded from scratch) Au Revoir Simone. - StumbleUpon