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Making the Transition from Development to Design—My Experience and Advice A couple months ago, a person emailed me asking for tips for transitioning to design from a development background. As someone who had loosely gone through the same path (from programming to design to programming then back to design), I wanted to share any advice I could possibly give. After writing the letter, I thought it may be useful to a few other people out there. So if you are a developer looking to get into design, this is written specifically for you.

Learn Sketch 3 - Design+Code Sketch is a vector design tool entirely focused on user interface design. It’s easy to pick up and costs a fraction of the price of Photoshop. Because of its simplicity, anyone with little to no training can learn Sketch. It’s perfect for designing for multiple devices, and delivering assets is a breeze. Sketch uses a single unit, styles only relevant to UI design, a built-in iPhone previewing tool called Mirror and Artboards, the most efficient way to design multiple screens. The Creative Process Behind Professional Website Design Posted on 03'14 Jun Posted on June 3, 2014 along with 4 JUST™ Creative Comments This article has been contributed by Lori Wagoner. The designing stage is arguably one of the most important stages of a web project. It typically involves giving shape to all the information defined in the planning stage.

Photoshoplr A premium Photoshop plugin, that generates random relevant titles, leads, texts, dates and usernames. Currently supports English, Ukrainian and Russian text generation for three thematic categories: Technology, Economics and Politics. Relevant text generation Select one or multiple text layers and click Generate. Fewer Than 10% of Mentions Are From Power Users (and Other Social Media Facts) [INFOGRAPHIC] In order to maintain an energetic social media presence and an ambition content posting schedule, sometimes we really need to think that every person who sees and engages with our social posts is a power user; those all-important industry influencers who have the power to make your content go viral. And while that fantasy can certainly help keep you motivated, it’s important to be aware – even if only in the very back of your mind – that it’s not really the case. Do I say this to dishearten you or rain on your parade? Certainly not. But it is important to be mindful of the need to make every interaction with an influencer on social really count.

20 new graphic design books for your summer reading list - The Creative Edge It can be tough to get any reading done during the cooler months. Business ramps up right after the new year, flooding your inbox with projects, and around the winter holidays there is a similar rush to finish outstanding tasks and balance the books. During the summer, though, there is a pleasant lull—a perfect time to catch up on the many, many amazing design books published over the past 12 months. Here are 20 graphic design books from our favorite publishers, fresh off the presses. Logo design & branding Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes, by Michael Evamy

Framer - Import Designs Import Designs Framer Studio lets you import Sketch or Photoshop documents. All of your layer groups will be available. Your layer hierarchy is respected and all flattened layers are exported too. Get Started 40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates For Web Designers using High Quality PSD Website Templates can be a great starting point for designers just starting out or if you're on a budget. These High Quality PSD Website Templates are all user friendly and quick to use containing all the elements you need to create your own website. We have hand picked these High Quality PSD Website Templates from trusted sources all over the web, all of these free psd website tempates are fully customizable, allowing you to edit the color scheme, fonts, images, background, wording and any other elements you want changed. In today's collection we've gathered 40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates, these psd website templates are some of the best we've seen and contain professional websites. We hope these High Quality PSD Website Templates allow you to create your own websites quickly and easily, whether it's for a client or personal use! Enjoy!

Optimise your Photoshop workflow For a long time, Adobe’s Photoshop has been one of the most popular design applications for creating websites, mobile applications and just about everything in between. Whilst this is a little bit strange seeing as through it is predominately a photo editor, I think you will be pushed to find a young professional graphic designer that did not learn her craft in a cracked version of Photoshop. These days there are also many new competitors to Photoshop in the form of vector based design applications like Sketch or responsive focused applications like Webflow.

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