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Curate - content, redefined

Curate - content, redefined
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RebelMouse: Let Your Content Roar Content Marketing Editorial Calendar for WordPress - CoSchedule LoudStory | On-demand Storytelling Our Blog - Single Grain Have you ever frozen up in front of a blank page, afraid to write that email to your subscribers? It’s hard. When you have thousands of people reading your stuff, every email can be intimidating to write. That’s why we’ve made a list of 7 emails you can add to your funnel today. You have a business and you’re looking to expand your reach, grow your audience, increase your sales—bottom line is, you want to increase your bottom line. When was the last time you were on YouTube? Facebook was the fastest-growing advertising market in the fourth quarter of 2014 making the advertising platform one of the most effective methods of advertising available. Last year, Google significantly tightened its policies on the AdWords network, culminating with Vikaram Gupta, Director of Ads Engineering for Google, reporting that the company banned over 214,000 advertisers from its network. How many times has this happened to you? So you want to be an internet marketer? Let’s talk funnels.

Too Busy to Create a Content Marketing Strategy? Make Time! The most successful businesses are using content marketing. Why? Because it works. Content marketing attracts and retains customers by creating and curating relevant and valuable content that they actually want and need. Content marketing is helpful and doesn’t come off as annoying like some traditional marketing methods. But first, what is content marketing? Just in case you need a refresher, “content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Your business needs a content marketing strategy but it does take time to make one. Divide up the work If you can, dividing up the content marketing work between different people will make it easier to achieve everything. Plan content out ahead of time It makes it much easier to produce content if you are ahead of the deadline. Write about what you know Curate

Tips for Developing a Killer Content Marketing Plan Content marketing seems to be the name of the game these days if you want to get your site noticed. While it used to be that you could stuff all of the right keywords on your website and just wait for the traffic to come, search engines like Google are far more advanced than that now.Not to mention, placing too many keywords on your site will actually harm it in search engine rankings. In addition, consumer behavior has changed quite a bit. People are online in many forms all day long and love to consume content, find answers, learn, and interact. All of this says you need a content marketing plan if you are going to be successful. Here Are a Few Tips for Developing a Killer Content Marketing Plan: Know Who You’re Talking To This may sound obvious, but it’s an often overlooked step. Know What You’re Talking About This also may sound obvious, but one key to a content marketing plan is that you don’t oversell. As an example, let’s say you are a real estate agency. Choose Your Type of Content

6 Content Writing Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing All people rely on the Internet whenever they want to acquire certain pieces of information. Whether it is educational or whether it is about a business brand, all online users would turn to websites. This explains why businesses, organizations, institutions and even individuals would create their own sites and blogs. Through effective and strategic content marketing, you can achieve your Internet marketing goals. There are various content writing tools that can boost your content marketing. 1. Quality is one of the most essential factors in content marketing. 2. Content marketing is not just about writing content. 3. Another quality content writing service provider is 4. When creating effective content that can convert and can significantly impact people, you do not just talk about written text. 5. For a great enterprise communication as well as curation platform, is one of the best websites out there. 6.

10 Content Marketing Failures – Do Not Try This At Home Did you know that 91% of marketers are using custom content, but only 34% consider themselves effective at it? It’s pretty safe to assume that more than half of us struggle with publishing professional blog posts. Whether you’re failing often, or afraid to fail to begin with, you probably can’t escape the fact that content marketing is quickly becoming the norm. 78% of CMOs think content is the future of marketing ideas and strategy. Mistakes can range from egregious to subtle, and we’ve compiled a list of the most-common errors we see often: 1. Failing to Invest Time You’d probably never give a sales person one hour to close a massive deal. 2. Psst. 3. It’s much harder to create something fresh, original and outstanding than it is to simply hammer out content around a topic you know well. 4. No one – and I repeat no one – can write fabulous content in a vacuum. 5. There’s an incredibly fine line between being controversial to gain clicks, and offending people. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

17 eBooks Every Content Marketer Should Read | @contentmrktrapp I’m a growth hacker at heart. I love to find new ways to grow my blogs, promote content, and help other people maximize their potential online. But if I had to admit, I didn’t just get here on intuition. I definitely have a knack from marketing, and I’m positive that I was born with the entrepreneurial gene, but it’s still taken some learning. My favorite way to learn is to read. That said, here’s a list that I would absolutely challenge you to work through over the next few weeks if you’re serious about content marketing. Let me know what you think! The Deadly Sins of Content Marketing These “7 ½ sins” of content marketing are ones that I need to remind myself of constantly. For me, two of the biggest highlights are #1: we make it about us, but it needs to be about the customer. Data Driven Content Marketing I find myself more and more using data driven resources in my blog posts. As it says in the summary, content marketing isn’t a “hit or miss” industry any more. Ah, thank God for Moz.

6 Ideas for Creating Content that Your Customers Want to See You often hear today about how content is so important for marketing, but you also may wonder to yourself — where do I actually find content ideas? Finding content ideas can actually be easier than you think when you turn to your customers to guide you. After all, they are the ones who will be reading and engaging with the content, doesn’t it make sense to start with them? Here’s a guide to 6 types of content that will keep your customers engaged and make them want to share your content with new potential customers! 1. Customer case study If current or prospective customers are thinking about using your product or service, the best way for them to figure out if you meet their needs is to hear about a situation in which you helped another customer. This case study could take the form of an interview with the customer, visuals of the customer using your service, quotations about how they used your product, or even a slide presentation of the story of this customer’s experience. 2. 3. 4. 5.

15 Step Guideline To Create Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy It is hard to believe that 2015 is right around the corner. As the weather starts to cool down, digital marketers’ brains just begin to warm up and think about the budget for the New Year. The million-dollar question is what are the best digital networks to invest into and what platforms should receive more exposure for 2015? Malcolm X was quoted as saying; “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The 15 step guideline for the perfect 2015 digital marketing strategy will provide you with a digital marketing blueprint for the upcoming year. Jeff’s Bonus: Get my 2015 Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist that summarizes the techniques in this post, plus my 10 tips for increasing engagement on Facebook and my 6 tips for ranking higher in Google. Once the ball drops on New Years at midnight, you won’t drop the ball when it comes to digital marketing strategy. 1. If you haven’t started an Instagram account for your business, what are you waiting for? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Native Advertising Many companies today rely on content marketing and native advertising to gain visibility for their brand — after all, 70% of people say they’d rather learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising. But is either content marketing or native advertising a surefire way to boost brand awareness? And which one offers more bang for the buck? To answer this question, we at Fractl, a content marketing firm, collaborated with Moz to survey over 30 agencies specializing in content marketing about content formats and the metrics they use to track ROI. And I’ll get to what we found, below. But first, let’s remind ourselves how each approach is different, and what each approach aims to do. Content marketing agencies produce campaigns for brands (this is an example) and then pitch these to multiple top-tier publishers for coverage. We took a data-driven approach to compare the efficacy of native advertising versus content marketing. How much does this cost?

How to Match Great Content to Your Sales Funnel | Oracle Marketing Cloud In the B2B marketing world, the buying cycle is long. Unlike in B2C marketing, your future customer doesn't simply walk up to your vending machine, make a purchase, and become a closed sale. There's a long cycle that has a lot of money and resources at stake, so you need to nurture your prospects all the way through the process. It's about driving them through to the sale by creating great content at each stage of their journey. Navigating the Sales Funnel 1. The top of the funnel includes content related to the topic of your industry and offering. This stage of the funnel is all about helping, not selling. 2. The middle of the funnel is often thought of as the "black hole" of your sales funnel, since the top of the funnel is clearly owned by the marketing department and the bottom of the funnel is clearly owned by sales. This is the middle ground where organizations tend to get lost and prospects tend to slow down. Middle-of-funnel content is where the product starts to get woven in. 3.

webris Before investing in content, you need to understand it I hate marketing buzzwords. “Growth hacking”. “Big data”. “Hyperlocal”. “Content is king” [shudders in disgust]. It’s the most overused and misunderstood buzzword on the planet. This notion has led business owners to spend millions on content that provides no value to their target audience. In other words, wasting valuable resources on non valuable content. Content isn’t direct response marketing Don’t expect a skyrocket in sales because you wrote a good blog post. Content marketing is about having a presence and providing value where your audience hangs out. Honestly, I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable this can be to your business. It’s highly unlikely that your “buy now” promotions on Instagram, cold calling, purchased email blast, or banner ads drive sales. We live in the [over] information age. Look, I don’t like it anymore than you do. This guide is going to show you exactly how to create, track and promote content.