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Wallpaper on deviantART

Wallpaper on deviantART

The Fox Is Black » The Desktop Wallpaper Project 1280×800 • 1440×900 • 1680×1050 • 1920×1200 • 2560×1440 • 3840×2400 • iPhone 5 • iPhone 6 • iPhone 6+ • iPad When I come across a well-designed pattern I tend to marvel at the time and effort that must have taken place to achieve such perfection. In my mind I see it as an artist creating a jigsaw puzzle in their head without the photo on the box to guide them. One such master is Nancy McCabe, a surface designer from Chicago who runs No Ocean, a design studio that specializes in surface designs and prints. She sells her patterns for commercial uses such as fashion, home/interior, print and web design, as well as a beautiful series of graphic scarves. For Nancy’s wallpaper we decided to go with her Ink Dots pattern. 1280×800 • 1440×900 • 1680×1050 • 1920×1200 • 2560×1440 • 3840×2400 • iPhone 5 • iPhone 6 • iPhone 6+ • iPad It’s always fun visiting with old friends. 1280×800 • 1440×900 • 1680×1050 • 1920×1200 • 2560×1440 • 3840×2400 • iPhone 5 • iPhone 6 • iPhone 6+ • iPad I feel you Emory.

Selected Wallpapers For Your Desktop Graphics Smashing Magazine Advertisement If you can’t live without a nice wallpaper on your desktop you might need to invest many hours in the search for the perfect one – that fits to your resolution and has an appealing theme. The quality of the desktop images is often not the one you’d praise over and over again looking at your desktop. The best wallpapers aren’t cheap photos, but are works of art in their own right. In the third part of our collection you’ll find many different types of background images – beautiful wallpapers, devkits, Flickr pools, Widescreen and HD-monsters and even wallpapers-related social communites and wallpapers for gamers. You might want to take a look at the previous collections of wallpapers we’ve already put together: Selected Wallpapers: For Desktop & Web-Design1 60+ selected posters, wallpapers, galleries and background images. Selected Wallpapers — Volume 3 c’t Wallpapers4 Hundreds of computer-related wallpapers and full screen illustrations in 240×320 to 1600×1200. It's done.

Wallpapers - Smashing Magazine Posts Tagged ‘Wallpapers’ We are pleased to present below all posts tagged with ‘Wallpapers’. Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: September 2015 As designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration, but, well, sometimes the best inspiration lies right in front of us. With that in mind, we embarked on a special creativity mission seven years ago: to provide you with inspiring and unique desktop wallpapers every month. We are very thankful to all artists and designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing to this mission, who challenge their artistic abilities each month anew to keep the steady stream of wallpapers flowing. Read more... Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: August 2015 We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork, and as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. Read more... Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2015 Read more... Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2015

free desktop wallpapers, widescreen, dual monitors, iPhone wallpapers, iPad wallpapers, backgrounds for mobile phones, wallpaper clocks, e-cards 20+ Excellent Resources for Desktop Wallpapers If you have to stare at something for 8 or more hours a day, why not make it something interesting? Sure there are tons of places to find wallpaper on the web … but a lot of them are hard to navigate and highly disorganized. Divided into five helpful categories, with introductory descriptions and sample screenshots, here are over twenty of the best collections, communities and other resources on the web for finding excellent desktop wallpaper. User-Submitted Wallpaper Communities: InterFaceLift has a really useful system for cross-tagging wallpapers by size, category and type. SocWall is another community dedicated specifically to “social wallpapering” – users sharing wallpaper by category and voting on one another’s submissions. Flickr has almost 25,000 wallpaper uploads by Flickr users. Wikipedia is a place we all know to look for various kinds of information … but wallpaper? Photographic and Conventionally Pleasing Wallpapers: Fantastic and Creatively Abstract Wallpapers: