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Pinterest Directory, Find Top Pinners, Popular Boards, and Trending Pins

Pinterest Directory, Find Top Pinners, Popular Boards, and Trending Pins

8 Best Practices for Food Brands on Pinterest Janet Helm is the chief food and nutrition strategist of North America for Weber Shandwick. She is the author of the blog Nutrition Unplugged and co-founder of the Nutrition Blog Network and Healthy Aperture. She has been a contributor to Cooking Light magazine and is currently partnering on a book with Cooking Light. Pinterest has become the fastest growing website ever, now with nearly 12 million monthly users. The site illustrates the evolution from the “social graph” to the “interest graph” – or the shift from friend-based networks to those that connect people based on their shared interests. Food is one of the major niches or shared interests on Pinterest. Not surprisingly, food bloggers have also become Pinterest power users. SEE ALSO: What Paula Deen's Cookin' on Pinterest , Y'all While the Pinterest terms of use prohibit commercial use of the site, Pinterest's lack of enforcement means that marketers are rapidly turning to Pinterest to help visually curate their brands. 1. 2. 3.

Iconosquare - All Instagram online How to Sew (using a sewing machine) If you already have a machine, it's imperative to make sure it's been recently serviced. Doing this will ensure your mechanics (such as the Bobbin Tension and Feed Dog - the mechanism that moves the fabric when sewing) are in proper working order and any abnormality in sewing will be "pilot error", which can be corrected through practice. If you haven't been gifted a machine and are looking to purchase your first machine, here are some hints to help you choose the right one. a. b. c. 5 Food Brands Building Social Buzz on a Budget Bob Marshall is a social media strategist for SociaLogic Marketing. SociaLogic provides social media strategy, community management, and content development for clients in the food, CPG, and automotive categories. Follow him @Bob_SociaLogic. By now, most brands are rightly viewing social media as an integral piece of their overall marketing strategy. In reality, there are several standout social media marketing tactics that can mobilize an enthusiastic audience while remaining cost effective, and the food industry has consistently been a leader in this department. SEE ALSO: 8 Best Practices for Food Brands on Pinterest The most successful brands are discovering three truths about social media marketing. Here are five food brands that prove a company can build social media buzz without draining the marketing budget. 1. Chobani Greek Yogurt is an innovator among health food brands. 2. Whole Foods shines when it comes to giving users something to talk about. 3. 4. 5.

Wisel.It | Scheduled posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter 10 Cool DIY iPhone Covers Cool DIY Cross-Stitch iPhone Cases (via purlbee) Those of you who like to personalize your favorite devices know that covers and skins could be quite expensive. In order to minimize your expenses and show your creativity you can make a cover by yourself. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of tutorials showing how to make such cover for an iPhone. Although some of these tutorials could be used for other phones and devices too. Btw, we also have a very nice roundup of tutorials showing how to make a case for iPad. DIY Custom iPhone Cover (via epbot) How To Pimp Your iPhone With A Cool Cover (via arfotografie) The 10 Most-Followed Men on Pinterest When you think of Pinterest, what kind of user comes to mind? If you answered "a woman who likes crafts and chocolate," you're not alone. However, men represent an influential presence on the social network, too. In fact, 10 out of the top 45 Pinterest users are men. We utilized social analytics tool ZoomSphere to determine the most-followed men on Pinterest. SEE ALSO: How Pinterest’s Female Audience Is Changing Social Marketing Do you think more men will join the Pinterest craze?

Instagram Analytics | Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - Top 10 Alternatives to Pinterest There is certainly no denying the ever-growing popularity of Pinterest. With over 2.5 million users participating in the beta, Pinterest provides a new and unique way to discover and share the web. This growing popularity has, of course, spawned numerous sites that utilize a variety of Pinterest elements. If Pinterest doesn’t seem to be quite what you need, you might consider trying one of the many alternatives. Gentlemint The front page of Pinterest definitely doesn’t scream masculinity, so “manly” alternatives are always arising. Price: Free Developer: Brisky Business, LLC AppStorm Review: Gentlemint: Pinterest for Men We Heart It While Pinterest is popular with a variety of ages, teens are not really its target audience. Price: Free Developer: We Heart It, Inc. Knack Registry Finding items to purchase or make is definitely a very popular way to use Pinterest. Price: Free Developer: Knack Registry Jux A large part of the focus of Pinterest is sharing images. Price: Free Developer: The Juxers

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