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Iconosquare - All Instagram online A Big List of Sites That Teach You How To Do Stuff With all due respect to Kevin Smith, the web is no longer only for complaining about movies. In fact, there are a large number of very helpful sites that teach you how to do things. These are do-it-yourself sites, but we're not talking about building a deck or baking a cake -- the web is full of more general interest sites that give quality instruction on all sorts of fun and useful projects. Including, sometimes, how to build a deck or bake a cake. In this horribly-titled, but hopefully useful round-up we will specifically focus on such general purpose sites that include some sort of rich media instruction (generally video). We also might throw in a tech-focused site or two, since this is after all, a tech-focused blog. If you know of any instructional sites that are missing from this list, please mention them in the comments below. Note: Household Hacker is a humor site, some of the tutorials have some truth to them, but you probably shouldn't try them. Image credit: docman

Wisel.It | Scheduled posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter How to Sew (using a sewing machine) If you already have a machine, it's imperative to make sure it's been recently serviced. Doing this will ensure your mechanics (such as the Bobbin Tension and Feed Dog - the mechanism that moves the fabric when sewing) are in proper working order and any abnormality in sewing will be "pilot error", which can be corrected through practice. If you haven't been gifted a machine and are looking to purchase your first machine, here are some hints to help you choose the right one. a. Start by finding a reputable sewing machine repair shop. b. c. Instagram Quotes Maker - Quotes Pictures for Instagram Generator - Instagram Quotes Maker Welcome on the Instagram Quotes Maker, This tool lets you create beautiful and inspirational Instagram Quotes Pictures. To use this generator, first you have to choose the background of your picture, you can use a color, an image from your computer or from internet or you can select a theme. Then, you will have to fill the "Options" section. Result An error occurred while generating your image. Background Upload Uploaded! Simplistic & Grungy Little Fisherman Modern City Palm Trees Old Car Sunset Clouds Sky Urban Life Factory Autumn Options I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. Advanced Options Picture Effect No Effect Frosted Vintage Color Reduction Convolve Toy Stereoscopic Oil Paint Noise Sepia Filter You must try these awesome tools!

10 Cool DIY iPhone Covers Cool DIY Cross-Stitch iPhone Cases (via purlbee) Those of you who like to personalize your favorite devices know that covers and skins could be quite expensive. In order to minimize your expenses and show your creativity you can make a cover by yourself. Btw, we also have a very nice roundup of tutorials showing how to make a case for iPad. DIY Custom iPhone Cover (via epbot) How To Pimp Your iPhone With A Cool Cover (via arfotografie) Design Ideas and Tech Concepts - Free Printables FREE Rainbow Stationery Have you noticed this Rainbow phenomenon in the blogs lately? It seems everyone has a rainbow something going on! I can’t be left out of the rainbow fun-so how about a rainbow stationery set? Oh yeah–for free!

{FREE PRINTABLES} - Pumpkins and Posies Pumpkins and Posies Search Recent Posts ~Printables come in PDF format~