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Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers
I am a huge fan of an organized drawer. Something about being able to see all my pens in one place just really makes me happy. Seriously, there is nothing worse than digging through a junk drawer trying to find something I need. These cereal box drawer dividers would be the perfect fix to my cluttered drawer woes. While Jen didn’t use Mod Podge, you could to make them very sturdy. Her tutorial explains how to put them together – then you’ll just put a coat of Mod Podge on the top (you can also adhere the paper that way). Cereal box drawer dividers at IHeart Organizing

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No Purchase Necessary Junk Drawer Organization Everyone’s got one (or more), but no one likes to share it! Well, I’m going to! Part of my commitment to change is organization, and our two kitchen junk drawers are my number one offenders at the moment! So, I did the most logical thing and dumped both of them out on our family room floor and decided to just start from scratch! After dumping it all out, I categorized all the contents and separate them into separate piles. The Peaceful Mom Welcome! These posts are from a series I started in February of 2012 detailing how we live on less, so that we can live our true priorities. Implement these ideas if you would like to save more, give more and live more!

7 Nifty Ways To Hang & Organize Things I have been bitten by the organizing bug. It all started since moving with only five boxes (really should do a post on that, life changing!). I have learned that it is much easier to organize when you have less stuff. Much more fun too! Organizing: Cigar Boxes I love having my own little studio, but it’s quite chaotic most of the time because of all of the stuff I tend to hoard. Vintage hardware, old cigar labels, broken jewelry parts, and all kinds of pieces and parts I pick up at flea markets and thrift stores that I know I can find a use for one day in a craft project. But storing supplies in plastic bins out in the open isn’t too attractive, aesthetically speaking. I have plenty of plastic storage, but those are tucked away in my cupboards. And since vintage cigar boxes tend to have such beautiful graphics, I can hardly resist organizing with them. My hook on storing with vintage cigar boxes came the day I found and clipped out an image from a magazine of a large parts cabinet crafted to hold around 36 same size cigar boxes, acting as drawers.

Increase your productivity at work by letting go of negative men My alma mater is currently ranked number one in all of the college men’s basketball rankings. They’ve been in the top spot for 11 of the 14 weeks of the polls, and were number one in the preseason. There are five games left in the regular season, and all of the teams Kansas has left to play would love to see the Jayhawks lose. Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Missouri fans aren’t the only ones who want to see Kansas mess up their record in the last five games. Fans of the other ranked teams would be happy to see Kansas take a tumble, and, after watching some of the games this year, I’m pretty certain there are a few referees that would be glad to see Kansas lose, too.

Denim Organizer From Coats & Clark This fun organizer, made from the legs of cut-off jeans, is a great recycling project. The finished hem of the jeans creates the top of the organizer’s pockets, so there is no need to bind the edges. This project can be embellished in many ways. Turn An Old Birdcage Into A Desk Organizer Hi Everyone! We are SO SO happy to be back from our little break! We’ll be posting soon about our first show and display booth from President’s Day Weekend.

7 Secrets of the Super Organized A few years ago, my life was a mess. So was my house, my desk, my mind. Then I learned, one by one, a few habits that got me completely organized. Hanging Storage Baskets Fabric Cuts: From your fabric cut six 18½ x 28 inch pieces, and three 4 x 10 ½ inch pieces. You will then iron them onto you interfacing per it's instructions, and then cut out. DIY Organizer For A Home Office If your working space is a mess, organize it making a paper and newspaper holder of a piece of wood and plastic. For this craft you’ll need 3 plastic bottles, a piece of wood, 3 can tops, a knife, scissors, a screwdriver, a ruler, an awl and some screws. Cut the top of the bottles, don’t deform them; using the awl or a drill make holes in the tops of the bottles. Screw the bottles to the slab of wood and from the other side fix some screws for hanging on the wall. If you don’t like the edges of the bottles you can decorate them with some braids. Enjoy the organizer!