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50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos

50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos
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Good idea for a tattoo Photographer Tests the Definition of Beauty by Constructing Symmetrical Faces With Both Sides Of, New York City based photographer Alex John Beck tests our definition of beauty. Inspired by the theory that symmetrical faces are the most attractive, the artist constructs a pair of entirely symmetrical portraits drawn from a single visage, one made from the model’s lefthand side and its mirror reflection and the other from the right half. By definition, these uncanny faces each represent the height of physical perfection. When confronted with Beck’s images, we might try to construct the actual human face, splicing the two halves together in our mind’s eye. The photographs, however, disallow us from completing this task; despite our efforts, we recognize the portraits as two separate and irreconcilable people.

Cool Tattoo Designs | Cool Tattoos - Part 12 Pawel Kuczynski - Strona główna / Home Urodziłem się w 1976 r. w Szczecinie.Jestem absolwentem Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Poznaniu, kierunek grafika.Od 2004 r. zajmuję się rysunkiem satyrycznym,i do tej pory zdobyłem ponad 102 nagrody i wyróżnienia. W 2005 r. otrzymałem nagrodę „Eryk” od Stowarzyszenia Polskich Artystów Karykatury, za odkrycie roku potwierdzone rekordową ilością nagród w konkursach międzynarodowych. I was born in 1976 in Szczecin.I have graduated Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics.Since 2004 I deal with satirical illustration,and so far I have been rewarded with more than 100 prizes and distinctions. In 2005 I received "Eryk" * prize from Association of Polish Cartoonists, for the newly discovered cartoonist, with a record number of awards in international competitions. e-mail: lub

pretty f'kin cool tattoos by Sasha Unisex Compelling Nude Portraits Explore Both Self-Identity and Stereotypes (NSFW) Triptych 5 Triptych 5 detail Bodies. Triptych 2 Triptych 2 detail Triptych 1 Triptych 1 detail What made you decide to undertake this project? Triptych 4 Triptych 4 detail Why was it important to you to have people writing on each other? “I ask that the participants come to the shoot with a pre-prepared list of 50-100 stereotypes/labels that they have experienced being pigeonholed as in their lives. “It never ceases to amaze me how intimate that process can be. What has the project taught you about the way people look at themselves versus how others look at them? “After all, at the end of the day we put people into boxes because subconsciously it makes them easier for us to mentally digest. In Others’ Words is currently on view at JANGEORGe Gallery in East Hampton, NY through the end of August 2014. If you would like to participate in In Others’ Words, Renner is always seeking participants of all ages, backgrounds, identities, and ethnicities to be photographed.

Spiritual Tattoos Tattooist Jondix spent years learning about Oriental art from Thailand and North India. Today, he is a recognized artist who has specialized in Asian-inspired tattoos, many of these related with holy themes and inked in black and grey. Warning: This post contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. Photos © Jondix Link via Dirtyscarab One-Minute Animated Primers on Major Theories of Religion by Maria Popova From Karl Marx to Richard Dawkins in 60 seconds. Last year, Open University brought us 60-Second Adventures in Thought — a fascinating and wonderfully animated series exploring six famous philosophy thought experiments. This season, they’re back with 60-Second Adventures in Religion — four short informative yet jocular primers on some major theories of religious studies, offering a fine addition to these essential meditations on faith. The first introduces Karl Marx and his conception of religion as a vehicle of illusory happiness and a means of oppression and social control: The second explores religion as ritual through the work of pioneering sociologist Isidore Auguste Marie François Xavier Comte, better-known as Auguste, who — like Alain de Botton today — tried to start a secular religion based on values of charity, order, and science: The third episode paints religion as a mother through Swiss antiquarian and Roman law professor J. Share on Tumblr

Les tatouages aquarelle de Victor Octaviano Tatoueur brésilien, Victor Octaviano est avant tout passionné de peinture. Il en est venu au tatouage un peu par hasard, lorsqu’un ami à lui a découvert ses dessins, il lui a alors conseillé de se lancer dans l’art sur la peau. L’art du tatouage prenant une ampleur importante ces dernières années, les techniques se diversifient en même temps. Celle de Victor offre un rendu semblable à l’aquarelle, très coloré, composé de taches et d’éclaboussures d’encre. Un talent indéniable, à découvrir dans les quelques photos ci-dessous. Dans le style du tatouage-peinture, vous pouvez retrouver le travail d’Amanda Wachob en cliquant là. Pour en savoir plus sur Victor Octaviano, cliquez ici. Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It source

Captivating Portraits Taken in a Small Indian Village Where Girls Rule the World A few kilometers from the border of India, German photographer Karolin Klüppel discovered the tiny, isolated village of Mawlynnong where ‘girls rule the world’. Made up of only 92 dwellings in the East Khasi Hills, the town uniquely operates as a matrilinear society, each family’s lineage traced through the surname of the wife instead of the husband. The result is a culture where female descendants are most crucial to the continuing bloodline and the youngest daughter inherits all family property. Along with the privilege of carrying the family name, girls are expected to take on many responsibilities at a very young age, often caring for 3 generations under one roof.

Vladimir Babich Bebês gigantes ‘esmagam’ sonhos em anúncios de camisinha | Quem Inova Eles destroem escritórios, esmagam carros de luxo, detonam as férias dos seus sonhos. Monstros? Depende do ponto de vista. A nova campanha das camisinhas Lovers Plus transforma bebês em verdadeiros vilões, capazes de acabar com todos os seus lindos planos para o futuro. “Proteja seus sonhos”, dizem os anúncios criados pela agência Joe Public, de Johanesburgo, na África do Sul. O que você achou desta abordagem? Com informações do site BlueBus