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Crunchy Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Crunchy Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern
I am so excited to share some fun kitchen patterns with you this month. Today’s pattern is one of the dishcloths I gave you a preview of in my post last week. You can click here to see all the other patterns as they are released. This dishcloth pattern features a fun and easy stitch that gives a great textured design. Hope you enjoy it! Here’s what you need: worsted weight cotton yarnH hooktapestry needle, scissors Click here to reference the Crochet Abbreviations Chart. Finished washcloth measures approximately 8 inches square. Row 1: Sl st in 2nd ch fr hook, *1 hdc in next ch, Sl st on next, rep from * across, turn — 25 sts. Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as 1st hdc), *Sl st in next hdc, 1 hdc in next Sl st, rep from * across, turn — 25 sts. Row 3: *Sl st in hdc, 1 hdc in next Sl st, rep from * across, Sl st in top of turning ch — 25 sts. Rows 4 – 25 : Rep Rows 2 and 3 for pattern. Row 26: Ch 2 (counts as 1st hdc), work 1 hdc in each st across, do not turn or fasten off — 25 sts.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub My tea stash is getting out of hand; I am thinking about making a cupboard just for my teas. I am now shoving tea into the cupboards and hoping it doesn’t come falling out once I open the cupboard. I am not organize I try to be organized but it becomes quite a handful, especially when your tea collection begins to take up more than three shelves in the cupboard. If you didn’t know, now you know I am a huge fan of tea. When it comes to the temperature of boiling water for tea I have no clue what I am doing. I really just don’t get which tea’s do better in boiling water and which teas are not to be over boiled. I have always been a fan of green tea even before it became popular. Green Tea Sugar Scrub Recipe: 1 ½ cup white sugar2 tsp. green tea powder2 green tea bags1 cup cconut oil Recipe Directions: Open green tea bags and empty green tea leaves and set aside.

DIY: Quilled Bird Necklace You might remember this bird necklace I made a few years ago. I still receive compliments whenever I wear it, so I'd like to share the how-to so you can make one for your own personal use. Let's start at the very beginning... If you're brand new to quilling, just a few inexpensive supplies are needed - a rolling tool, paper strips, and glue. You will need: Quilling paper - gold-edge black, 1/8 inch (standard width) - Whimsiquills in the U.S. and J.J. And now, the basics: Roll a coil with a slotted tool: Slide strip end into the slot and turn tool with one hand while guiding strip with the other hand. Roll a coil with a needle tool: Dampen fingertips and roll strip around needle with the thumb and index finger of one hand while holding handle with the other hand. Allow coil to relax: Whether using a slotted tool or needle tool, when the strip is fully rolled, allow coil to relax and slide it off the tool. Make a teardrop:Roll strip, slide it off the tool, and pinch to a sharp point. 6 inches

Create: My Fair Lady ~ Vintage Updo Tutorial I'm feeling absolutely blessed at the moment! One of the reasons for this is I just got to spend 2 days with my best friend, YAY! We had so much fun just spending time together, I even gave her a mini makeover and did her hair into this vintage updo! So I thought I'd share a tutorial on how to do it so that all of you can do this fun and easy yet pretty hairdo! What You'll Need: Hair Elastics Hair Brush Curling Iron (If you have naturally curly hair you probably won't need one) LOT's of bobby pins Optional: Pearl bobby pins, decorated hair combs, etc. Instructions:Step One~ You want to start of by brushing your hair.

DIY Tissue Paper Blooming Branches One of my favorite spring visual treats is seeing the trees pop into bloom. Outside of my living room window is a tree full of pink flowers and next door another dressed in white. Wanting to bring some of that visual joy into my new home I decided to make these tissue flower blooms and create my own version of the blooming branches. I found these three mossy branches on my morning walk, just the right size for my chosen container. You can create a design as large or as small as you need. DIY Message in a Bottle Necklace You know that Parks and Rec episode where Leslie Knope is celebrating Galentine’s Day with all of her friends? And she writes 5,000 word essays for each of her friends about why they are so awesome? I love that episode. I have so many wonderful girlfriends, and I love to celebrate them! mini bottles with cork stoppersscrew eyejump ring24″ of chainwashi tapewhite paperpenscissorsneedle nose pliers Start by screwing a screw eye into the cork. Open a jump ring with the pliers and connect the screw eye to a link in the chain. Put a small strip of washi tape on your white paper. Firmly insert the cork into the bottle and ensure that it won’t be easily pulled off. Give these to someone you love!

Summer Sewing Project - Sparkling Felt Fish Instructions for one fish: 1. Place two pieces of felt on top of each other and pin. This is a close-up picture of how the sequins look once stitched on. Homemade Bubble Bath Who doesn’t enjoy a homemade gift or two? I recently saw a foaming bath soap on Paula Deens website and did a little tweaking to bring this homemade bubble bath recipe to you. Have you ever made a bubble bath? This was the first time for me and I’m excited as to how well it turned out. So, what do you say? Homemade Honey Bubble Bath Recipe: 1 cup baby oil 1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup hand soap or shampoo (preferably unscented) 1 tablespoon vanilla extract plastic squeeze bottles In a bowl, add the oil and stir in the remaining ingredients until well blended. Yields two 8 oz. bottles. A couple of things to note. If you’d like to dress up your homemade bubble bath before gifting, head on over to the World Label blog where I’m sharing the FREE Honey Bubble Bath printable labels! Visit with WorldLabel to download the Honey Bubble Bath labels. I hope you’re feeling relaxed just thinking about this fabulous bubble bath… I have my bath water running as we speak! Enjoy.

Simple Tutorial on Making a 5-Strand Woven Wire Ring 5-strand weaving is a simple to do! I bet the result proves to be quite good for wire ring making. Additionally, the finished woven wire ring will look distinctly handmade. Therefore, I suggest everyone to try this tutorial. The needed things for woven wire ring: 0.8mm cooper wire 0.5mm copper wire Flat nose plier Wire cutter Taper Marker Woven wire ring tutorial starts now: Step 1: Make 5-strand woven pattern 1st, cut 5 pieces of 0.8mm brass wire, and all measure about 15cm; 2nd, align the wires and tape one end; 3rd, bring rightmost wire under, over, under and over the left wires; 4th, weave wires as the picture shows below. Step 2: Finish the woven wire ring 1st, wrap woven wire around marker; 2nd, coil 0.5mm brass wire around overlapped part; 3rd, cut off excess wires. The final look of woven wire ring is like this: Tada!

How to Make an Elegant Centerpiece Dear Chicago House, Every party table needs an elegant centerpiece...correct? Miss Chicago teen selected a color palette of black gold and white for her Sweet Sixteen bash and made these pretty centerpieces for the table They took all of five minutes to put together and can be made to complement any color scheme. How to Make an Elegant Centerpiece You will needA glass vaseVase fillers - marblesSilk flowers - we used white rosesWaterFloating candles Start by putting a handful of marbles in the bottom of your vase. Love from Creative in Chicago

Sock Monkey Gosh… I am supposed to sew some thing for the Earth Month this April, but I can’t wait to sew these sock monkeys. My hands simply took over my head and see what I did after a few days and nights of sewing…. a house full of sock monkeys!!!! Do you love them? I have seen a lot of sock monkey photos hanging around friends’ photo albums in many photo sharing websites, so envy. These sock monkeys are so cute and so adorable that I would want to hug one, I bet my kids would love to have them to accompany too when mommy is busy with works. …. With different sizes of socks, I made the sock monkey out of a family, from baby, toddlers, teens to adult. 3rd picture in the above album shows the family photo of the sock monkey, from daddy, mommy, sister, brother, triplet toddlers, and a baby. The siblings are indeed loving each other, not only they are huggy to human, but they also hug each other, like this one. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: