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Theosophical University Press Online Edition By H. P. Blavatsky’s masterwork on theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology. Originally published 1888. This edition was corrected against the facsimile edition of 1888. Quick Links to Condensed Table of Contents of Volume 1: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Volume 2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Index (prepared by John P. (Link to Full “Verbatim” Table of Contents of Volume 1 and Volume 2) PREFACE ... vii INTRODUCTION ... xvii. (continued in) Formation of Man: the Thinker ... 238 STANZA X. — Continued ... 271 (continued in) The Origin of the Satanic Myth ... 378 Western Speculations founded on the Greek and Puranic Traditions ... 402 (continued in) The many meanings of the “War in Heaven” ... 492 (continued in) The Septenary Element in the Vedas ... 605 The Seven Souls of the Egyptologists ... 630 (continued in) (c) Esoteric Geological Chronology ... 709 Index [[As prepared by John P. TUP Online Menu Related:  Things that make me go hmmmLuciferian/Satanic

Blavatsky, vol 1, bk 3, ch 17 The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky — Vol. 1 Theosophical University Press Online Edition Vol. 1, Page 647 ASTROLOGY A SCIENCE. [[This page continued from previous section]] “All men are apt to have a high conceit of their own understanding, and to be tenacious of the opinions they profess,” said Jordan, justly adding to this — “and yet almost all men are guided by the understandings of others, not by their own; and may be said more truly to adopt, than to beget, their opinions.” This becomes doubly true in the matter of scientific opinions upon hypotheses offered for consideration — the prejudice and preconceptions of “authorities,” so called, often deciding upon questions of the most vital importance for history. Vol. 1, Page 648 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Cimah) and the chambers of the South” (ix. 9); of Scorpio and the Mazzaroths — the twelve signs (xxxviii., 31, 32), which words, if they mean anything, imply knowledge of the Zodiac even among the nomadic Arabic tribes.

The Brotherhood of Satan The Brotherhood has existed from the earliest of times under many different names. Originally, we have been called the Brotherhood of Darkness & Shadows. We are a Brotherhood of the Serpent and we are the very first known Secret Society. The lineage of the Brotherhood in its present incarnation comes from a Highly Secretive Satanic movement that was called among the Dark Elders, the Dark Brotherhood or more simply "The Brotherhood" . We owe allegiance to no one, nor do we seek acceptance from any other existing Satanist Organization or persons that claim to be Satanists. Our very roots are Ancient in origin returning back to the early dark Pagan Demon Worshipping Cultures. Comment from a Brotherhood member..." Comment from another Brotherhood member..." The Brotherhood of Satan is made up of those most dedicated to Satan and those that truly hold the Wisdom of Satan within their Souls. Comment from another Brotherhood member..." Comment from another Brotherhood member..." BOS PDF Library

Blavatsky Net Theosophy - original Theosophy text - focus on Madame Blavatsky Isis Unveiled by H. P. Blavatsky, homepage. Theosophy source book. A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology By H. P. Blavatsky Blavatsky's first major work on theosophy, examining religion and science in the light of Western and Oriental ancient wisdom and occult and spiritualistic phenomena. Theosophical University Press Online Edition (print version also available). DETAILED CONTENTS, VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2 PREFACE (pages v - viii) BEFORE THE VEIL (pages ix - xlv) Dogmatic assumptions of modern science and theology / The Platonic philosophy affords the only middle ground / Review of the ancient philosophical systems / A Syriac manuscript on Simon Magus / Glossary of terms used in this book Volume First: THE "INFALLIBILITY" OF MODERN SCIENCE. CHAPTER 1: OLD THINGS WITH NEW NAMES (pages 1 - 38) CHAPTER 2: PHENOMENA AND FORCES (pages 39 - 73) CHAPTER 3: BLIND LEADERS OF THE BLIND (pages 74 - 99) CHAPTER 4: THEORIES RESPECTING PSYCHIC PHENOMENA (pages 100 - 125) CHAPTER 5: THE ETHER, OR "ASTRAL LIGHT" (pages 126 - 162) Mrs.

Secret Doctrine Commentary - Appendix on Dreams Secret Doctrine Commentary (Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge) by H. P. Blavatsky APPENDIX on DREAMS. Meetings held at 17, Lansdowne Road, London, W., on December 20th and 27th, 1888; Mr. [The following is the Summary of the teachings during several meetings which preceded the Transactions of the "Blavatsky Lodge of the T. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. But if we admit the existence of a higher or permanent Ego in us — which Ego must not be confused with what we call the "Higher Self," we can comprehend that what we often regard as dreams, generally accepted as idle fancies, are, in truth, stray pages torn out from the life and experiences of the inner man, and the dim recollection of which at the moment of awakening becomes more or less distorted by our physical memory. We might well compare the real Ego to a prisoner, and the physical personality to the gaoler of his prison. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q.

Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 1, “Manus” The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky — Vol. 2 Theosophical University Press Online Edition Vol. 2, Page 307 THE SEVEN AND FOURTEEN MANUS. The Primeval Manus of Humanity. Those who are aware that the “great Flood,” which was connected with the sinking of an entire continent — save what became a few islands — could not have happened so far back as 18,000,000 years ago; and that Vaivasvata Manu is the Indian Noah connected with the Matsya (or the fish) Avatar of Vishnu — may feel perplexed at this discrepancy between facts stated and the chronology previously given. For the benefit of those, however, who may not have “The Theosophist” of that month and year to hand, a passage or two may now be quoted from it: “Who was Manu, the son of Swayambhuva? Footnote(s) ——————————————— * Pralaya — a word already explained — is not a term that applies only to every “Night of Brahma,” or the world’s dissolution following every Manvantara, equal to 71 Maha-yugas. Vol. 2, Page 308 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Types of Satanism - LaVeyan Satanism, Theistic Satanism and Luciferianism Luciferians Many see Luciferianism as another branch of Satanism (and generally a theistic branch, although there are some who see Lucifer as symbolic rather than an actual being). However, Luciferians see themselves as a separate religion. Luciferians use the term "Lucifer" in its literal sense: "lightbringer" in Latin. He does not, however, present his gifts to everyone. Luciferians also stress the balance of light and dark and that each depends upon the other. The Key to Theosophy by H. P. Blavatsky Theosophical University Press Online Edition Being a Clear Exposition, in the Form of Question and Answer, of the ETHICS, SCIENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY for the Study of which The Theosophical Society has been Founded. Originally published 1889. Theosophical University Press electronic version ISBN 1-55700-046-8 (print version also available). For ease of searching, no diacritical marks appear in this electronic version of the text. Dedicated by "H. The Meaning of the Name The Policy of the Theosophical Society The Wisdom-Religion Esoteric in all Ages Theosophy is not Buddhism What the Modern Theosophical Society is not Theosophists and Members of the "T. The Objects of the Society The Common Origin of Man Our other Objects On the Sacredness of the Pledge On Self-Improvement The Abstract and the Concrete On God and Prayer Is it Necessary to Pray? The Physical and the Spiritual Man Our Eternal Reward and Punishment; and on Nirvana On the Various "Principles" in Man Duty The Relations of the T.

Urantia Book | Urantia Foundation | Custodian and Publisher of The Urantia Book since 1955 Blavatsky, vol 2, pt 1, stanza 2 The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky — Vol. 2 Theosophical University Press Online Edition Vol. 2, Page 52 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. § (5) After enormous periods the Earth creates monsters. (6) The “Creators” are displeased. (7) They dry the Earth. (8) The forms are destroyed by them. (9) The first great tides. (10) The beginning of incrustation. 5. (a) This relates to an inclination of the axis — of which there were several — to a consequent deluge and chaos on Earth (having, however, no reference to primeval chaos), in which monsters, half-human, half-animal, were generated. Footnote(s) ——————————————— * 300 million years, or Three Occult Ages. Vol. 2, Page 53 THE MONSTERS OF CHAOS. It is not even allegory. There is no “dark creation,” no “Evil Dragon” conquered by a Sun-God, in the earliest World-Cosmogonies. * These two must not be confused with the seven creations or divisions in each Kalpa (See Book I. Vol. 2, Page 54 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. * Whence the identity of the ideas? 6. 7.

OZ: Liber LXXVII "the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world." —AL. II. 21 "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." —AL. "thou hast no right but to do thy will. "Every man and every woman is a star." There is no god but man. 1. to live in the way that he wills to do: to work as he will: to play as he will: to rest as he will: to die when and how he will. 2. to drink what he will: to dwell where he will: to move as he will on the face of the earth. 3. to speak what he will: to write what he will: to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will: to dress as he will. 4. "take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where, and with whom ye will." 5. "the slaves shall serve." "Love is the law, love under will."

The Mystery Schools by Grace F. Knoche Theosophical University Press Online Edition by Grace F. Knoche A Sunrise Library Book Second & Revised Edition copyright © 1999 by Theosophical University Press (print and PDF eBook versions also available). Contents Foreword Part 1 1. Part 2 7. Sources Grand Relief of Eleusis: Demeter, Triptolemos, and Persephone, 5th century BCE TUP Online Menu Theosophical University Press, publishing and distributing quality theosophical literature since 1886: PO Box C, Pasadena, CA 91109-7107 USA; email:; voice: (626) 798-3378. Seek this wisdom by doing service, by strong search, by questions, and by humility; the wise who see the truth will communicate it unto thee, and knowing which thou shalt never again fall into error. . . . Foreword A Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature. That which can be discovered by the sincere student may be likened to our knowledge of the atom. Sources