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Bake It in a Cake

Bake It in a Cake
Happy New Year, friends! While I will definitely keep updating Bake It in a Cake with more cupcake recipes this year (hooray!), I have also started my own personal blog with more non-cake recipes and words about music and life and whatever else my brain’s obsessing over at the moment (hooray again, I think!). So if you want to get to know a little more about me, check out And if you’re a food fanatic who wants to skip straight to the good stuff, here’s one of the first posts, a recipe for homemade fluffernutters! They’re SO GOOD.

Molten Lava Cakes I love these little babies. Surprisingly, this has been the first time I’ve ever made them myself. While preparing these Chocolate Lava Cakes I learned that they are super-fun to make. They are also surprising. Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles I love chocolate truffles for two reasons: You have an excuse to grab the best chocolate in your pantry.Truffles freeze really well. This gives you a chance to make lots of them and simply freeze them. Just pull them out whenever you feel the sudden compulsive need to satiate your chocolate craving. 10 Japanese foods you can make at home worldwide Even though Japanese cuisine has more or less infiltrated most of the major cities worldwide, domestic foodstuffs and condiments still remain mostly inaccessible and rare in most countries. Japanese blogger Madame Riri shares a list of 10 Japanese foods that can be made at home, no matter where that may be. We’d like to call it the lifesaver list for Japanese abroad, or the inspiration list for non-Japanese who would love an authentic taste of Japan in their own kitchen. 1.

How To Make Perfect Brownies I’ve tried lots of brownie recipes: Boxes, scratch, frosted, plain, nuts, chips, fudge … Each of them has something to like, but depending on my mood I might want a change of pace. Not any more. My wife found this recipe, and it’s perfect. I’m done looking. This is the brownie recipe that I’ll use from now on. Ingredients

Caramel Apple Cupcakes September is finally here and all I can think about are all of the apple recipes I want to dig into. I’ve already lit my fall candles to get in the mood since we kind of have to fake the seasons over here in Florida. These caramel apple cupcakes smelled divine baking in the oven! Thin mints Thin Mints I really don’t think you can top a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie straight from the freezer. Unless you make your own, of course! Irish Soda Bread Hey y’all! So I’m a little bit Irish–enough to have freckles but not enough to feel like I’m allowed to wear “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee-shirts and drink myself into a stupor on the 17th of March. Plus, I’m not really the drink-myself-into-oblivion type of person as it is. I am, however, the cook-according-to-the-occasion type of person, so you get to experience Irish weekend…after St. Patrick’s day.

Lovin' From the Oven: Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies I procrastinate from my homework the best when I’m baking. Seriously. Instead of writing a 1000 word paper, I browse through my bookmarks on my computer and decide what I want to bake. Monster Brownies If you know me, you know I’m crafty. I even have a separate blog just for my crafts. Halloween does something to me creatively each year.

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