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Free Websites Performance, Availability, Traffic Monitoring

Free Websites Performance, Availability, Traffic Monitoring
Here's what our monitoring tools can do for IT Consultants, ISPs, ISVs, Web Developers and Web Designers Imagine how much you could grow your business if you weren't chained to your desk. Monitor.Us makes this possible. Because Monitor.Us is Cloud-based it not only lets you keep an eagle eye on everything, from anywhere; it also takes complex set-ups, installs, updates, reinstalls and server monitoring... and drops them from a very large height. So you can spend your time growing your business rather than simply managing it. And, here's what our monitoring tools can do for Sys Admins, DevOps, and IT Managers Monitor.Us system and all-in-one dashboard gives you such unrivalled insight that you can get a sense that something's wrong before it even happens. Oh, and because we're Cloud-based, you can be doing your super-sensing 24/7/365 and you can be doing it from anywhere - home, office or at 3,000 feet!

10 Web Apps To Build The Next Big Thing Without Writing Any Code Ever wished that someone would overlay some data that fascinates you on a Google Map? Ever have an idea for a new desktop widget to take the computing world by storm? Well, no matter what your skill level is, there are tools out there in the world that will help you realize your dreams just by dragging-and-dropping what you need and in the order you want it. Take a look through these ten solutions — which range from common, everyday type of Google Maps mashups to heavy-hitting, enterprise-level applications — and be amazed at how very little work can bring big results. DevHub: A point-and-click solution for developing a site, with monetization in place from the day you open it up. Iceberg: Iceberg is a business development application tool that operates completely within a visual editor, allowing anyone to build and launch an application for their employees. JackBe: JackBe is a mashup builder with a enterprise slant to it.

Website Monitoring Services - Web Server Monitoring by Research | Projects | Page Detailer Page Detailer provides instrumentation and visualization of the performance of web page downloads, showing decomposition of the web page into its component parts (e.g., HTML, GIFs, Applets) and the activities involved in retrieving them. By understanding the retrieval schedule for Web page components, page designers can dramatically improve performance by reorganizing content. By decomposing response time, site architects can understand how to tune their servers and/or configure their applications to provide optimum performance. Page Detailer relies heavily on IBM Research's patented Web Detailer (aka ETE: End-to-End performance monitoring, US#06108700) technology developed in Hawthorne to provide instrumentation of browsers and other HTTP-based applications and to correlate discrete events into a hierarchy of timelines. Page Detailer has been used extensively in customer engagements and is currently available for purchase as part of the WebSphereTM Studio v3.5.

Website monitoring by WatchMouse CA Nimsoft Monitor is an IT monitoring platform that provides scalable, easy-to-use and resilient monitoring capabilities. CA Nimsoft Monitor can help enable your organization to proactively monitor on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures—all within a single code base. CA Nimsoft Monitor offers the speed and ease-of-use associated with point solutions, featuring a streamlined architecture with a lightweight footprint. At the same time, this solution delivers enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy. CA Nimsoft Monitor is built on a unified architecture that enables organizations to monitor servers, networks, applications, databases, storage, private and public clouds as well as end user response time. CA Nimsoft Equips Skygone with service level reporting CA Nimsoft Monitor in 1 Minute

Seesmic Widgets Plaster your content — songs, videos, schedules — around the web with ReverbNation's flexible music player widgets. Share your music easily and effortlessly. Just embed a music widget to the page and your fans have all the info they need. Music Widgets that are FREE, Customizable, and Flexible - Resize to fit on any blog, website, or social network - Customize colors, content, and branding Embed a Free Music Player Your widgets integrate directly into your ReverbNation control room for easy modification when you're on the road. Music Widgets that are Easy to Share Your fans, friends, and family can share your songs, videos, and schedule in just one click. Custom Widgets for Just $4.95 For less than a cup of coffee, you can remove the "Powered by ReverbNation" from your widgets. If you're interested in widgets, check out:

free web site uptime monitor service - server and network failure alerts YSlow for Firefox Pricing Pricing for Circonus SaaS With the Circonus SaaS Monitoring solution, your total cost of ownership will be greatly reduced – no hardware costs, no storage costs, no implementation costs, no upgrade or maintenance costs. And no long-term commitments. Just a highly-scalable, high-utility, easy- to-use system that gives you unprecedented visibility into the health of your systems and your business. Below is our per host3 pricing model, and we can also arrange a pricing plan on a per metric4 basis. Copper hosts per package2 +/host/month$25UsersUnlimited Bronze hosts per package5 +/host/month$23UsersUnlimited Silver hosts per package10 +/host/month$21UsersUnlimited Gold hosts per package20 + /host/month$18UsersUnlimited Platinum hosts per package50 + /host/month$15UsersUnlimited More than 50 hosts, or want to talk about a custom plan? Included In All Packages: Notes and references Professional Services The following optional Professional Services are available: Support Levels

MARQUE BLANCHE : guide des meilleures marques blanches internet actuelles LES MARQUES BLANCHES Comment bien choisir son affiliation en marque blanche *************************************** La révolution des marques blanches ? Idéal pour développer simultanément du contenu gratuit, accroître le trafic de votre site tout en générant des revenus supplémentaires *************************************** Découvrez vous aussi, comment vous pouvez les utiliser pour votre propre compte. Qu'est-ce qu'une Marque Blanche (M.B.) ? Par définition, la Marque Blanche est la technique marketing utilisée (par un site web, le vôtre en l'occurence) pour proposer un service dont le fonctionnement est intégralement pris en charge par un tiers (le site proposant la marque blanche). Nul doute que la technologie internet se prête tout naturellement bien au système de la marque blanche et permet une relation "gagnant-gagnant" entre le webmaster affilié et le site délivrant l'affiliation en M.B. haut » Un exemple concret ? Nom de domaine dédié à une M.B. ? Au final ?

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