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Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking

Tanzania Maasai Women Art | Glass Potato Chips Let's be honest: Potato chips are boring. Every time I wander the chip aisle of the grocery store, there is some supposedly new twist on the potato chip. Classic. Why couldn't the potato chip be beautiful? Behold: The Edible Glass Potato Chip This chip is stunning. This is molecular gastronomy brought home. The original recipe was created Hamid Salimian, the chef at Diva at the Met. Enjoy! State of the Planet (Click on thumbnail to view graph) Source: CO2: UNEP Vital Climate Change Graphics, February, 2005; HEAT: Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research; POVERTY: World Bank Source: Greenpeace Source: The New Atlas of Planet Management Source: “Changes in Tropical Cyclone Number, Duration, and Intensity in a Warming Environment,” Science, September 16th, 2005 Source: “Extinction Risk from Climate Change,” Nature, January 8th, 2004 Source: Seed Research Source: World Health Organization, UNEP Source: EPA Source: NASA Source: US Census 2000 Source: Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change

HeroRat FitScales Turns Old Wii Balance Boards into Internet-Connected Scales Open Source Ecology TU Delft - Plakkies PlakkiesThe soles of the Plakkies are made from used car tyres. In South Africa, car tyres are dumped en masse and illegally incinerated, causing a devastating impact on the environment. Thanks to Plakkies, they can now be recycled. Slipper factory The aim of the factory is to offer permanent employment in one of the most socially and economically neglected parts of South Africa. The factory now employs 70 untrained slum residents, many of whom are infected with HIV. Active supportThe students have received active support from the TU Delft Executive Board. Plakkies are available in purple night, cool grey and hot pink for women and denim blue and brown sun for men.

The Re~Cycle Trailer | Re~Cycle This site is run by Re~Cycle, a charity shipping unwanted bikes to Africa. If you find the following information useful, please help by making a small contribution. We set out to design a robust, low cost, simple trailer made from globally available materials and unwanted bicycle parts. Any moderately technically minded person can construct this trailer. Ideally it should be welded together using a simple arc welder, or it can be assembled using nuts and bolts if no welder is available. It has been designed to carry heavy loads (up to 100kg) and has been refined to interfere as little as possible with the safe and comfortable handling of the bicycle. If you would like to build your own trailer, please download our step-by-step guide. Download In Colour Download In Black & White (Photocopy Version) Comments and improvements I like your trailer design and i have two suggestions: Christi Lynne - Acme Bicycle Company I live on a boat and have no road access to my home, only a narrow pathway.