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Arte a scuola — Creativity in the classroom and in life

Arte a scuola — Creativity in the classroom and in life
Arte a Scuola Creativity in the classroom and in life Silhouette in color gradations An interesting exercise on gradations has been made in classes of grade 8° by combining a background and a silhouette painted with gradations in complementary colors. First the … [...] Drawing >

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marbleizing Begin with some shaving cream in a tray or directly on your tables These liquid watercolors are one of my most favorite thing in the art room! Choose your color scheme and drip onto shaving cream. TANGRAM I’ve learned many things in my work. It often turns out that I was the only one who didn’t know about them One of them is the tangram. Тhe tangram is an ancient Chinese game, a kind of puzzle. It consists of 7 pieces, called tans, which are stored as a square. Chinese Landscape Scroll Paintings for 3rd Grade Art is Basic This 3rd grade lesson was related to the Chinese scroll paintings. I have taught this lovely project for several years and I know I saw a version of it online when I first started teaching it. I did some internet digging and this awesome scroll project from Oodles of Art looks like it might have been where I saw it.

3D Paper Monsters »Inspiracija Laboratoriji This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine. AstroBrights paper comes in 23 different colors, so you can be sure to find just the right bright color for your project. Recently, we made monsters using AstroBrights paper. Here’s how you can make your own 3D paper monsters. 3D Paper Monsters Clay Curriculum The following are the Power Standards that I follow during the month of January. In January, all elementary teachers in our district are working with clay at the same time. We do not spread it out through the year. We do all grade levels in one month. Do you now understand my Clayfobia? Oriental fans with paper plates With students of Year 6 we painted some fans in Oriental style, with colorful watercolors on the background and silhouettes of bamboo plants and branches with cherry blossoms painted in black ink. For the fans we merely used half of a paper plate! Like this: Like Loading...

DIY Mosaics Have a look at these fantastic motley mosaics made by the kids from Fantasy school. The themes of their works are MEANS OF TRANSPORT and FRUITS. To make them you need: a piece of polystyrene (insulation material)acrylic paints Paint a piece of polystyrene and cut it into small square pieces with the help of a cutter. 10 Asian Art Lesson Plans for Elementary or Junior High Art teachers today are looking for more and more ways to integrate the study of other cultures into their Art curriculum. By teaching multicultural lessons in Art class, students are able to gain a better understanding of the world around them, and learn outside the 'easy', typical study of the Western world. The following are ideas for lesson plans that teach students about Asian Art - China, Japan, Korea and India - that can be adapted to both elementary and junior high grades: Asian Art Lesson Plan #1: Chinese Dragon Sculpture After viewing examples and learning about the history and symbolism of the Chinese dragon, students will brainstorm and design an imaginary creature of their own. Students will then create a papier-mache sculpture of this mythical creature.

Mozaik ukrase s CD + video tutorial I've been itching to make holiday crafts all year and I'm so excited to share my first one. For this week's DIY project, I'm making some sparkly ornaments made out of something that I'm sure we all have tons of at home: CDs. Check out the video tutorial below! When you cut them into small pieces, they're a great alternative to mosaic tiles with an added touch of shine. Add some handmade flavor to your own tree or make them as holiday gifts! Now, let's get started...

Cupcakes! What easy! These directions break down making these cupcakes into easy to understand steps. After seeing these cute ceramic cupcakes on several blogging posts, I decided to try them myself. The project took 2, 40 minute classes.The results were fantastic! Collage Matisse’s style Arte a Scuola Creativity in the classroom and in life You are here: Home / Paper&Cardboard / collage / Collage Matisse’s style Collage Matisse’s style January 18, 2012 by Miriam 3 Comments Flashback: Woven Map Basket Maps can be amazing design elements, with all their intricately drawn lines and minute details. But what do you do with a regular paper map that is starting to fall apart from use? In CRAFT Volume 05, crafter Jane Patrick suggested we weave maps into baskets, a fun and interesting way to reuse castoffs and weave a little memory into a functional item.

Koi Fish I did koi fish a few years ago, and this year I revisited the lesson but with a new technique.Here is my last Koi project Japanese associate koi (also known as carp) with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. The Koi fish is also very strong physically, and can jump with its entire body out of the water.

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