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21 Common Core-Aligned Math Apps for High School Students From edshelf

21 Common Core-Aligned Math Apps for High School Students From edshelf
by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education If your high school has adopted Common Core Standards and provides students with iPads (either 1:1 or via an iPad cart), you will need to find apps that map to these standards. And if you teach math, you are in luck. Math and engineering teacher Chris Beyerle from South Carolina curates this collection of math apps. These map to the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. That’s CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1 to CCSS.Math.Practice.MP8. Which math apps do you use? 21 Common Core-Aligned Math Apps for High School Students From edshelf Related:  Mathematics

Divisible by 3 [Andrew Stadel] 5000 free math, physics, and engineering video tutorials and lectures | Mathematics and Multimedia Here are the collections of sites with math, physics, engineering, and other sciences video tutorials. Some sites also contains non-science videos as well. If you find a site with more than 50 videos, please inform me so I could include it on the list. Khan Academy – more than 2100 2600 not only for math but also includes other subjects such as economics, chemistry, physics and other fields. Geometer's Sketchpad FREE Apps for your Mobile Devices from Illuminations (App Store) (Google Play) Help Okta reach the target by choosing a path from the top of the maze to the bottom. Seven levels with seven puzzles will test your skills with powers of ten, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, and more. How many starfish can you earn? An instructional guide — with details about the math concepts in the app, tips for using Pick-a-Path in the classroom, additional instructional activities, and other useful information — in addition to lessons and other supplemental resources for teaching with Pick-a-Path on the Illuminations website. Illuminations now has a web-version of Pick-a-Path, too!

dy/dan Math Play Free Technology for Teachers Blog The Himalaya climbing season is just beginning. This is a good time for lessons about Mount Everest and the Himalaya in general. Concepts in math, science, geography, and geology can be covered while teaching about Mount Everest. Here are some good resources for lessons about Mount Everest., hosts dozens of other interactive panoramas from around the world. This Google Earth tour of Mount Everest's South Col route offers good views of the steps and camps along the way to the summit of Mount Everest. Last year I read Mount Everest, The Reconnaissance 1921 which I downloaded for free from Google Books. Snow in the Kingdom: My Storm Years on Everest by Ed Webster is one of the best books ever written about Mount Everest. Google Maps Special Collections includes Street View imagery for Mount Everest, Mount Aconcagua, Mount Elbrus, and Mount Kilimanjaro. All of the resources above give a very western perspective to Mount Everest.

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