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Mushroom Materials

Mushroom Materials

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3 things from the Sustainability Report 2014 that we need to talk about As the corporate social and environmental responsibilities increase, sustainability does matter for businesses in terms of corporate management. To communicate its efforts for sustainable management and the performance with people, Samsung Electronics has been publishing the Sustainability Report since 2008. ▲Three constituent parts of Sustainable Development (Source: Wikipedia) Samsung Electronics has been committed to its sustainable growth in a wide aspects including Human Resources, Shared Growth, Green Management, and Global Social Contribution. Today, we’re going to review some of important and interesting facts from the Sustainability Report 2014, which is, however, not much known yet. Making a Family-Friendly and Creative Workplace

Samsung is urgently looking into the recent child labor allegations and will adhere to its zero-tolerance policy At Samsung Electronics, we deeply care about the health and safety of all our employees and employees at our suppliers, and strictly maintain a zero tolerance policy on child labor. As part of our pledge against child labor, Samsung routinely conducts inspections to monitor our suppliers to ensure they follow our commitment. For the supplier in question, we have conducted a thorough audit in March 2013 which was followed by a third party inspection in August 2013, and yet another one in June 2014.

Reputation Quotient Our Annual Reputation Quotient Study The 2015 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ®) measures the reputations of the most visible companies in the U.S. as perceived by the general public and opinion elites. The annual RQ has been running for over 15 years and has proven to be an important baseline for managing the reputation of your company and critical for identifying new market risks and opportunities. This year, the annual RQ survey evaluated the reputations of the 100 most visible companies in the US, as well as other companies representing major industry sectors. Over 4,000 respondents are asked to name two companies that stand out as having the best and the worst reputations overall.

Top 50 socially responsible companies 2013 For the fifth year in a row, Maclean’s has partnered with Sustainalytics, a global leader in sustainability analysis, to select 50 leaders in corporate social responsibility–companies who know that doing good is just good business. Canada’s Top 50 Socially Responsible Companies were selected on the basis of their performance across a broad range of environmental, social, and governance indicators and rank at the top of their industry groups. Banks continue to face scrutiny for their lending and investment activities, including those related to environmentally sensitive projects. Some banks have effectively used their market power to back high-impact sustainable projects such as renewable energy. Credit unions and co-operatives are increasingly influential not only due to their prudent lending practices but also their development of local communities.

3D Printing With Fungus – Artist Creates Chairs and Other Objects Out of Mushrooms As we have mentioned before, one of the few downsides to 3D printing is the plastic waste created by all the prints. We have seen many bioplastics come to market, as well as methods of recycling plastic bottles and old 3D prints, in order to turn them into reusable 3D printer filament. All this is great, but there is no doubt that plastics continue to pile up and damage the environment, as more and more of it is produced.

More from Sustainalytics 2013 marks the United Nations’ International Year of Water Cooperation with the objective of raising awareness on collaborative water management strategies and initiatives. Water is a vital resource in Canada; it is linked to the health of the nation, its environment and its economy. Environment Canada estimates that water resources contribute between $7.5 billion and $23 billion to the Canadian economy annually. In a 2012 RBC Water Attitudes poll 40 per cent of respondents agreed that it is Canada’s most valuable natural resource. Canada’s surface water resources are estimated to account for seven per cent of the world’s renewable water supply and 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater supply. However, according to the Conference Board of Canada, we rank 15th out of 16 countries assessed for water withdrawals—with industry as the largest water-user.

It’s Easy Being Green: Bioplastic-tastic SOURCE: AP/Michael C. York Potatoes are a natural candidate for bioplastics because of their high starch content. This palm oil company just bulldozed a rainforest In the last two years, a series of companies have made bold commitments to halt deforestation in their supply chains (see this story for the context). But producing products like palm oil without clearing ecologically important rainforest isn’t easy: It’s much easier to get rich quick by exploiting natural resources. Though most companies have agreed to rein in their operations, forests are still being razed. Here, courtesy of a video from activist group Forest Heroes, you can see the results when that happens: According to Forest Heroes, the company responsible for this act of deforestation is Astra Agro Lestari.

20% regret changing genders, over 40% attempt suicide, and even after surgery a large number remain traumatized - Sex Change Info Hoping to have success with sex change surgery is like Russian roulette. You could be the lucky one, but reports show the risks are high and death is a strong possibility. For 35 years serious questions have been raised about the overall long term success of changing genders.

Germany turns military bases into rare-bird nature reserves Germany agreed Thursday to turn more than 60 former military bases into nature preserves, with the aim of creating vast new green oases and sanctuaries for rare species of birds. Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said an ongoing overhaul of the German armed forces had made it possible to set aside more than 31,000 hectares (76,600 acres) of forests, marshes, meadows and moors. She said the government had opted against selling the land, in some cases, prime pieces of real estate, to investors in favour of creating natural refuges. "We are seizing a historic opportunity with this conversion -- many areas that were once no-go zones are no longer needed for military purposes," she said. "We are fortunate that we can now give these places back to nature."

Rainforest Trust Community Development : Fundraising A Global Alliance Saving Rainforests Charts Myths and Facts about Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse Sexual assault and child sexual abuse are highly misunderstood crimes. Understanding the common misconceptions that are prevalent in our society along with the facts helps you better understand sexual assault and educate others: MYTH: Most victims of sexual assault can prevent the assault from taking place by resisting. FACT: Assailants commonly overpower victims through threats and intimidation tactics. Moreover, many victims lack the capacity to appreciate or understand they are being assaulted. MYTH: Most Sexual Assaults are done by strangers FACT: Statistics clearly show the vast majority of sexual assaults are committed by someone close to the victim MYTH: Victims can easily "get over" the effects of sexual assault or child sexual abuseFACT: The effects of sexual assault are far reaching and can severely impact an individual's emotional stability, employment, and ability to form and maintain adult relationships.