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100 sites pour consommer sans posséder

100 sites pour consommer sans posséder,39894

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1001pallets “For this bookshelf, i was lucky to find highly conserved beech pallets. I then took the pallets apart, plane and bevel (45°) and then drill with a drilling template. The initial metal structure was covered with plasterboard, and i then screwed the pallet boards. I first painted the plasterboard in black for the style. 15 DIY crafts to make right now It's cold, it's raining and quite frankly, it's utterly miserable outside at the moment. So stay in! But then it hits you. It's not that great inside either. You're young, so you haven't got all of that furniture and all of the little decorative trinkets that accumulate over time, and if you have, you haven't got nearly enough. So we say, make them!

These two young artists quit their jobs to build this glass house for $500 Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz. Click here or on a photo to go to a slideshow: Building the home was “scary and hard,” Horwitz said. How To Find Inspiration In The Age Of Information Overload ⚙ Co I recently came across a quote from spoken word poet Phil Kaye’s Repetition. In it, he says: My mother taught me this trick, If you repeat something over and over again, it loses it’s meaning...Our existence, she said, is the same way. You watch the sunset too often, and it just becomes 6pm. You make the same mistake over and over, you’ll stop calling it a mistake.

Want To Forage In Your City? There's A Map For That : The Salt hide captionFalling Fruit tells you where you can pick peaches and other foods free for the taking around the world. Falling Fruit tells you where you can pick peaches and other foods free for the taking around the world. If you really love your peaches and want to shake a tree, there's a map to help you find one.

DIY Modern PVC Wreath YouExif Log in User name / Email Address : Password : Keep me logged in Can't access your account? Facebook Connect 45 Ideas of How To Recycle Plastic Bottles Are you a fan of sustainable design? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We present you today 45 ideas of how to recycle plastic bottles and obtain decorative objects. For example, Michelle Brand designed an aesthetic curtain most people would perceive to be waste or rubbish. The fabric is composed of plastic drinks bottle bases, which have been cut, sanded and then tagged together.

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