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La continence amoureuse, le sens de l'amour-une vidéo de

La continence amoureuse, le sens de l'amour-une vidéo de
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Militantisme pour les animaux: Comment convaincre le public? Vivrez-vous assez vieux pour savourer les fruits de votre travail ? Vous trouverez réponse à toutes vos questions. Apprenez à connaître l’élément vital qui peut vous apporter une santé rayonnante, ou vous en dépouiller ! Si vous vous intéressez aux maladies suivantes : Arthrite Artériosclérose Calculs rénaux Cataracte Glaucome Surdité Diabète Obésité Emphysème … … ce livre est pour vous. A toutes les nations, un message vital d’avant-garde de notre amitié. Ce livre est dédié à tous les hommes et femmes qui désirent augmenter leurs chances actuelles de vie. En découvrant ce qui est parfait pour l’homme, vous pouvez contribuer à apporter une transformation miraculeuse en vous. Si vous vous intéressez aux maladies suivantes : Arthrite Artériosclérose Calculs rénaux Cataracte Glaucome Surdité Diabète Obésité Emphysème … … ce livre est pour vous. C’est la soif insatiable de connaissance et la volonté déterminée du Dr. Dans ``Hunza Land``, le livre écrit par le Dr. Nous avons trouvé notre homme en la personne du Dr.

The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm | In order to further public awareness and knowledge regarding this controversy, we are posting a verbatim copy of the 1950 article. It is exactly as it appeared in the International Journal of Sexology except that we have bolded and italicized portions that are relevant to the debate. A rather high percentage of women do not reach the climax in sexual intercourse. The frigidity figures of different authors vary from 10-80 per cent and come closer to the statistics of older sexologists. Adler (Berlin) came to the conclusion that 80 per cent of women did not reach the sexual climax. Many of these statistics cannot be compared, since the various authors use different criteria. Lack of orgasm and frigidity are not identical. Although female erotism has been discussed for many centuries or even thousands of years, the problems of female satisfaction are not yet solved. The criteria for sexual satisfaction have first to be fixed before we make comparisons. References:

Zeitgeist (VO) Female Ejaculation - China's Three Waters China has a 2,500 year old scientific and philosophical tradition called Taoism. The Taoist belief system generally focuses on the relationship between humanity and the cosmos with the objective of creating harmony with the universe. Contained within Taoist beliefs is a sophisticated set of instructions on how to bring harmony to sex and sexual relationships. Taoist sexology treats sex as a vital component of any successful relationship within moderate boundaries. Taoist sexology celebrated all facets of a women's sexuality including female ejaculation. Taoist texts explain that the first water is created when a woman's first gate is stimulated. Stimulation of the second gate is done through the g-spot on the upper wall of the vagina, which releases her second water. The third water is connected to the stimulation of the woman's third gate which is the area in front of her cervix. When the man brings his woman to orgasm, he activates her energy and attunes himself with it.

Fréquences-Reconnectives® - La Reconnexion® THE G SPOT AND FEMALE EJACULATION | Complete Confidence To Feel Supreme Sexual Ecstasy The question of the sexual phenomenon known as female ejaculation and whether there exists a female erogenous zone popularly known as the “G-Spot” have been major areas of continued controversy and debate among sex researchers, gynecologists and sex educators. Perhaps no two sexual issues, including the question of clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms, have created so much public interest. These subjects are continuing to attract the attention of the public, particularly of women, as well as the so-called experts in human sexuality, because they are biological issues that have significant social ramifications. Since the 1920′s the conventional medical establishment has dismissed “female ejaculation” as actually being a condition known as urinary stress incontinence. The Nature of Female Orgasm All of this highlights how subjective and personal a woman’s experience of orgasm can be. Historical References To Female Ejaculation In 1953, Dr.

FranceDocumentaire01 La Lune est le seul satellite naturel de la Terre. C'est le deuxième objet le plus brillant dans le ciel après le Soleil. La Lune effectue une rotation autour de la Terre en 29.5 jours (Période synodique). Missions Apollo Le programme Apollo est le programme spatial de la NASA mené entre 1961 et 1975 qui a permis aux États-Unis d'envoyer pour la première fois des hommes sur la Lune. Structure interne de la Lune Le noyau de la Lune est petit, avec un rayon de 350 km. Origine du nom et étymologie La Lune doit son nom à la déesse romaine de la Lune, Luna, est de peu d'importance, rapidement assimilée à Diane. L'univers et ses mystères - La lune - Documentaire 2013 - HD 1080p Show less

Healing the Wounded Dragon Accessing the purity of primal power. I'd say we're all pretty conscious of the need for healing of the divine feminine. It's an energy that has been subjugated and mis-treated within society for eons. A furnace in the danten In my earlier years, I've had no shortage of primal power. It is totally fearless. Why then have we suppressed him so much? The abuse of power When I speak of 'the dragon', what I'm speaking of is an ancient primal power that is intrinsic in every one of us yet stimulated only to various degrees of awakeness. It's been a much misused and abused energy throughout mankind's history - indeed even before that. We still retain that energy in the field all around us. Positively propelling us into the higher paradigm No wonder awakening people have wanted to 'dissolve' this very primal aspect of our beingness. But why would we want to wake the dragon up? Because it has amazing powers that can be of great benevolence. So how can we heal the Dragon? Chris