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Best Free Software 65 best free software Best free software: Let’s face it, there’s nothing cheap about being a PC lover. Putting together a badass rig and keeping it up to date takes cabbage, even when we do our best to make value-driven purchases. Luckily, we can offset our hardware indulgences by saving big on software. So many of our daily computing activities—be it work or entertainment—can be accomplished with a totally free program. And we’re not talking about second-rate, poor-man’s versions of paid-for programs, but perfectly capable, top-notch solutions that stand on their own while costing nothing. System Information Keep close tabs on your PC CPU/GPU Deets CPU-Z and GPU-Z: If you get trapped on Benchmark Island with just one 4GB USB key of utilities, we hope that CPU-Z and GPU-Z are on it! System Temps HWMonitor: From the same folks who bring you the indispensable CPU-Z comes HWMonitor. Data De-hoarding Turbo Indicator System Inventory Disk Info File Management File Archiver Torrent Downloader

Free Download All Net Tools Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before | Wired Opinion The plan for the GNU operating system was publicly announced on September 27, 1983. photo: Rain Rabbit / Flickr It is now 30 years since I launched the campaign for freedom in computing, that is, for software to be free or “libre” (we use that word to emphasize that we’re talking about freedom, not price). Some proprietary programs, such as Photoshop, are very expensive; others, such as Flash Player, are available gratis — either way, they subject their users to someone else’s power. Much has changed since the beginning of the free software movement: Most people in advanced countries now own computers — sometimes called “phones” — and use the internet with them. Both non-free software and SaaSS can spy on the user, shackle the user, and even attack the user. Why does this control matter? If you use a program to carry out activities in your life, your freedom depends on your having control over the program. Your control over the program requires four essential freedoms.

FI spécial rentrée du 16 septembre 2011 Quasiment tous les domaines d’utilisation de l’informatique sont aujourd’hui couverts par des logiciels libres/open source. Cet article a pour objectif de vous rappeler ce qu’est un logiciel libre, quels sont ses avantages, et surtout attirer votre attention sur ceux qui peuvent vous rendre service au cours de vos études. Almost all areas of computer use are now covered by free and open source software. Qu’est-ce que le logiciel libre ? Un logiciel libre est principalement caractérisé par le fait qu’il peut être utilisé, modifié et redistribué librement [1]. Quel intérêt y a-t-il à utiliser des logiciels libres ? Le modèle communautaire et coopératif du logiciel libre correspond particulièrement bien à notre monde académique (formation, recherche, innovation/valorisation), ses fondements étant ceux-là mêmes qui ont permis le développement scientifique, c’est-à-dire la mise en commun des idées pour permettre la progression de la recherche et l’augmentation du savoir. Bureautique Graphisme | Top 100 downloads of free software for Windows XP & Windows 7 Free Software Social Dynamics Why are FreeSoftware developers not pooling their efforts? They should be collaborating! And furthermore, why are they not all working on the most important problem: Getting GNU/Linux on the desktop!? The open source community needs to push as few cars as possible in as orthogonal directions as possible. If not, all cars will be abandoned. Sometimes it feels that these calls are actually reproaches that imply hackers are either too stupid to understand the need for usability, simplicity, slick design, or that hackers are too asocial, facetious, or arrogant to care about users. Here’s what we know about the social dynamics of free software development: When moms and dads ask their kids to explain why they are spending so much time at the computer, writing programs without getting paid, the answer is complex and requires anything from two minutes to half an hour. It’s difficult to communicate. Sometimes new companies are started by hackers. Tags Discussion Spam must die.WysiWygWiki?. Yay!