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eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

Gabinete Corsair Compre Aqui | Terabyteshop Gabinete Corsair Obsidian 350D CC-9011028-WW Mid Tower Preto S/Fonte O gabinete de Micro ATX para montagens de sistema de alto desempenho O gabinete do PC Micro ATX da série Obsidian 350D foi projetado para montar sistemas compactos de alto desempenho com placas mãe Micro ATX e Mini ITX. O tamanho compacto é ideal quando há limite de espaço, mas o seu interior é grande o bastante para comportar resfriamento líquido para CPU, dois discos rígidos, dois SSDs e duas placas gráficas convencionais. Como todos os gabinetes Obsidian, o 350D foi projetado para montagens rápidas e limpas, com acesso e instalação da unidade sem o uso de ferramentas.

calculateur d'alim. (NewEgg) If you are visually impaired and are having difficulty navigating this site, please call our Customer Support line via our toll free number (800) 390-1119. - A great place to buy computers, computer parts, electronics, software, accessories, and DVDs online. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg. If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. - Computers, Computer Parts and Electronics Does it still make sense to build your own computer? | Marketplace Blog - CNET Reviews Last summer I asked readers if it still made sense to buy a desktop . After all, laptops now offer more than ample power for most users, plus that whole portability thing. And with tablets starting to take the place of laptops, a desktop seems even farther down the computing food chain. Then, a couple weeks back, I featured a nicely loaded desktop on my Cheapskate blog -- the first one in a while -- figuring most readers would respond with a yawn. Quite the opposite. This makes me ask: Does it still make sense to build your own computer? Once upon a time, this was a huge hobby. As the PC industry grew more commoditized, however, offering fewer custom-build options and more off-the-shelf configurations, shoppers took the DIY route so they could get specific components not otherwise available: big and roomy cases, powerful power supplies, state-of-the-art graphics cards, and so on. Today, I can't help wondering if it's worth the hassle. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

In-ear monitor Sensaphonics soft silicone 2XS in-ears In-ear monitors (IEMs) are devices used by musicians, audio engineers and audiophiles to listen to music or to hear a custom crafted mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing. They are often custom fitted for an individual's ears to provide comfort and a high level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings. Monitoring system[edit] One additional consideration for mixing IEMs is that while getting rid of floor wedges can improve the overall clarity of the mix for the performers and decrease the overall volume on-stage, one important piece that is often lost is crowd noise. Transmitter and receiver[edit] A case of in ear monitor receivers The most common professional stage in-ear monitor system employs the use of a wireless system to send the mix to the IEMs. The transmitters and receivers transfer audio wirelessly via a VHF or UHF radio frequency. Earpieces[edit] See also[edit] External links[edit]

Video to GIF Converter download Acima você conferiu uma descrição completa sobre o Video to GIF Converter e suas funcionalidades, saiba agora o que achamos dele É difícil pensar em um programa de criação de GIFs tão completo quanto o Video to GIF Converter. Quase tudo que você pode precisar em um software do gênero está aqui, exibido de maneira organizada e bem explicada, de um modo que vai ajudar aqueles que buscam muitas opções – mas sem atrapalhar quem só quer usar a conversão básica. A interface do Video to GIF Converter é certamente seu ponto mais forte. Essa, como dito logo acima, possui um design moderno e limpo que a torna bem organizada, uma vez que apenas os botões mais importantes ganham um bom destaque na janela. Para aqueles que querem um programa para criar GIF engraçados, porém, o Video to GIF Converter acaba não se mostrando uma das melhores opções. Em compensação, o aplicativo se mostrou bastante eficiente na hora de converter os vídeos.

MyUninstaller: Alternative uninstaller to the standard Windows Add / Remove module See Also ProduKey - Get the product key of your Windows/MS-Office installations. FileTypesMan - Alternative to 'File Types' manager of Windows. NK2Edit - Edit, merge and fix the AutoComplete files (.NK2) of Microsoft Outlook. jv16 PowerTools 2011 - a shareware collection of more than 20 registry and system clean-up utilities. Description MyUninstaller is an alternative uninstaller utility to the standard Add/Remove applet of Windows operating system. System Requirements This utility works on any version of Windows - from Windows 98 to Windows 7. Search for other utilities in NirSoft Important Notice When you uninstall a software, MyUninstaller utility is not directly responsible to the uninstall process. Versions History License This utility is released as freeware. Disclaimer The software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Using MyUninstaller

Benchmark Reviews: Performance Computer Hardware Tests Over the past several months, I have read an unreasonable number of discussion forum posts which offer inaccurate and often times incorrect information. It's not really all that surprising to read poorly conceived information on the Internet, which seems to be an anonymous means of passing off opinion for fact. As a general rule we don't let too many things go untested, and the advice of wanna-be experts is not doing the hardware enthusiast and overclocker community any good. In this article, Benchmark Reviews dispels myth and establishes fact on the topic of proper application of Thermal Interface Material. These days, Intel and AMD are producing very efficient central processing units that put out far less heat than prior generations. After discussing this topic with real industry experts who are much more informed of the process, they offered some specific advice that didn't appear to be a "one size fits all" answer:

Headroom Total Bithead - Headphone Amplifier HeadRoom Audio We've been making this little beast for the better part of decade and our HeadRoom Total BitHead portable amp/USB DAC unit just keeps right on grooving. As designers/manufacturers of the first commercially available portable USB-DAC headphone amp, we're probably a bit biased but we have yet to hear anything that sonically out-classes our unassuming Total BitHead wunderkind at this price. The various upgrades we've made to the BitHead's internal circuit board and volume control design over the years have resulted in superb mobile sound for any headphones and all audio sources. The BitHead is an ideal 'entry' multi-purpose portable headphone amp ready to improve the sound of any computer, iPad, laptop, PC, iPod or mp3 player as well as other portable devices or home audio components. Our HeadRoom BitHead has two parallel headphone jacks so both you & a friend can listen simultaneously. Batteries are NOT included. Included with Total BitHead Amp/DAC: 12" USB digital interconnect cable

10 downloads para melhorar recursos nativos do Windows O Windows tem um punhado de ótimos utilitários e embora a gente não consiga viver sem alguns deles, tem um lugarzinho especial nos nossos corações reservado para programas mais simples, que apenas aperfeiçoam o Windows em vez de acrescentar-lhe novos recursos. Aqui estão os 10 melhores apps que pegam recursos nativos do Windows e os deixam melhores. 10. MenuUninstaller A menos que você faça viagens regulares ao Remover Programas e os desinstale em lote, é bem provável que você se depare com programas indesejados quando está no menu Iniciar. Em vez de fazer o caminho via Painel de Controle até o Remover Programas só para desinstalar uma coisinha, o MenuUninstaller coloca a opção “desinstalar” no menu de contexto. 9. Se você curte manter a área de trabalho limpa (e quem não gosta?) 8. Se o painel de visualização do Windows Explorer não lhe agrada, você ainda pode ter uma rápida pré-visualização de imagens com um programa como o XnView Shell Extension. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Bônus: ShellExView

o tirar a publicidade do msn | Recebi por e-mail Realmente funciona!!!! nunca mais vocês verão aquelas propagandas toscas… Este tutorial não bloqueia apenas a publicidade do Windows Live Messenger ou MSN, mas bloqueia quase toda a publicidade da Microsoft. É muito simples: Clique no menu Iniciar, escolha Executar (Run) e coloque o seguinte caminho: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts Aparecerá uma janela para escolher o programa para executar o ficheiro “hosts”. Escolha um editor de texto (por ex. Após acrescentar as novas linhas, salve o seu documento e abra (ou reinicie) o Windows Live Messenger /MSN , a publicidade não estará mais lá.

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