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Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects

Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects

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Architectes Mathurin Hardel et Cyrille Le Bihan entament leur collaboration professionnelle en 2001. Lauréats des Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes en 2005, ils fondent la SARL Hardel et Le Bihan Architectes en février 2006. Le tandem a déjà à son actif une dizaine de réalisations essentiellement en matière de réhabilitations et de constructions neuves pour des particuliers.

Arata Isozaki Arata Isozaki (Japón, 1931) Edificios: aff architekten _ home Projects - gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Basic PrincipleThe pavilion architecture has been reduced to the presentation of the structure of the modular system with all its details; structurally simple and clear, limited to a few materials, precise in detail, characteristic in its appearance and atmos-phere. The extremely modest and simple materiality: marble, coated steel, fair-fared concrete, glass. Light creates the atmosphere in the Room of Christ; in the middle top light falls down from the column heads, vertically highlighting the slender columns. The enclosing surface, 11 mm glass panes in combination with 10 mm finely cut, crystalline marble from the Greek island Naxos, is a single-shell construction.

Bjarke Ingels Group 51n4e 51N4E and Peter Swinnen announced today that Peter Swinnen will be leaving the firm as a partner in order to fully focus on the completion of his State Architect Atelier, the development of a PhD trajectory as well as the establishment of his own architectural platform CRIT . As a founding partner Peter Swinnen has contributed in a profound manner to the work and legacy of 51N4E, which in 15 years’ time has established itself as an office voluntarily linking the impact of design intelligence and governance intelligence. Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn will continue to head 51N4E as leading senior partners.

Fermín Bereterbide Egresó de la Escuela de Arquitectura de la UBA en 1918. En 1920 ganó el Concurso para casa colectiva en Flores, organizado por la Unión popular católica. En 1925 ganó los concursos para vivienda colectiva de Los Andes, Flores y Palermo, organizados por la Municipalidad de Buenos Aires, de los que sólo se construyó el primero; en estos conjuntos incluyó servicios comunes como jardín de infantes, biblioteca, sala de espectáculos, servicio médico, comercios, baños públicos y lavaderos. En estos planteos respetó la trama urbana en damero, consolidando la manzana con pabellones que reconstruyen la línea municipal y respetan las ochavas, y dejando el interior para espacios verdes y de uso social.

AL_A : News News Profile Selected Projects Selected Furniture Archive Writing Recruitment Contact Central Embassy, Bangkok Read more... 00:/ Hello... 00:/ is a London based strategy & design practice. With a foundation in delivering award-winning architecture and commissioned research into the built environment, we are driven by an aspiration to create genuinely sustainable places founded on evidenced social, economic, and environmental principles. Junos House Juno’s House, Row house in Barcelona Our clients purchased a row house with the intention of doing a modest refurbishment: to renovate the kitchen, opening it to the living room, adding a new bathroom and give the whole a fresher look. When the works began, however, we detected that the quality of construction was extremely poor and that each level was a patchwork of humble materials. The floor slab of the main level almost collapsed on top of us- we then had to come to a halt and analyse the situation. A simple refurbishment had converted into a comprehensive intervention that affected the structure and envelope of the house.

about - kokkugia Kokkugia is an experimental architecture research collaborative exploring generative design methodologies developed from the complex self-organising behavior of biological,social and material systems. Kokkugia is led by Roland Snooks and Robert Stuart-Smith, with labs in Melbourne and London, operating through design experimentation, research and teaching. While Kokkugia's role is highly speculative - to imagine the future. The partners of Kokkugia, Roland Snooks and Robert Stuart-Smith, also direct separate architectural practices which provide architectural services: Studio Roland Snooks and RS-SDesign. The two practices operate independently from Melbourne and London respectively but continue to collaborate on strategic projects such as their recent Astana 2017 Expo scheme.

Projects Design Miami: Flotsam & Jetsam Thakoon 9 DeKalb Avenue National Veterans Resource Complex at Syracuse University 461 Dean Street 447 Collins Street

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