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The Khan Academy Finance Mindmap If you have not heard of the Khan Academy you are really missing out on something special. This is one of the most revolutionary learning websites you will ever experience. It’s a website that’s helping adults and children learn a wide range of subjects, including: Science (biology, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, cosmology and astronomy),Mathematics (arithmetic, developmental math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra)HistoryFinance (core finance, banking and money, valuation and investing, venture capital and capitalism, credit crisis, and Paulson bailout) The master teacher behind the Khan Acedemy is Salman Khan. The TED website provides a great bio on Salman Khan highlighting some very significant reasons why you should listen to him: In 2004, Salman Khan, a hedge fund analyst, began posting math tutorials on YouTube. They also highlight his extraordinary background:

FDR: The Bomb in the Brain - The Effects of Child Abuse Part 1 - Freedomain Radio high def [View: References: These images are from studies conducted by a team of researchers from the Child Trauma Academy ( led by Bruce D. The Art of Insight and Action Vídeo mostra neurônio funcionando em tempo real - Ciência Cérebro Neurônio em ação: no vídeo feito pelos pesquisadores, é possível ver o fluxo de proteínas se movendo entre axônio e dendritos (Don Arnold e Sarmad Al-Bassam/Divulgação) Usando uma proteína de medusa que é capaz de emitir brilho, um grupo de cientistas iluminou um neurônio e capturou imagens do movimento de proteínas em seu interior (assista aqui). Nas imagens é possível ver como as proteínas – que são consideradas como os "tijolos" dos neurônios – são direcionadas para essas células com o objetivo de renovar suas estruturas. "Seu cérebro está sendo desmontado e renovado todos os dias. No período de uma semana, ele vai ser constituído de proteínas completamente diferente das atuais. A técnica de iluminar proteínas no interior de células, incluindo os neurônios, já existe desde a década de 90. A solução foi construir uma pequena "represa" na via que se desejava estudar. "Já se sabe há várias décadas que as proteínas são orientadas para um compartimento ou outro.

5 Cases of Workplace Bullying That Led To Tragedy Intimidation. Threats. Berating. Teasing. Horror stories of bullied kids killing themselves to be free of the constant torment they face from peers have even pushed several states to create laws against bullying, encouraging individuals to report school bullying incidents to authorities. From the playground to the office, the struggle for power continues well into adulthood and the effects of adult bullying can be severely detrimental. Workplace bullying is defined as the In the majority of cases, bullying in the workplace is perpetrated by management but it can also occur with clients, subordinates and co-workers. Driven to Death Image source: Journal de Montreal Take for instance the recent suicide of Carl Dessureault. When he returned to work, the mocking resumed. No Help For Dedicated Nurse Image source : Daily Mail Gettins kept a diary detailing the torment she suffered at the hands of staff. Cooking Nightmares Image source: SMH A Writer’s Woes Image source: The Hook Image source: CBS

Pétillant® : Le site expert de la carte heuristique (Mind Mapping) Mind Maps for Accountants - accountantscoach So what an earth is a Mind Map? Well this is a superb of example of how valuable the art of Mind mapping actually is; words cannot adequately express the essence of a Mind Map. The best way to explain is to look at one. So how would an accountant use a Mind Map? That’s just a little taster of how valuable Mind Maps can be to accountants and I will come on to more uses shortly. We all know that we have a left and a right brain. Now I would never for one minute suggest that we accountants are more likely to fall into the former stereotype! Mind Maps give us a very simple technique to make the most of our brain’s full capabilities. And as a thinking tool, a Mind Map also mirrors the way the mind works, storing and retrieving information. And there’s more. So why does this matter? Here’s an example. So there’s the theory. Now on to the practice. Use Mind Maps for: How Mind Maps can help (just a few egs) Technical note taking Focus on core concepts Business Planning. Links

How to Read People: Detecting Lies Have you ever wished that you could tell when someone is lying to you? Whether you’re dealing with Mike the mechanic from the local repair shop, or watching one of our beloved politicians on prime time, learning how to ferret out deception is a deserving skill in a world very unlike Pleasantville. It is in this final post on How to Read People, that I go into detail about how you can detect lies. How to Read People – Series 1. Human communication is an extremely complex exchange. There seems to be some limitation built into us whether by learning or by the design of our nervous systems, a limit that keeps our channel capacities in this general range – determined by George Miller author of The Magical Number Seven. Because of our apparent limitation in conscious processing, the average Joe can only detect lies with about 50% accuracy. If you have any hesitation in ever meeting me, for fear that I’ll unveil your deepest secrets, let it be known that I haven’t yet reached this level.

Clive Thompson on the Power of Visual Thinking | Magazine Illustration: Posttypography When I went online to shop for a laptop this summer, I faced a blizzard of choices. Was an ultralight worth the price, or would a heavier model do? Did I need a big screen, or would it make the computer a pain to lug around? As I flipped from page to page reading screenfuls of specs, the options baffled me. Using one of my son’s Crayolas, I drew doodles of all the laptops and covered them with little icons depicting the pros, cons, and cost of each. In essence, I used “visual thinking”—drawing pictures to solve a problem. My crayon experiment was inspired by Dan Roam, a visual-thinking guru and author of The Back of the Napkin. But dynamic, complicated problems—like global warming and economic reform—often can’t be boiled down to simple narratives. For example, during the health care debate, President Obama couldn’t seem to communicate how the heck reform would work, no matter how many speeches he gave. Email

Mapas mentais de deficientes visuais como suporte ao design da informação urbana na Web - Geisa Golin, Ruth Nogueira, Gabriela Alexandre e Josiane Cabral ☼ textos didácticos Mapas mentais de deficientes visuais como suporte ao design da informação urbana na Web Geisa Golin, Ruth Nogueira,Gabriela Alexandre e Josiane Cabral Revista InfoDesign, 2009 Ability in Disability - fotografias de Zishaan Akbar Latif, 2009-2010 1. Há muito tempo pessoas ditas “cegas” não são mais confundidas com mendigos, ou como sendo doentes; elas fazem parte da cidade, ao menos da nossa. Não há como entender as necessidades de um grupo de minoria sem escutá-los, sem de fato reconhecer que eles são cidadãos com deveres e direitos. Acredita-se que representações gráficas táteis e sonoras poderiam ser muito úteis como meio de informação de “como sair daqui e chegar lá”. Primeiro foram investigados junto a eles quais os referenciais que utilizam para se locomoverem na cidade, e como criam mapas mentais de rotas urbanas específicas, ouvindo seus relatos e analisando seus desenhos ilustrativos. 2. Mobilidade é simples de ser explicada e difícil de ser concebida. 3. 4. 5.