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Spécialiste des caméras embarquées pour le sport, pour le modélisme et la prise de vues aériennes.

Spécialiste des caméras embarquées pour le sport, pour le modélisme et la prise de vues aériennes.
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electric imp « Search Results BLOG | Search results for “electric imp” (316 posts) February 10, 2014 AT 10:08 am Hardwired NYC Feb 17. Speakers from 3D Hubs, Makie, Quirky, Tindie, Electric Imp #makerbusiness — by adafruit Filed under: maker business — December 10, 2013 AT 1:00 am Electric imp automatic door lock #IoT — by Matt Filed under: community, internet of things — September 16, 2013 AT 2:15 pm Electric Imp Solar Powered Temperature Logger — by Tyler Cooper Filed under: solar — September 11, 2013 AT 10:21 am Connecting the MAX31855 Thermocouple Amplifier breakout to an Electric Imp #IoT #InternetofThings #electricimp Filed under: adafruit learning system, adafruit learning technologies, internet of things — August 3, 2013 AT 11:33 pm Show and Tell 8/3/2013! Filed under: show and tell — July 29, 2013 AT 1:30 am From the Adafruit Forums: Electric Imp Tweeting Cat Door! Filed under: community — March 21, 2013 AT 7:00 am Electric IMP Prototyping Box by nafis #3dthursday Filed under: 3D printing —

RAM Mount - supports et fixations électronique embarquée Importateur Distributeur France Europe Lights Features: 1) constant pressure current, from beginning to end all the same high brightness, no electricity from will put off, not like step-down circuit will gradually dark down as. 2) 44 00mah add protection board li-ion battery never pass filling, capacity, high 3) 3000ibs long, the highest light gear test ChangLiang for 4 hours. 4) compact utility, won't take up too much space, and can handlebar as the head lamp use. 5) And three gears design: high/low/suddenly and violently shem, highlighting the navigation time 900 lumens 4 hours, low light 300 lumens 8 hours. 6) Power: the 4th quarter 18650 battery pack, 2 string and design, capacity 4400mAh, provide powerful power backing, highlighted 900 lumens, can hold navigation 4 hours. 7) Charger: large current charger, temperature protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection, intelligent quick charger can finish the work in 3.5 hours, filled out electricity automatically stop charging and indicator light green, parameters are:

Electrolab Electrolab - Main room Electrolab - Electronics Electrolab - Mechanical 1 Electrolab - Mechanical 2 Electrolab - Chemistry The Electrolab is a built from scratch hackerspace willing to provide a nice place to work on any electronic / mechanic project. The current version (v1) is organized as follows: a main room, with whiteboards, storage, couches, and a main 25 seats meeting table a fully equiped kitchen + a minimalistic bathroom a very well equiped room for electronics (+ storage) a very well equiped room for chemistry (+ storage) a "big projects" room for projects that need space and should stay in the lab for a few months a rooms for mechanics, with a lathe, a milling machine, a band saw, a TIG soldering station, a handheld plasma cutter, two CNC milling machines and a lot various smaller equipment. Meetings/public openings are every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm till quite late. We are now starting the new version of our space : The Electrolab V2. You can check:

DSO Quad - Pocket Digital Oscilloscope (Silver) - TOL-12066 Description: The Silver DSO Quad is an open-source pocket-sized 4-channel digital oscilloscope. It's based on the ARM cortex M3 32-bit platform, providing 72MS/s sampling rate with integrated FPGA and high speed ADC. The Internal 2MB memory can even store waveforms in various formats which you can transfer to your computer using a mini-USB cable. Note: Check the link below for the most up-to-date firmware. Includes: 2 Mueller MCX Osilloscope Probes 2 Digital Probes Li-Po Battery User Manual Features: Portable (98x60x14.5mm) Two 72MS/s analog channels plus two digital channels 2MB Internal Storage 3" TFT LCD (400x240) 8-bit Vertical Resolution Signal Generator Auto Measurement Various Triggering Options Easy waveform storage Firmware upgradable User applications Open source Documents: Replaces: TOL-10388

Sacoche, remorque et matériel pour le voyage à vélo. FPV flying - RC FPV UAV equipment : Projets NanoProtech Electronic Protective Coating - Nano South Africa - According to statistics, about 80% of electrical equipment fails due to moisture (rain, condensation, vapor, mist, spray, salt water, chlorinated water, etc.) on devices and installations. Moist environments on the metal parts of the equipment lead to the formation of corrosion. A poorly insulated or corroded contact leads to current leakage and sometimes permanent damage. Long term prevention of leakage current and short circuitsSafety against electrocution hazards, especially for childrenSafety against electrocution for workers using electric tools in wet/humid conditions.Dynamic & adaptable contact agentPreventative solution against Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), as the coating builds a barrier against moisture build up beneath the traditional insulation over time. Fills micro cavities (in circuit boards, micro circuitry, electric coils etc.). After spraying, a protective coating forms on the surface.