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Webmarketing des jeux en ligne: les 3 conseils de professionnels Webmarketing des jeux en ligne 3 conseils de professionnels Comment valoriser son image de marque et réussir une campagne webmarketing ? En regardant les différentes actions menées par les professionnels du secteur des jeux en ligne, voilà les 3 réflexions qui semblent les guider. 1 – Créer une identité forte Pour exister, surtout lorsque vous être uniquement présent sur le web, vous devez impérativement affirmer haut et fort votre positionnement. 2 – Être focalisé sur son cœur de cible Le changement de stratégie opéré par PokerStars est éloquent. 3 – Affirmer sa présence sur tous les médias et tous les supports Pour offrir une visibilité optimale à vos campagnes de marketing viral, à votre site web ou à votre e-commerce, il faut être présent sur tous les réseaux sociaux (facebook, youtube…).

Hunter S. Thompson Biography from Name at birth: Hunter Stockton Thompson Writer Hunter S. Thompson was famous for his free-wheeling, intoxicant-fueled observations on politics and society in Rolling Stone magazine and in books such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971). Thompson got his start in journalism when he was in the United States Air Force in the late 1950s. Extra credit: He was also known as "Dr. Who is this? Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far) Data junkies, stats addicts, web trivia buffs rejoice — here are a deluge of social media, search and other marketing research facts and figures from 50 articles and blog posts published so far in 2010. How are marketers planning to allocate budgets this year? What percentage of Fortune 100 companies are on Twitter? Which social networking site is used by 92% of senior marketing executives? What social media tool helps small business double their reach on Twitter? How do B2B social media marketing practices differ from B2C companies? Find the answers to these questions and many, many more here. Social Media Statistics Study: Spending On Email, Social And Search Rising by MediaPost Online Media Daily National Survey Finds Majority of Journalists Now Depend on Social Media for Story Research by Cision Social Media Not Preferred Recommendation Resource by MediaPost Online Media Daily Social Media: Everybody’s Doing It, But For Different Reasons [Charts] by Pamorama Two-thirds of comScore’s U.S.

Marketing Power Yobongo - Chat with people nearby Efficacité eCommerce Campagnes display Tout savoir sur l’efficacité E-commerce de vos campagnes display Un site E-commerce a de multiples leviers de visibilité. Parmi la liste, on retrouve un levier en perte de considération par les annonceurs ROIstes, mais dont l’utilité reste néanmoins prouvée: le display. Effacées peu à peu par les campagnes « à la performance », les E-marchands tendent à s’écarter des campagnes de visibilité pures, au CPM. Il est communément admis qu’un site Internet se doit de diversifier ses sources de trafic; c’est l’adage de tout bon gestionnaire « ne pas mettre tous ses oeufs dans le même panier »… Alors, si vous souhaitez vous lancer dans le display, vous serez intéressé de savoir ce que vous pouvez en attendre. Comme toute chose, il y’a du positif et du négatif. 1 – Le display est-il un levier marketing adapté pour le E-commerce? > OUI: Vu le temps passé par les internautes sur des contenus internet, le display reste pertinent Et pourtant. > NON: Les internautes ne voient plus les publicités

Sound William S. Burroughs William S. Burroughs (1914-1997) William S. Burroughs Sings (with Kurt Cobain, REM, Laurie Anderson & more) William S. [hide/show playlist] Real English Tea Made Here It's An Experiment 0:44 Cut-Ins With Dutch Schultz 17:32 Recorded in New York City, circa summer 1965. 23 Skidoo 6:14 Recorded at Burroughs' loft at 210 Center Street in Lower Manhattan, June 1965. An invisible hand presses the record button on the radio, then stops: advertisements vying with weather reports for the New York area are intercut with news stories about death in its various forms – murder, plane crashes, foreign wars. Recorded in 1965, the 33-minute ‘Puertos De Los Santos’ is one of the rare and previously unreleased William S. These tapes were recorded as an extension of the cut-up method that Burroughs and Brion Gysin had been applying in print since the very late 1950s and were still working on in the mid-’60s. There is a direct link between these tapes and pop music. Jon Savage Frieze Issue 114 April 2008

The Ultimate List: 100+ Facebook Statistics [Infographics] With more than 500 million users , Facebook has become the dominant player in the social networking industry. As marekters and business owners, it is important to understand how potential customers are using Facebook in order to determine the best methods of communicating with them to build trust and facilitate customer aquisition. Our own Dan Zarella has done some great research into Facebook usage for his Science of Facebook Marketing webinar . This post aggregates many of his awesome statistics along with those from other organizations. GSM World : Home of the GSM Association Conga - Connect and collaborate around shared, real-world experiences, past, present, and future

Affinity Diagrams - Problem-Solving Training from MindTools Organizing Information and Ideas Into Common Themes (Also Known as the K-J Method or Affinity Charts) Group similar items or ideas together. © iStockphoto/mura Think about the last time you tried to make sense of a large number of ideas. You may have felt overwhelmed by all of the suggestions, or perhaps you struggled to organize them and make sense of them. In situations like this, you can use affinity diagrams to organize information and ideas, and see how they're connected. About the Tool Japanese anthropologist Kawakita Jiro originally developed the affinity diagram – also known as the K-J Method or the affinity chart – in the 1960s. When you use an affinity diagram, an example of which is shown in figure 1 below, you group unorganized ideas into meaningful themes. Figure 1 – An Affinity Diagram How to Use the Tool Here is a step-by-step guide to creating affinity diagrams. ... for the complete article: Mind Tools Club members, click here. Join now for just $1, first month

Welcome to Poetry Pen - Free Poetry Publishing Social Media Ad Metrics This document specifies standard definitions for Social Media Metrics. With the rapid growth seen in the Social Media space in recent years, many publishers and vendors are offering supplemental performance metrics to their clients as additional ways of gauging ad effectiveness. This document defines these supplemental metrics in more detail in an effort to stimulate growth by making the reporting of metrics for agencies and advertisers across multiple media partners more consistent. The IAB hopes that all players in the Social Media space will coalesce around these metrics to encourage growth through consistency. Social media speaks to a new way of understanding how individual users are interacting with branded content via online publishers, social networks, blogs, and applications. Value is derived not only from the primary distribution of branded content but also the additional interactions that result as users share, participate with, and propagate advertising content.

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