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illustration - Nithin Kumblekar Client: Bling Agency: Makani, Mumbai AD: Prasad, Rahul Note: I've done few changes in this version. The original layout is different from this.Art Direction, Illustration2014 Agency: Kassett, Norway Client: P4Art Direction, Illustration2014 OLX Brand Campaign Agency: LOWE DelhiCharacter Design, Illustration2014 House Campaign Client: Mumbai Mirror Agency: Taproot India Art Director: Abhishek SawantArt Direction, Character Design, Illustration2013 Poster designs of the 2012 celebritiesCharacter Design, Creative Direction, Illustration2012 Exclusive fan art which I created this year. My stall at the Comic Con Delhi & Bangalore in the year 2012 - 13Illustration2014

Watchlist: The Vacuum Cleaner Aus “Police” wird “lice” (Läuse) “One Hundred Thousand Pieces Of Possibilities”: “On 28/09/07 we gave away our Anti Festival artist fee of €1000. From 10 am in the open lobby of the Kuopion Osuuspankki Bank (Coop Bank in Kuopio, Finland) people could take away as much as they needed or could carry. The money was offered 1 cent pieces.” Das britische Kunst/Performance/Aktivismus-Kollektiv The Vacuum Cleaner hat eine neue Webseite – und diese bietet einen guten Überblick über die Aktionen der letzten Jahre: “the vacuum cleaner is an art and activism collective of one. the vacuum cleaner employ various creative legal and illegal tactics and forms, attempting to mock, brandalise and disrupt concentrations of power.”

Five Best Non-iPod Digital Music Players "The best paid option for music." But it doesn't have Bandcamp support. It also doesn't have much format support and the sound quality could use some work. The Zune is a good option, but not the best. Also, good software for PC... yeah, no. HYPER REALISTIC OIL PAINTINGS The lack of permanence in life and the inevitability of aging have always been on my mind growing up. I’ve also been very close to my grandparents since I was very young. The inescapability of their aging is evident in their changing bodies, even as their view of the world around them has continued to expand.

Sony Nextep Computer Concept for 2020 by Hiromi Kiriki In 2020 We Can Wear Sony Computers On Our Wrist Our present need for internet connectivity is so profound that secondary devices like the Nextep Computer are bound to happen. Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible. Ten years from now is not too far away, so how many of you think we’d be buying such gadgets? Designer: Hiromi Kiriki Rubens Cantuni's Portfolio - illustration / graphic design Are you tired of those games where you dodge pipes with birds, fishes, superheroes, buffalos, whatever? We were too, yet we love the simple concept behind this "1 tap anywhere" games. So we thought to flip the mechanic! How? Easy: we make the pipe going up and down :D We also added a series of power-ups to make the gameplay more various. These poor flying weirdos have some problems, but luckily the Good Guy Pipe is there to help them passing through!

YOUNG GALLERY Mark Seliger is an editorial photographer who was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. He currently lives and works in New York City, and is under contract to Conde Nast Publications, working for GQ and Vanity Fair. Until recently, Mark was the chief photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine for more than ten years, featuring stories on the worlds’ top musicians and actors He has published several books including: Physiognomy, When They Came To Take My Father, Voices of the Holocaust, and most recently Lenny Kravitz/Mark Seliger. He is currently working on a new book yet to be titled Stairwell Series, due out Christmas 2005. Top 10 Women in Mythology : Sword Blog Top 10 women of mythology i really like. List of legendary women. Amazing goddesses and heroines in worldwide mythology. My 10 favourite powerful, smart and skilled legendary women. No space for Barbies!

Fab Ciraolo (Santiago, Chile) Fab Ciraolo Pop art will always contain popular culture, tis the nature of the beast. But the real value, from our point of view, is the way history can be recast with an imaginitive hand, given new a new spin; no longer pigeonholed by its unshakeable context. UNION Home Exhibitions News Artists Projects Subscribe Contact ABOUT THE ARTIST / Yu Jinyoung GALLERY / Welcome 2007 YU Jinyoung Abundant Emptiness 2006 A family in disguise (child 5) 2009 About the Author In Short: I have a terrible weakness for gadgets, love to meet interesting people every day, refuse to make an image I’ve seen before – basically I love to try new things. You can see some of my work on my website. You can also see the gear that I use for both Video and Photography in the My Gear section of this blog. You can also find a variety of interviews (print and video) that I have been featured in, at the bottom left of the main blog page under the "Shameless Self Promotion" heading. Bio:

What People Think I Do / What I Really Do About “What People Think I Do / What I Really Do” is a series of visual charts depicting a range of preconceptions associated with a particular field of occupation or expertise. Unlike image macro series that are based on singular stereotypes like Advice Animals, this series compares varying impressions about one’s profession held by others, self-image and the often mundane reality of the job. Origin The “Science Student” instance of the series was first spotted on Facebook February 7th, 2012. The chart summarized various preconceived notions and generalizations that are associated with that field of study. Artists - Marc Boutavant - Galleries - Marc Boutavant 1 London Heart Top Floor 100 De Beauvoir Road London N1 4EN T Tel 020 7254 5558 F Fax 020 7923 4791 Google map

Vincent Laforet Vincent, a three-time winner at the prestigious 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, is a DGA director and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who is known for his forward-thinking approach to image-making and storytelling. In addition to having been commissioned by just about every important international publication?including Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, and Life—Vincent is considered a pioneer both for his innovative tilt-shift and aerial photography and in the field of HD-capable DSLR cameras.