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Wikispaces The iPad as a research tool | Mr G Online I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog lately reflecting on Big Education ideas. During that time, my little buddy the iPad has felt a little neglected and unloved. So I thought I’d get back to talking about everybody’s “favourite little tablet that could”. Today, I want to explore the possibilities the iPad has as a tool for researching information. As I’ve said many times, what I describe here can be done on laptops but the purpose of this post is to show how the iPad can be used for all tasks if you have decided to use iPads as your main computer. One criticism of the iPad is that it has the “one app open at a time” limitation. WikiNodes is a different way of browsing and collecting information from Wikipedia. A welcome extra feature is how WikiNodes allows the user to save, store and organize information from the Wikipedia article. Notability, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts, is a versatile note taking app that I think has some useful features for research.

Phonics Worksheets "These phonics worksheets rock! Thank you :)" -- Paul B., Fort Collins, CO, 11/29/13 Like these materials? Show your support by liking us on Facebook... After a mere 13 months of age, humans lose their ability to distinguish between various phonemes. We effectively lose our ability to hear them. On the printable phonics worksheets below, students must circle the word from a list which best describes the picture. Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing by developing learners phonemic awareness-the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate English phonemes-in order to teach the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns (graphemes) that represent them. Interested in using interactive versions of our worksheets? Phonics Worksheets A-Z Below you will find our full list of printable phonics worksheets to be used by teachers at home or in school.

KaleidaCam! 1000s FREE Printable Teaching Resources in English and German ChatterPix - by Duck Duck Moose on the App Store Apprendre l'anglais en chantant: 7 sites Apprendre une langue est toujours synonyme de contraintes, c’est un peu comme le dentiste, les techniques pour ne pas avoir mal se sont améliorées, mais il y a toujours cette petite arrière-pensée qui fait qu’on n’est pas complètement à l’aise. En tout cas, Internet a vraiment comblé un ENORME vide dans l’apprentissage des langues et les ressources y sont tellement nombreuses qu’on peut éventuellement s’y perdre. L’objectif est donc de trouver le moyen d’apprendre une langue de la façon la moins contraignante possible. Je viens de remettre à jour ce billet avec maintenant 7+1 sites qui permettent d’apprendre les langues en chantant et plus particulièrement l’anglais en chantant. Il s’agit de la première et dernière application que j’ai testée sur Android, Pour l’apprentissage des langues (anglais principalement. Ce site vous propose d’écouter les chansons et en même temps de deviner les paroles avec des exercices qui vont du karaoké (sans deviner) à Expert (où il faut tout deviner).

Some Useful Educational iPad Games for Your Students August 28, 2014 A fun game can be a great way to deliver instruction, especially during a break from school. It can make education more engaging for even the most recalcitrant student. And sometimes they can be pretty fun for adults too. Tesseract The game consists of rolling a golden sphere to each surface of a hypercube. Fluids can move in strange and mysterious ways, often counter to what we expect. Players will race (Multiplayer mode using WIFI) or practice (single player mode) in identifying two locations (ordered pairs) on the grid, drawing a straight line from one edge of the gameboard to the other passing through the two locations identified, scoring points for each shape that his or her line touches or through which his or her line passes that are located in all four quadrants of the coordinate grid. Numbler is a game where players build math equations in a familiar crossword style board.

Englishland April Fool’s Day is the 1st day in April. It is celebrated in the United States, England, France, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany and Norway. The custom of shouting “April Fool!” comes from the United States. Nobody knows where the “April Fish” comes from. Perhaps, because April has the best fishing or because the zodiacal sign of Pisces rules in April. Today, in sweet shops they sell chocolate fish for April Fool’s Day. Friends send one another postcards, with some silly dialogue, with fish pictures. Other people pin a paper fish on someone’s back without being caught. In the USA people pins a paper sign on someone’s back saying “Kick me.” The most common joke is to make someone perform an unnecessary action, such as checking for an open zipper or a missing button. In Mexico and Spain, April Fool’s Day is on December 28 (called Day of the Holy Innocents). Generally, people play a trick on one another just to say : “I care you”. April Fool 's Day (144.8 KiB) Chorus:

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