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Mineralogy Database - Mineral Collecting, Localities, Mineral Photos and Data

Mineralogy Database - Mineral Collecting, Localities, Mineral Photos and Data
Mindat is the largest mineral database and mineralogy reference website on the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral collecting, mineral localities and other mineralogical data. This site is growing every day, with new mineral information, localities and photographs added by members. The Mindat Directory is your online source for mineral dealers, gem, lapidary, fossil products, clubs, shows and personal websites. Browse our comprehensive list of 2,493 companies, dealers and websites or add your business/website.

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Ocean Color Image Archive Page NOTE: All SeaWiFS images presented here are for research and educational use only. All commercial use of SeaWiFS data must be coordinated with GeoEye Category: All Gallery Images Judith Star-Medicine - Crystal Cave The First Chakra is ruled by both Pluto and Saturn. It is where we connect to Earth Mother and, through her, the Earth Plane. It has to do with survival, groundedness, connection to the body. Like the foundation of a house, for all of the other chakras to function properly, the Root Chakra must be strong and healthy. In Chinese Medicine we see the Root Chakra as the home of the “essence”, or Jing Chi, housed in the kidneys. The Kidney Meridian is about trust and safety issues and our resources, our talents, gifts and abilities and how we are in guardianship of them, and the Void.

Covalent radius The covalent radius, rcov, is a measure of the size of an atom that forms part of one covalent bond. It is measured either in picometres (pm) or ångströms (Å), with 1 Å = 100 pm. In principle, the sum of the two covalent radii should equal the covalent bond length between two atoms, R(AB) = r(A) + r(B). Moreover, different radii can be introduced for single, double and triple bonds (r1, r2 and r3 below), in a purely operational sense. These relationships are certainly not exact because the size of an atom is not constant but depends on its chemical environment. For heteroatomic, A-B bonds ionic terms may enter.

Rose Quartz, Metaphysical Properties, Healing Properties Alternate Names & Name Spellings: Love Stone, Pink Quartz, Bohemian Ruby Hardness (Mohs): 7Color(s): pale to strong pinkLustre: VitreousTransparency: TranslucentCommon Locations: Brazil, Madagascar Rock Lore & Tidbits: Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that is usually massive - not growing in visible crystal shapes - and translucent. The type that grows in obvious crystal shapes is suggested at to be called in minerology "pink quartz" instead. Crystallography Home Introduction Perception and understanding of three dimensional crystal structures is a source of difficulty for many introductory students of mineralogy. Traditionally, physical models of crystal structures (e.g., "ball and stick" and polyhedral models) have been used to help students better visualize the complex arrangements of atoms within crystalline materials. With the advent of newer computational and graphics technology, computerized virtual modelling of crystal structures and access to large crystal structure databases are now available to supplement traditional tools and methods of crystallographic instruction. We believe that the full potential of crystal structure databases and visualization software for enhancing the teaching of crystallography has not been fully explored. In most mineralogy classes, such tools are used to illustrate concepts in crystallography and crystal-chemistry, but these sessions are mostly controlled by the instructor.

Climate Change, Deforestation, Biomes and Ocean Currents, Plankton, Endangered Species - Earth Web Site Click for more detail Thermohaline Change Evidence is growing that the thermohaline current may be slowed or stopped by cold fresh water inputs to the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. This could occur if global warming is sufficient to cause large scale melting of arctic sea ice and the Greenland ice sheet. Such a change in the current may be gradual (over centuries) or very rapid (over a few years).

Chinese Medicine - Crystal Therapy Chinese medicine is a comprehensive and independent system practice and theories, developed for more than 4000 years ago and based on ancient texts, critical acumen of therapists and clinical trials, acknowledged by respected health theorists and practitioners. It is the combination of philosophy, logic, sensitivity and tradition of a vast culture, unusual to the western eye. The theories of the East for the body, for pathology and for health can be distinct, while still delivering food results, as it has been demonstrated. According to the worldview of theFar East, the human body is a thumbnail image of the universe, a combination of cosmic and terrestrial forces, and a mental form residing in a human body. The mental unit and the physical part interact and are interdependent.

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Metaphysical Remedies This list will help you to choose the appropriate stone(s) for your condition. The list contains gemstone remedies for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. The information below is provided by Kellie from avalon New Mineral Updates Displaying 1-10 of 952 results. Tsumeb, Southwest Africa Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm Science On a Sphere Playlist Builder ../ftp_mirror/atmosphere/lightning/media/thumbnail_small.jpg Annual Lightning Flash Rate Map dataset.php?id=6 Annual Lightning Flash Rate Map high energy crystals On this page you will find the highest of the highest frequency stones / crystals / minerals on earth. Many years of research have gone by to produce these results. All the crystals shown below boost the kundalini quite strongly, each in their unique way.

The Suffolk System - The Region A strong pattern among banks in four states doesn’t prove a theory, of course. But another banking system in the antebellum period, the Suffolk Banking System of New England, offers further support for the importance of exposure to loss and authority to restrain risky banking activity. The System provides an example in which a motivated party (the Suffolk Bank of Boston) could and did take action to curb risktaking by (and improve survival of) interconnected banks (those who joined Suffolk’s noteclearing system) whose potential losses would negatively affect its interests.

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