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VirtualBox® Images

VirtualBox® Images

Sysinternals Disk2vhd helps migrate physical desktops to virtual machines One day, Sysinternals will probably run out of ideas and stop releasing incredibly useful free apps for Windows administrators and technicians. That day isn't today, though. Just released on TechNet is Disk2vhd, which is designed to create .vhd image files from physical hard drives. Like many other Sysinternals apps, Disk2vhd is tiny, free, and fully portable. The tool is dead simple to use: launch the executable, browse for a destination, choose which physical drive you want to image, and click create. Disk2vhd is compatible with Windows XP SP2 or newer. Tags: disk-imaging, freeware, migration, vhd, virtual-PC, virtualization, windows-7

Part 8: The essential collection of visualisation resources This is part of a series of posts to share with readers a useful collection of some of the most important, effective and practical data visualisation resources. This post presents the first part of a collection of books that have had most influence on my knowledge about data visualisation and its many closely-related subject areas. The selection presented includes only the books I own or I have read from a library – I have decided to exclude any books I’ve not yet read, even if they might be on other reading lists. However, I will add emerging texts to the collection as and when I get to them. This collection should be read alongside part one and part three. The categories used to organise and group the books simply represents an instinctive and personal view for how they have proven valuable to me – I appreciate they could be/will be argued, debated and refined but it will never be perfect! ** If some of the images fail to display (especially in Internet Explorer), click refresh **

Formations Linux LPI - Formations Linux et préparation aux certifications Linux LPI Getting Started With Virtualization: What You Can Do On a Shoestring - ReadWriteCloud Virtualization technology can improve the cost efficiency of the data center by running servers at higher utilization. Deploying virtual servers can yield a more energy efficient data center and reduce the total footprint of a computing environment. Although IT managers have started adopting virtualization for critical infrastructure, reports such as the poll conducted by Network Instruments in 2009 and reported on by Information World suggest that many IT managers could not confirm that they got the expected savings by virtualizing their environment. In that context, it is very nice to report that all of the key virtualization software vendors provide free or low-cost solutions that can be deployed and managed by IT teams. VMware Virtualization technology has evolved considerable over the past years. The free ESXi version is a low-cost solution in the market that is useful for many scenarios. Citrix XENServer Citrix XENServer states its path into the enterprise: Enterprise-class.

MicroStrategy Soluções Business Intelligence faites des graffitis avec votre station Linux!Linuxgraphic | …faites des graffitis avec votre station Linux! uSBuntu Live Creator makes portable Ubuntu installs a breeze LiveCDs are a great way to experiment with Linux without making any changes to your system, but they're so dang wasteful. I never remember to sleeve my discs and they end up with more scratches than a guy juggling feral cats. USB flash drives are great, because they're a lot more rugged and they can be reused again and again. They're also totally silent, something I can't say the same for the tiny blender of an optical drive inside my Toshiba laptop. On to the good stuff! The app also allows you create persistent storage on your flash drive. For a hassle-free way to cart around some of the most popular Linux distros in your pocket, this app is undeniably handy. Tags: freeware, linux, opensource, portable, ubuntu, usb-flash-drive

Download « calibre2opds Download Calibre2opds downloads are now hosted on Google Drive. You can always download the latest available files from there. NOTE When using Google Drive we have noticed that if you want the ZIP file then the Google Drive web site seems to default to showing the contents of the ZIP file with the Open link highlighted. Previous releases are also available if you want one of those.NOTE: We moved the downloads from GoogleCode to Google Drive as Google have discontinued support of Downloads from GoogleCode If you find any problems then please report them via one of the following routes: The calibre2opds forumThe calibre2opds Issue Register If you simply leave comments here they are very likely to get overlooked calibre2opds v3.4 beta The development of Calibre2opds v3.4 has started. calibre2opds v3.3 (rev 274) The development of Calibre2opds v3.3 has come to an end, The final downloads available are: calibre2opds v3.2 (rev 233) The 3.2 release of Calibre2opds is now the official general release.

Bash : une importante faille de sécurité affecte Linux, Unix et OS X Le Bash, shell le plus couramment utilisé dans les distributions Linux et sous Unix, est victime d’une importante faille de sécurité qui peut être exploitée à distance. Si elle peut avoir la même portée que la fameuse brèche HeartBleed, elle n’en a pour autant pas la même dangerosité, et des correctifs ont déjà été déployés. Qu’est-ce que le Bash ? C’est cette importante présence dans l’univers de l’open source qui rend la nouvelle faille dangereuse. S’il y a de fortes chances pour qu’une immense majorité de serveurs soit concernée par cette faille, elle reste moins dangereuse que HeartBleed. The Hackers News propose deux lignes de commande à taper dans le terminal d’un système d’exploitation concerné pour vérifier si la faille peut être exploitée : En cas de faille présente, le shell affichera coup sur coup « shellshock » et « completed ». Un nombre croissant d’éditeurs a déjà publié des patchs de sécurité et les mises à jour sont disponibles dans les dépôts. Vincent Hermann